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The Second Star Team

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by christopher_ 1942, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. christopher_ 1942

    christopher_ 1942

    Nov 20, 2006
    Hello everytrainer! It'sa me again! And I've come up with another team I would use in the future.

    I thought for a very long time what my next team is gonna be. After alot of thinking, I made a team to be rated or even improved on. How tough is it? Well, I say REALLY tough.

    But, let's all get to the main act of this, shall we? Here are my Pokemon:

    Gengar (D-Hero)
    Nature: Timid
    IV's: 31/x/x/31/x/31
    EV's: 4 HP/252 Sp.Atk/252 Spe
    Held Item: BlackSludge
    Shadow Ball
    Focus Blast

    I once faced a trainer with this Gengar moveset and boy, I wanted to try Gengar out which I did. This Pokemon focuses on annoying the opponent by disabling one of the Pokemon's moves (mostly attacks)

    Shadow Ball is a STAB move for every Gengar which can lower the Sp. Def on a Pokemon. You can never go wrong about putting Shadow Ball on Gengar.

    Focus Blast is for taking out certain types like Steel, Rock, Normal, Ice and Dark Pokemon. It can also lower the Sp. Def of a Pokemon.

    Substitute is for keeping Gengar safe from some dangerous attacks from the opponent. This is where Disable comes in.

    I'm glad Disable's accuracy is 100% now. This makes Gengar an even more dangerous threat to others. It disables a move the opponent's Pokemon used last time and when that happens, the Pokemon can either switch out or choose another move. This move is essential for facing Choice item Pokemon.

    Gengar is brutal to face, however there are some things that I need to watch out for when using this Pokemon. Super-effective moves, first priority moves like Bullet Punch and opposing Pokemon that have other Pokemon can take down Gengar without any problem at all. When the Substitute is gone and the Pokemon takes a quick hit, it can be big trouble for me and my Pokemon.


    Rotom-W (M.O.T.O.R)
    Nature: Modest
    IV'S: 31/x/x/31/x/31
    EV's: 115 HP/252 Sp.Atk/141 Speed
    Held Item : Choice Scarf
    Volt Switch
    Hydro Pump

    Rotom-W's it's name, washing out Pokemon is it's game! This Pokemon is great for crippling walls and outspeeding other Pokemon along with it's bit of bulk as well.

    Volt Switch acts like U-Turn, it attacks and switches out for another Pokemon. It is really effective with it's STAB boost.

    I wasn't lying when I said Rotom-W can wash out opposing Pokemon with it's Hydro Pump. It's really powerful and it can take down Pokemon that are not weak to Hydro Pump in one flush. The PP itself is a bit of a concern though.

    Will-O-Wisp is for weakening Pokemon that can stall when it used Trick. Remember Forretress? First, it Tricks it and then use Will-O-Wisp. Good combo if I say so myself.

    Like I said, Trick is for crippling walls and Pokemon that can set up like Milotic, Umbreon, Blissey, Snorlax and Suicune. Rotom-W gives the opponent Choice Scarf and it will be locked onto one move.

    Rotom-W still has it's flaws though.

    Pokemon that know Grass moves like Celebi and Venusaur can take it down with ease.

    There can be opposing Pokemon that also have Choice items attached to them and Pokemon with Sticky Hold like Gastrodon. If that happens, Rotom-W cannot do anything. So switching would be the only option to get out of that jam.

    Salamence (Belinda)
    Nature: Naughty
    IV's: 31/31/x/28/x/31
    EV's: 4 HP/252 Atk/252 Speed
    Ability: Moxie
    Held Item: Lum Berry
    Dragon Claw
    Dragon Dance

    We all remember Salamence being uber last time, right? Well, it's back and with the new ability, Moxie, is dangerous than ever! Being a mixed sweeper, there will be a possibility of winning battles quickly without losing a single Pokemon. I named it Belinda because it is a name of a female dragon in ancient times.

    Dragon Claw is her STAB move that can slice and dice opposing Pokemon to shreds.

    Earthquake is for taking down Steel, Electric, Fire, Rock and Poison type Pokemon.

    Flamethrower can scorch physically bulky Steel Pokemon like Skarmory and Ferrothorn to cinders.

    Finally, Dragon Dance is for boosting her Attack and Speed. Which can make Belinda an overgrown powerhouse!

    This Pokemon can heal itself when it got hit by a status condition like paralysis, sleep or burn with the help of the Lum Berry.

    Also, once she faints a Pokemon, the ability Moxie makes her Attack stronger.

    My Salamence can make big dents to teams, but she still has flaws to watch out for.

    Ice, Rock and opposing Dragon types can easily take her down in a sinch if I'm not careful.

    Trick Room can be another flaw that can slow her down to a slug, which can be a huge problem when facing Trick Room teams. If they happen, I switch Salamence for another Pokemon to take her place.


    Forretress (Boulderbug)
    Nature: Sassy
    IV's: 31/x/31/x/31/0
    EV's: 252 HP/4 Def/252 Sp.Def
    Ability: Sturdy
    Held Item: Leftovers
    Gyro Ball
    Stealth Rock
    Toxic Spikes
    Rapid Spin

    There can never be a perfect team without a Pokemon that can put up hazards to the opponent, right? Hmm...now let's see. Which Pokemon was I talking about again? Oh yeah, Forretress! This Pokemon has the bulk to take any attack from it's enemy (except Fire type moves).

    Since Forretress is a slow Pokemon, Gyro Ball is a great move for it. The faster the opponent, the more damage the STAB move can do.

    Stealth Rock puts up rocks that can strike down Pokemon that are sent out. It can even do more damage if the Pokemon is weak to Rock type move. Take Volcarona and Yanmega for example, Stealth Rock nearly chips away half of their health!

    Toxic Spikes is another hazard that can poison opposing Pokemon that enter the battle.

    Since Forretress cam put up hazards, it can even get rid of them with Rapid Spin. This is really helpful to stop my team from taking additional damage.

    Still, Fortress can be taken down by it's flaws. The worst of all things it would face are Pokemon with Taunt and Fire type Pokemon. They can stop the Pokemon dead on it's tracks! Good thing switching is available to overcome those flaws.

    The other 2 Pokemon are the ones I'm not sure to put into the team.


    Porygon2 (D-Type 246)
    Nature: Bold
    IV's: 31/x/31/x/31/x
    EV's: 252 HP/178 Def/78 Sp. Def
    Ability: Trace
    Held Item: Eviolite
    Ice Beam
    Thunder Wave

    Behold! D-Type 246, my Porygon2! This Pokemon is 200% better than the Porygons that caused seizures to us. It's still on it's prototype stages but lemme give you the heads up. This Pokemon is a tank. Should I say more? With the item, Eviolite, it's bulk skyrockets to a higher level! I'm not sure if it can withstand a strong Fighting type move though...

    Ice Beam can take down Dragon, Flying and Grass types that face it. The move can also freeze foes into ice sculptures.

    Discharge might have less power than Thunderbolt, but it can still pack a wallop to Water and Flying types like Gyarados. If my calculations are correct, it has a 30% chance to paralyze opposing Pokemon.

    Thunder Wave is for stopping speedy Pokemon and sweepers which can stomp all over my team. Really seful move if I say so myself.

    Finally, Recover is for healing Porygon2's HP. Great for it to play long games.

    However, Porygon2 can be overcome by Pokemon that are strong against it. This Pokemon will not do much to specially bulky Pokemon and stat boosters. If it faces them, it would become a sitting duck. (No pun intended.)

    Fighting type movesare a threat to this Pokemon since it's weak against them. Take Conkeldurr for example.

    Hazards can also weaken Porygon2, especially the Toxic Spikes. Ooh, didn't want to send it out when that happens.

    Eviolite can be Tricked, Knocked off or even Switcheroo'ed which makes Porygons2 lose it's extra bulk. And to make matters worse, it could be equipped with a Choice item.


    Virizion (Viridi)
    Nature: Hasty
    IV's: x/31/x/31/x/31
    EV's: 252 Speed
    Held Item: Life Orb
    Giga Drain
    Close Combat
    Hidden Power Ice
    Stone Edge

    Virizion was the last Pokemon I put in this team's slot. This Pokemon can be unpredictable to some trainers and can be a force of nature to watch out for.

    You can all think if Giga Drain can either help Virizion or not. Well, it's your choice. My choice is yes because Giga Drain not only deals damage to the opponent but it can also heal itself too. This is a great move if Virizion wants to keep going for longer games.

    Close Combat is a definite yes for a Fighting type sweeper in most cases. With the combination of the STAB boost and Life Orb, Virizion can cause big dents to Pokemon (except Ghost types).

    Hidden Power Ice is for type advantadges to Flying, Dragon and opposing Grass types.

    And the 4th move, Stone Edge is to have a chance to take down Ice, Fire, Bug and even Flying types. These types can be problems for Virizion if it didn't carry Stone Edge.

    However, Virizion has flaws that need to be concerned of. It can leave opponents with big dents, yes. But there are Pokemon that can outspeed and retaliate against it.

    Latias itself is the BIGGEST threat to the Pokemon. Not even Hidden Power Ice can easily take it down. She can use Calm Mind a certain amount of times and then proceed to OHKO Virizion at full health. She can even sweep the team as well.

    Pokemon that are super-effective to Virizion like Tornadus and Heatran can be bad news also. The Pokemon does have moves to counter them, but would they be enough I wonder. We all will never know...

    Sunny Day teams can roast Virizion to a cook steak quite easily. In fact, it is gonna be tough facing a Sunny Day team with my Pokemon.

    And that, my friends, is my 2nd Pokemon Black team which is under construction at the moment. Overall, it's a really strong team in my opinion. However, it still needs to be rated before I do anything first.

    If there any things I need to improve on or Pokemon that would make this team better, please feel free to leave comments here which I can read later.

    Thank you for reading and happy battling! :)
  2. TheStarRapper


    Sep 15, 2011

    This is an interesting team you have here, utilizing a fair amount of lesser used threats. I like it. One thing that I focused in on is that your team is weak to sun teams, which are rampant on the ladder right now. (Although it looks like you might play WiFi by listing your Ivs like that)

    Lately I've been hesisitant to suggest team member changes, but I think that switching Virizion for Latias would greatly help you out. Not only does Latias have the right resistances to stand up to sun, she resists water to combat Rain, and also resists fighting for synergy with P2. In the vein of your teams balanced nature, I recommend a Sub CM Latias for a mixture of bulk and sweeping ability. Latias also allows you to beat opposing Latis, which you listed as problematic, given a one turn advantage or winning the speed tie.

    Latias @ Leftovers
    Trait: Levitate
    252 Hp / 4 SpAtt / 252 Spd
    Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
    -Calm Mind
    -Dragon Pulse

    Having suggested a change, let me say what downsides will also come with it: a newfound trouble with Tyranitar and Ferrothorn. With the right use of Substitute, you should be able to dodge pursuit and leech seed. Just make sure to use Rotom's Will-O-Wisp on the two if you can.

    One last thing: On Forretress, I highly recommend switching Toxic Spikes for Volt Switch. In today's metagame where momentum is everything, I think that you will find that bringing your sweepers in scot free is much preferrable to T-Spikes damage, especially when most teams only have 2 members weak to T-Spikes anyway.

    Well, I wish you luck on the ladder, and I hope my rate helped!
  3. christopher_ 1942

    christopher_ 1942

    Nov 20, 2006
    Thank you very much StarRapper. This will really help me alot. I'll follow your advice by replacing Virizion with Latias and put Volt Switch on Forretress.

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