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The Smog Submission Guidelines (Aspiring Contributors Inquire Within!)

Discussion in 'The Smog' started by Setsuna, Aug 24, 2012.

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    The Smog Leader

    Jan 1, 2009

    The Smog, as the best online magazine for articles on competitive Pokemon, is always growing. But this is only possible due to the dozens of committed users who do their best to contribute content to it every issue, our Staff, and our large audience. If you are a registered user who follows The Smog and are interested in contributing by writing articles, grammar checking, or drawing, this thread is for you. Additionally, if you possess skills and experience in JavaScript programming, as well as in HTML and CSS for markup and presentation, there is also a section for you in this thread!


    What we Look for

    The Smog has had a lot of writers over the time we've been up, but ultimately we are looking for new content. This means we want unique articles, new perspectives, and a forward looking approach. Essentially this means we want quality over quantity. Every article is vigorously checked — so don't worry if your prose isn't the greatest or your grammar needs some work, we're ultimately looking for new ideas. When you submit your article idea we should, of course, be able to tell what your focus and vision for it is, but don't get hung up on minor details or little spelling tics or slightly clunky phrasing, we'll sort all that out.
    Check Old Articles

    The Smog has been around for three years now, so we've already had many article ideas come and go. Check these out and if you find an article idea that has been used before that you think you could do a good job continuing or revamping, bring it to our attention. If an article idea similar to yours was featured recently, it is less likely that we will approve it for a new issue.
    Spotlight Articles are Open

    Previously known as Featured articles which were off limits for applications, applications to write Spotlight articles are now open. Prove to us that you have the relevant metagame knowledge and skills and we may approve you to write a Spotlight article.
    Be Creative!

    New article ideas are the lifeblood of The Smog, so while we appreciate the work done in the past, we really want to focus on new content in the future. If you have familiarity with a certain niche or a playstyle for example, draft up an article going into the strategy and submit it to us. If you notice some humorous quirks about a set of Pokemon, maybe you can write a humor article about it. In general as long as your idea is new and well thought out, our staff will bounce it around and either approve it or make recommendations. Don't be afraid to submit an article, just be aware that whatever you send us should reflect your intentions to write an article you believe will be interesting, humorous, or valuable to the community.
    Artists Wanted!

    If you are a good artist, read this announcement and follow the instructions provided and we can find a place for you at The Smog. We try to ensure each article has some artwork to go with it, and our philosophy is that there can never be too many quality artists.
    Getting Started

    If you think that you have an interesting article idea that you want to pitch in and write, head down to the Article Approvals forum and read this announcement thoroughly. The Smog Staff will then address your article and decide if it will be approved. You will be notified in the thread on whether it is approved or not. Note that article applications posted within a week of the deadline will likely not be evaluated until shortly after the issue's release.
    The Technical Side

    For every issue of The Smog, we need people with at least knowledge on HTML and CSS to format all those articles and get them onsite. If you have an intermediate level on these markup and presentational languages, respectively, message me with your credentials — I would love to hear from you!
    With these guidelines in mind, welcome to The Smog!
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