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The Smogon Championship

Discussion in 'Tournaments' started by Reymedy, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Reymedy

    Reymedy ne craint personne
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    Oct 17, 2012

    welcome to the most ambitious and prestigious concept of tournament ever hosted on Smogon.

    The Smogon Championship is meant to establish the official rankings of everybody's tournament performance for the years to come, starting with 2017.
    At the end of the year (schedule above) the 16 best players will be invited to a playoffs phase where they will fight for the Smogon Championship's brand new purple trophy [​IMG].

    The point system is something unique, and very different from the last rankings in date.
    It focuses heavily on individual performances, and on the Official tournaments, in order to provide the most legitimate rankings. The system has also been vastly simplified.

    Not every tournament will be concerned, meaning that they do not all grant their players SC points.
    For instance, most Type C tournaments will not be included in the points distribution system (barring exceptions). Same goes for unofficial team tournaments.
    These are some examples, you can see the full scope of the points distribution system above.
    The different tournament types are detailed there, but know that from now on, sign-up threads will have stated somewhere which type their tournament belongs to. You'll also have access to this information in the Unofficial Tournaments Schedule thread.
    To be noted : only tournaments starting in 2017, and ending before December 1rst 2017 will be taken into account.

    The playoffs format, detailed above, will feature the current OU tier (SM OU), the official lower tiers (UU, RU, NU, PU, DOU, LC, Ubers), and the old generations OU tiers (ORAS OU, BW OU, DPP OU, ADV OU, GSC OU, RBY OU).
    We decided to include every single official tier. However, as players qualify for the playoffs they must lock in 2 different tiers (you can't lock SM OU). These two tiers will be the same for the whole playoffs and represent the player's personal pool of tiers.
    The playoffs bracket will be double elimination, and the players will face each others in a BO3 where each player can choose to ban one tier from their opponent's tier pool (lower seed bans first). Once the bans are made, the higher seed will proceed to select a tier between SM OU and their remaining personal tier. Then, the lower seed will do the same.
    As for the third game, it will be played in the SM OU tier if the two players are even after their first two games.
    Indeed, SM OU can STILL be picked by the players as their tier of choice, and CANNOT be banned by any of the players.
    This means that it is possible to have full SM OU BO3 if both players opt to pick SM OU as their tier for the faceoff.

    The goal of the Smogon Championship is not only to crown the "best" player of a year of tournaments, but also :
    • provide global rankings for everybody to see where they stand among the consolidated tournament population
    • improve the overall quality of tournaments by attracting more people to join more tournaments
    • give a strong incentive for everybody to be active and committed to the tournaments they join
    • represent every tier and every players' profile at the highest tournament level

    If you have any question concerning the tournament you can ask them to any member of the TD Staff.
    make sure to check the FAQ below beforehand!


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    • What is this about ?
    Tournaments fulfilling certain criteras will now award points towards the rankings of a Championship. At the end of the Championship, the 16 best players will compete in a double elimination playoffs phase.

    • Did you hack the future Smogon logo ??
    Almost, I google'd "Smogon png".

    • What about 48, 96, 192 etc formats ?
    They're taken into account, do not worry. They're not present in the image to not make the board 10 meters large.

    • It rewards quantity right ??
    Not at all. Sure you can join everything if you want, but I'd not recommend that as you might end up botching the important tournaments. The point system is heavily skewed to reward quality over quantity. The best players of 2016 according to this point system were far from the most active, they were rather highly effective players at scoring in major tournaments.

    • Stricter deadlines ?
    Well, it's obvious that if your tournament ends after the playoffs start, then it won't count. As for official tournaments, if you do not respect the deadlines, you're putting yourself at the mercy of the TDs because they may decide to not give you SC points.
    It comes hand in hand with the concept of a yearly championship.

    • Tournament types ? A, B .. what ?
    Tournaments are divided into 3 sub categories: A, B, C. It is how tournaments are supposedly classified when they are approved by the TD Staff.
    This classification will determine what will be the point system applicable.

    • OLT cycles ?
    Your reward for doing well in the OLT cycles is the qualification for the OLT Playoffs (which in itself gives you some SC points already).

    • My favorite tournament is not eligible there, should I riot ?
    Probably not, as there's most surely a good reason for that. However, not everything can be accounted for in a process like that. If your tournament is not there, and if you think it should be, you can always ask the TD Staff to consider making an exception. Some incredibly popular/contested Live tour projects, or Type C tournaments might be included even if they're not in theory eligible for SC points.

    • What about unofficial Premier Leagues ?
    They are not included. Team tournaments are not exactly what an individual Championship is made to reward. Secondly, it's incredibly hard to accurately account for individual performances within team setting, that's why we stick to the official ones. Thirdly, these are not as competitive as most tournaments, and are not even handled by the TD Staff.
    Honestly, unless you want people to join 10 different Premier Leagues, that'd be a bad idea for everybody anyway.

    • Shouldn't Opens, Cups or Circuits give you more points then regular Type A unofficial tournaments ?
    Opens and Cups, definitely no, as they already also reward you with points for their respective Official Tournament. As for Circuits, that's not out of question, but these tournaments are for the most part new on the scene, and are hard to map out for us at this current state of the year.

    • When does it start, when does it end ?
    "To be noted : only tournaments starting in 2017, and ending before December 1rst, 2017 will be taken into account."

    Thanks, and good luck to all the future champions!
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  2. Reymedy

    Reymedy ne craint personne
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    Oct 17, 2012
    This is a list of the ongoing signup threads whose tournaments will count towards the Championship, and the Live tournaments (for the tiers eligible) schedule.
    If you're hosting a tournament that should be there, let me know!

    Forum tournaments :


    Type A tournaments :



    Type B tournaments :
    BW RU Cup I** - Hosted by Spirit



    Type C tournaments :


    Live tournaments*** :
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    SmogonTour SM1 March 17th (6PM EDT)
    SmogonTour SM2 March 18th (4PM EDT)
    SmogonTour SM3 March 19th (2PM EDT)
    SmogonTour ORAS1 March 24th (6PM EDT)
    SmogonTour ORAS2 March 25th (4PM EDT)
    SmogonTour ORAS3 March 26th (2PM EDT)
    SmogonTour BW1 March 31st (6PM EDT)
    SmogonTour BW2 April 1st (4PM EDT)
    SmogonTour BW3 April 2nd (2PM EDT)
    SmogonTour SM4 April 7th (6PM EDT)
    SmogonTour SM5 April 8th (4PM EDT)
    SmogonTour SM6 April 9th (2PM EDT)
    SmogonTour ORAS4 April 14th (6PM EDT)
    SmogonTour ORAS5 April 15th (4PM EDT)
    SmogonTour ORAS6 April 16th (2PM EDT)
    SmogonTour BW4 April 21st (6PM EDT)
    SmogonTour BW5 April 22nd (4PM EDT)
    SmogonTour BW6 April 23rd (2PM EDT)
    SmogonTour SM7 April 28th (6PM EDT)
    SmogonTour SM8 April 29th (4PM EDT)
    SmogonTour SM9 April 30th (2PM EDT)
    SmogonTour ORAS7 May 6th (6PM EDT)
    SmogonTour ORAS8 May 7th (4PM EDT)
    SmogonTour ORAS9 May 8th (2PM EDT)
    SmogonTour BW7 May 13th (6PM EDT)
    SmogonTour BW8 May 14th (4PM EDT)
    SmogonTour BW9 May 15th (2PM EDT)


    Official Tournaments :


    Closed signup/live tournaments threads :

    Show Hide

    TypeA: Uber Winter Seasonal II* - Hosted by Fireburn; RBY OU Global Championship - Hosted by Mister Tim; Just like old times - Hosted by Marcop; The Overused Circuit - Hosted by rozes; SM Ubers Group tournament - Hosted by Huston;
    Snorlax Cup - Hosted by Conni
    TypeB: BW UU Cup I** - Hosted by dodmen; Top Down Knock Down - Hosted by idiotfrommars; DPP Cup I** - Hosted by GrilledClawitzer; The Terrorist Cup - Hosted by Funkasaurus; ADV UU Cup** - Hosted by Pearl; Little Cup Training Camp - Hosted by Conni; It's a trap - Hosted by Whydon; Type restriction tournament - Hosted by antemortem; Neon Colosseum - Hosted by HotFuzzBall; BW Constrain - Hosted by The Quasar; LC Trigger Warning Tournament - Hosted by Drew; Top Down Knock Down DPP Edition - Hosted by Malekith
    Live tournament:
    Official Tournament: The Official Smogon Tournament - Hosted by teal6; BW Cup - Hosted by Finchinator; DPP Cup - Hosted by Jirachee; ADV Cup - Hosted by BKC; GSC Cup III - Hosted by Malekith; RBY Cup III - Hosted by Golden Gyarados

    *: This tournament is part of an Official Lower tier Circuit, all Circuits will be considered as equal points wise at the end of the year, which means that some adaptations may take place as regards to the points in order to balance them even. The board is thus, not final.
    **: This tournament is part of a Circuit including a separate Playoffs phase. This means that only the final Playoffs phase will be granting SC points. For instance, the DPP UU Cup doesn't grant points itself, but the Playoffs that you can qualify for by scoring in the DPP UU Cup, the BW UU Cup, and the ADV UU Cup; will be granting the points (which will be bonified to take into account the whole Circuit).
    ***: Only the best Live tournament performances counts per week. For instance if a player wins 10 SC points on Saturday during a live tournament, then 5 on the Sunday of the same week, only the 10 first SC points will be added to their total amount of points. Pretty much like the Smogon Tour system.
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2017
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  3. Reymedy

    Reymedy ne craint personne
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    Oct 17, 2012

    I just want to make one thing very clear for everybody :


    This includes tournaments that could have been eligible, but did not appear on this thread due to the host's lack of communication.
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2017
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  4. Reymedy

    Reymedy ne craint personne
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    Oct 17, 2012

    we got new tags to make your SC points farming easier, so be on the lookout for those!
  5. Reymedy

    Reymedy ne craint personne
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    Oct 17, 2012

    here comes the first update of the SC rankings for 2017!

    You can access it >>there<<.

    And as text there.

    Let me remind everybody that only one Live Tournament per week can count (your best).
    Also, the SPL points have not been explained in details yet, so here is the grid that was used :

    A couple of explanations on the tricky parts (a lot of these have been & will be handled on a case-by-case basis) :
    - Game differential is the #1 ranking factor.
    - Win % is the #2 ranking factor.
    - Head to head is the #3 ranking factor.
    - Then anything goes to determine which player should be ranked above another one such as their overall record for instance (if it's different from the one at hand), we may also decide to split the points depending on the situation.

    Now the ties and other special calls in-depth :
    - Tamahome was granted the "Best Multitiers Player" bonus, for having played 3 different tiers and having the best overall record of all the 3+ tiers players with 9-2. This bonus overrides the +15 points he earned as the best DPP player (the multitiers bonus does not stack up with anything).
    - Mazar wins the best lower tiers player bonus.
    - Jayde and Peasounay respectively win the best and second best old gen player bonus.
    - Leftiez & Obliviate both tied for the 5th place of the TOP 5 SM players. Since there was no fair way to rank one over the other (and since it'd mean one of the two would win nothing), it was decided to split the points and give them 10 each.
    - The deciding factor for the Axel10 vs Nintendi tie was their overall record (they were 1-1 as far as head-to-head goes).
    - For the three-way-tie between d0nut, Mr.E and idiotfrommars (same records, same head-to-head results) we decided to split the points just like it was done for the 5th TOP SM spot.
    - For the last RBY spot, there was a tie between two 1-0 records. It was decided that splitting the points was not required in a situation like this where the game differentials would be so low.

    The google doc will be updated every now and then, there will be a new official update in this thread next month (whenever I feel like the timing is right, just with the end of SPL this week for instance).
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  6. Ciele

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    Sep 16, 2009
    Doing standings since the old ones are no longer being updated.

    SC Standings

    I will update after rounds rather than after tournaments so there's no need to PM me with points or w/e. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or if you spot any mistakes.
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  7. teal6

    teal6 the fight is all
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    Head TD

    Oct 27, 2007
    Adding on to Ciele's post above, Dr. reyscarface is now the new host of Smogon Championship.
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  8. reyscarface

    is a Smogon Media Contributoris a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusdefeated the Smogon Frontier

    Dec 9, 2008
    This is the point system (created by Ciele) that will be in place for this year's World Cup as part of the Smogon Championship qualification process.

    Win-Loss Record:

    +6 = 25 points
    +5 = 20 points
    +4 = 15 points
    +3 = 10 points
    +2 = 5 points


    Overall SM Record:

    1st = 15 points
    2nd = 10 points
    3rd = 5 points

    Overall Old Gens Record:
    1st = 15 points
    2nd = 10 points
    3rd = 5 points

    For reference, here are the points players would have gotten last year in World Cup if anyone wants to see around how many points to expect:

    Show Hide

    Conflict..........40 (25 + 15)
    John..............35 (20 + 15)
    bluri.............25 (15 + 10)
    ABR...............20 (10 + 10)
    Astamatitos.......20 (15 + 5)
    Tricking..........15 (10 + 5)
    Lavos Spawn........5
    M Dragon...........5

    If anyone has any questions feel free to PM me on Discord.
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