The Terrorist Cup Tournament II [R1]

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Approved by the TDs | Hosted by Lady Salamence | Hosted previously by Bartman101 and DanManTinCan

Boom? Yeah, boom. This will be a rehost of the tournament ran by the above two users, who were inspired by Atticus in here, in which JabbaTheGriffin won.

1: This is a DPP OU Tournament, and since PS!'s DPP abilities are not fully tested, you must play on Pokemon Online.
2: All Pokemon must have Explosion or Selfdestruct in their moveset. So obviously, there is no Self KO clause. If a tie is made due to Self Destruct or Explosion, then the user of the move wins. Otherwise, in cases of Destiny Bond or something similar, he loses.
3: Your team must be legal on a Smogon DPP OU Ladder, if one existed.
4: Aside from rules that contradict the above rules, you must follow these rules.

Here is a list of Pokémon that learn Explosion. And this is a list of those who learn Selfdestruct. Excluding the Gen V Pokémon, naturally.

CTC vs Private
Valentine vs RT.
undisputed vs Aurora.
Lowgock vs DestinyUnknown
Lavos Spawn vs dragonuser
Hangover vs Engaurde
Denis Brogniart vs Andeby
da hui vs Darkloic
H-C vs TheSweeper
Seco453 vs Tiffanyy
~Greencore vs The Kyle
Amell vs Naby
BKC vs Rydro
afterburn vs Sageau
Princess Bri vs emboar rises
Dr. Ciel vs HSA
-Manu- vs Houndoomsday
Jirachi vs Hyperbeem
Kevin Garnett vs Kiry4n
Heist vs Jayde
.Robert vs idiotfrommars
michael209 vs Kennen
Yosh SiliS vs breh
Myzozoa vs blarajan
pokebasket vs Dubby
Marshall.Law vs Cicada
Living Things vs Shining Latios
kael vs Xx Boyka
SOMALIA vs lapras666
davidness vs CBTerrakion
FLCL vs Sayonara
Zephir vs woebegonenick
Rockhp31 vs ssbbm
Cristal vs WhiteQueen
Vodka vs Finchinator
JabbaTheGriffin vs davidness
Younii vs Alice
Charmander vs Wario Land 3
Novaray vs P E J E L A G A R T O
Anno nyme vs McMeghan
Cortex91 vs Chisposo
Conflict vs ModestGarchomp
papai noel vs Cloudbreaker
Madbull vs Django
Soulwind vs complete legitimacy
Celsius vs Honor
Honus vs jonathanrp is retarded
CrashinBoomBang vs Pr0man


Deadline: Sunday, Ap. 7
team created and contacted opponent

btw, can you capitalize 'Q'ueen please? I am the big Queen; I ain't no small fry

Looks like a mistake.

Not that I mind a round-robin. Twice the fun!
My apologies. You've been moved to the subs, but I've given you priority over idiotfrommars because he posted to sub in this thread, but you should have been in the matches. Alexander. posted in the sign-ups thread for a sub spot, so he has priority over you. Sorry.
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