The Terrorist Cup Tournament II [Semifinals]

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Approved by the TDs | Hosted by Lady Salamence | Hosted previously by Bartman101 and DanManTinCan

Boom? Yeah, boom. This will be a rehost of the tournament ran by the above two users, who were inspired by Atticus in here, in which JabbaTheGriffin won.

1: This is a DPP OU Tournament, and since PS!'s DPP abilities are not fully tested, you must play on Pokemon Online.
2: All Pokemon must have Explosion or Selfdestruct in their moveset. So obviously, there is no Self KO clause. If a tie is made due to Self Destruct or Explosion, then the user of the move wins. Otherwise, in cases of Destiny Bond or something similar, he loses.
3: Your team must be legal on a Smogon DPP OU Ladder, if one existed.
4: Aside from rules that contradict the above rules, you must follow these rules.

Here is a list of Pokémon that learn Explosion. And this is a list of those who learn Selfdestruct. Excluding the Gen V Pokémon, naturally.

Alice vs Soulwind
dragonuser vs Marshall.Law
(Naby vs Kiry4n) vs .Robert

Extensions: 5/25/13
Main Matches: 5/30/13

It is the semifinals. Don't make me do activities or coinflips, please.
contacted opponent

edit: hopefully we are gonna battle soon. we arrange a time for last thursday but we missed each other and after that i haven't seen him online due timezones though
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