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The Top 10 Titans of the 5th Gen OU Metagame

Discussion in 'BW OU' started by Sork, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. Wizarus


    Apr 2, 2011
    Dugtrio, simply because of the impact it had on weather wars. One of the main reasons people ran Air Balloon and even Shed Shell Heatran and Ninetales, and it combo'd extremely well with alot of suspect pokemon, to the point were some actually considered banning it.
  2. hat40


    Jun 25, 2012
    1. Genesect
    2. Politoed
    3. Excadrill
    4. Blaziken
    5. Deoxys-D
    6. Deoxys-S
    7. Ferrothorn
    8. Tyranitar
    9. Ninetales
    10. Scizor
  3. G-Von


    Jun 19, 2011
    Reuniclus@Life Orb
    Quiet Nature
    EV's: 252 HP/252 SpA/4 Def
    IV's: 0 Spe
    Trait: Magic Guard
    -Trick Room
    -Shadow Ball
    -Focus Blast

    Reuniclus may be on the verge of UU right now, but it has been a dominant force all of the 5th generation, so much so that it was actually a suspect early on. I chose his TR set because it gives it its best chance at sweeping. 383 Special attack plus Life Orb without any recoil and one turn set up is a dangerous combination. I don't think this set needs much explanation. Set up a TR after your foe has killed something and is choiced-locked, or switch in to a resisted hit. Let Operation Decimation commence.

    I'm also not sure if we are supposed to be nominating one of the 5 pokemon listed for winning the first week to see who is number 1 or not, but I am assuming that is not how it is being done, so if I am wrong for whatever reason, just let me know and I will post a set from one of the 5 pokemon already selected.
  4. UncleDrew


    Mar 15, 2013
    I agree with many and feel Genesect should be somewhere on the list. Though his existance wasn't for an extraordinary amount of time, when he was there in OU he was definetly a "Titan". With his existance, near every team I faced carried a specially defensive Heatran and I felt like I should use one on near every team I created myself. As stated it resulted in the creation of things like "Shed Shell Heatran" and even "Choice Scarf Ninetales," things that now are not seen whatsoever. It just had incredible versatility and power that allowed it to be such a noteable Pokemon. It could literally do anything. I saw success from it with Choice Scarf sets, Choice Specs sets, Choice Band sets, Life Orb sets, hell it probably could've even pulled off a surprise support set with dual screens :P
  5. Kollin708


    Aug 31, 2012
    10. Dragonite
    9. Kingdra
    8. Blaziken
    7. Deoxys-S
    6. Scizor
    5. Tyranitar
    4. Ferrothorn
    3. Genesect
    2. Terrakion
    1. Politoed
  6. nmitchell890


    Jan 12, 2013
    Ok, time for my list;

    1. Politoed
    This should be obvious. How many bans have there been to nerf rain? There has been Swift Swim, Manaphy, Thundurus-I (though it is debatable whether this one was due to rain) and even Tornadus-T, who I don't think is even broken. Even with all these bans, rain is still one of the most popular playstyles in OU. Another important thing to note is that rain has been dominant throughout BW1 and BW2, not many pokemon can claim to have warped the metagame so much over such a long period of time. Drizzle is the most metagame-defining force in OU, period. This makes Politoed the most metagame-defining pokemon in OU.

    2. Tyranitar
    Another weather summoner, Tyranitar has the advantage of being a very useful pokemon outside of just summoning sand. He is the best user of Pursuit in OU, easily trapping threatening pokemon like Latios. With the boost to its SDef courtesy of the sand he summons, he is also viable as a special tank (I won't say wall as it lacks recovery outside Leftovers) as it has the equivalent of base 154 SDef, that is the same as insta-Uber pokemon like Ho-Oh. The sand it summons is another driving force in the metagame, though the only ban was that of Excadrill. I would go so far to say that without Tyranitar, Politoed (or probably just Drizzle) would have been insta-banned. Tyranitar has always been metagame-defining, and GenV is no exception.

    3. Ferrothorn
    Ferrothorn is an anomaly in BW, it has avoided the trend of overpowering threats taking over OU and has made a name for itself as a mixed wall and Spikes setter. It has been a staple throughout BW1 and BW2, doing its job remarkably well to the point of replacing former stalwarts like Skarmory and especially Forretress almost completely. Its advantages over those two are its much higher SDef and typing suited to taking common attacks on that side. Ferrothorn fits well into almost any type of team, it is immune to sandstorm and rain halves its biggest weakness, making it even more formidable. Ferrothorn is one of the main reasons that pokemon like Dragonite and Latios are still allowed in OU as it can take +1 Outrage and Choice Specs Draco Meteor like they are nothing. Its presence is also as much of a hindrance to rain as it is a blessing, it practically counters rain by itself apart from Keldeo and the rare Toxicroak. A new face with a big impact, Ferrothorn very much deserves this spot.

    4. Garchomp
    Of all the dragons, Garchomp is the most metagame-defining. It sets itself apart from the pack in a variety of ways, so much so that it was Uber for the majority of BW1. For a start, it has incredible stats. Its fast, bulky and powerful, with enough SAtk to make Fire Blast viable to pick off the steels that don't fear Earthquake. This brings me onto the 1st real defining factor; its typing. It gets STAB on Earthquake, making it much more than just a coverage move, it is a wallbreaking/sweeping tool in its own right. Also, it grants a resistance to Stealth Rock as opposed to a weakness that flying dragons have. Next, its speed trolls all the base 100s, along with Landorus-I and Thundurus-T. Garchomp has an extensive movepool that allows it to fill many roles on a team; it can be a wallbreaker with Choice Band or Swords Dance, it can be a sweeper with SubSD, it can be a dedicated revenge killer and cleaner with Choice Scarf, it can even be a good Stealth Rock lead or defensive tank. The final thing that pushed Garchomp over the edge was its ability; Sand Veil. Now however, Rough Skin is still very useful. All the dragons shape the metagame, but Garchomp is the only one to go all the way over the edge, even inspiring a change in the Evasion Clause just to bring him back down from Ubers. This cements its slot on this list.

    5. Ninetails
    The last of the main three weather summoners; Ninetails would be in NU if it wasn't for its ability. However, Drought is essential for sun teams to compete in OU, so Ninetails is a necessary evil for them to have. Chlorophyll is still allowed in OU, Venusaur is the best example of a Chlorophyll abuser that has made a significant mark on the OU metagame. Volcarona, though not reliant on sun, is easily the best fire type sweeper in OU and is very common on sun teams. Regardless of Ninetails worthlessness on any team that isn't based around sun, sun teams are extremely potent and are a force on the metagame, so Ninetails is as metagame-defining as those teams are.

    6. Terrakion
    In my humble opinion, Terrakion is the most effective physical attacker in OU right now. It is so difficult to handle, it only has a select few checks. It shares many of its qualities with Garchomp; an incredible STAB combination, a trolly speed tier, and vicious stats. Its attacks are much less limiting than those of Garchomp, Close Combat allows Terrakion to switch out as opposed to Outrage, while Stone Edge doesn't have any immunities and hits key targets, despite its low accuracy. The other two slots are much more flexible, allowing it to fill many roles on a team. It can go for specific coverage moves on Choice sets (and even Quick attack on Choice Band) or different types of set up moves. Taunt and Stealth Rock turn Terrakion into a very effective lead while SubSD allows it to punch through even the likes of Landorus-T and turns it into a sweeper that breaks walls for itself. Anybody that builds a team without one of the very few Terrakion checks will be in for a world of pain, it forces people to use Landorus-T or priority like Mach Punch or Bullet Punch. This cements it as a metagame-defining force and elevates it to the slot it deserves on this list.

    7. Landorus
    Since the release of Sheer Force, Landorus has become one of the most feared sweepers in OU. The strange array of moves that Landorus is forced to use somehow pull together to give extremely good coverage, allowing it to sweep teams clean after a Rock Polish. The counters to special Landorus all tend to be weak to Pursuit (think Latias, Celebi and the blobs) so Tyranitar is a good partner. The physical sets also like having Tyranitar for a partner as they rely on Sand Force to boost their power. The special set is what makes Landorus so defining though, it forces the use of at least one of its counters.

    8. Keldeo
    Since its release at the start of BW2, Keldeo has come into its own as a force in OU. It was first used almost exclusively as a Choice Specs wallbreaker in rain, Hydro Pump is so powerful that it OHKOes Dragonite after Stealth Rock while Secret Sword bypasses special walls like Ferrothorn and both blobs. However, more sets have arisen, such as Choice Scarf and Calm Mind sets, each of which do their jobs admirably well. Choice Specs Keldeo fits in best on rain teams as the boost in power allows it to do incredible things, but Choice Scarf Keldeo fits best onto sand teams as most of its checks are weak to Pursuit, meaning Tyranitar can very easily pick them off. Keldeo is like a special version of Terrakion, except it relies on the sheer power of water moves instead of the combination of two incredible STAB moves. It has a specific set of checks, any team without them is doomed to fall at the hands (hooves?) of Keldeo, warping the metagame and making it a staple on this list.

    9. Rotom-W
    Rotom-W is one of those pokemon that does so much for a team that it is hard to overlook. It does well at taking on rain teams, only really fearing Ferrothorn and Secret Sword Keldeo. And other rare threats I suppose like Gastrodon. It also does decently against sand, not many common members of sand teams like taking on Rotom-W. This alone warps the metagame a bit as these teams must cater for this weakness. The real reason that Rotom-W warps the metagame is that it is a staple on VoltTurn teams. Commonly partnered with Scizor, and Genesect when it was OU, VoltTurn tore up the metagame to the point that questions were raised about whether it should be banned. Now, VoltTurn isn't very common any more, but Rotom-W is, and it is a pokemon that can't be forgotten when building a team, making it a well-deserved member of this list.

    10. Heatran
    Heatran is similar to Ferrothorn in that it is an anomaly. With the dominance of rain, how on Earth has Heatran managed to stay in the top 5 most used pokemon month after month? Well, Heatran isn't completely useless against rain, it can absorb Hurricane and set up Stealth Rock on Ferrothorn or Jirachi. And against other teams, Heatran is extremely useful. For a start, it walls 90% of the pokemon used on sun teams, this is incredible and is one of the main reasons Heatran has stayed afloat in OU. Also, Heatran is a good check to dragons if it can avoid Earthquake and Surf from Latios, it is even immune to the fire moves that take out other steels. Its typing is unique, and helps it with walling certain pokemon that can cover other steels with a fire move. Heatran isn't limited to defensive sets either, there are a vast majority of (admittedly rare) offensive sets around, even trapper sets become viable to help Ninetails outlast the other weather starters and ensure that sun stays up. Heatran is incredibly useful in OU, meaning that team builders must always keep it in mind. Despite the dominance of rain, Heatran secures the last place on the list of metagame-defining pokemon.

    That was my list, with opinions on why they are so defining. Note that pokemon like Skymin, Blaziken and Genesect aren't on there as they don't affect the metagame the way it is today seen as they are banned to Ubers. This is my list of the pokemon that are having a continued effect on the metagame today. Other pokemon that I considered for the list are Scizor, Latios and Jirachi but I ultimately decided on the 10 above.
  7. Alexander.

    won the 2nd Official Ladder Tournament

    Jan 24, 2012

    Also Manaphy was a very strong pokemon in the OU tier, even if it wasn't OU for a long time for obvious reason: a move which boosts Manaphy's Special Attack from 3 levels and Hydration + Rest, which allows Manaphy to recover all of its HP when rain is up, a decent coverage moves (Ice + Water is quite good imo) and a good base statistics which allow Manaphy to have a good staying power even without defensive EVs investments.
  8. superstar


    Jul 25, 2011
    1. Politoed: When you think of BW, you think of rain. Everyone runs weather, and rain has been the most influential. SS was the first thing banned for a reason.

    2. Tyranitar: God, this guy was such a boss in BW1. He's still great in BW2, and hasn't left the top 5. Since BW is the weather generation, I don't think you can leave the second best weather starter out.

    3. Dragonite: He's never been suspected (same as the other two) but he is the defining force of BW. Dragonite alone makes Stealth Rock mandatory for every single team, and was the best sweeper in BW1 once Excadrill was banned. In BW2, Dragonite lost a lot of ground to the more ridiculous sweepers, but still managed to hold his own, and is still just as terrifying.

    4. Excadrill: I absolutely can't justify ranking him any lower. He was the best Pokémon in the game by a large margin. People say Genesect dominated. They don't know this guy. His only flaw was needing sand. In the Excadrill era, you carried a Gliscor/Conkeldurr or you ran opposing weather. Those were your options. He was the best Rapid Spinner ever, a terrifying sweeper, and immune to most status to boot. The most terrifying sweeper ever (except maybe Kingdra or Shaymin-S, but he was around a lot longer than those 2)

    5. Ferrothorn: Ferrothorn is the defining defensive Pokemon of BW. His ability to set up hazards and stop rain teams cold made him a staple. His utility and defenses made sure he never left the top 5.

    6. Scizor: Everyone's favorite metal bug was a boss. I think people aren't quite remembering how popular and how good VoltTurn was -- I remember laddering once in BW1 and facing 10 TTar/Excadrill/Scizor/Rotom-W teams in a row. He was just as good in all of BW2. He has consistently been number 1, and deserves this spot.

    8. Deoxys-S: This guy got banned to ubers for a reason. The amount of support he could give was so tragic, breast cancer cells walked to end him. Guaranteed rocks + spikes proved too much for many teams to handle. Plus he could do Dual Screens. Or sweep with Life Orb. The ultimate supporting pokemon, and a factor for much of BW.

    8. Rotom-W: Scizor's partner in crime needs a spot here. He was a staple in BW1 for his spot on VoltTurn teams. In BW2, he reinvented himself as a Special tank that could wall some of the most prominent threats of the metagame.

    9. Kingdra: The best Pokemon ever allowed in OU (and not quickbanned). There is a reason that Ferrothorn was number 1 for early BW1. Kingdra could go mixed, specs, or Dragon Dance and wreck at all three. Nothing could outspeed him. The only reason he isn't higher is because he wan't in the metagame for that long.

    10. Genesect: I know he wasn't OU for long, but Genesect dominated the metagame in a way that even Blaziken and Thundurus could not. He found a spot on nearly every team and shaped the metagame around him, dropping the usage of dragons and Celebi and bringing Heatran to prominance.

    Overall, I don't think there's even a question the weather starters deserve #1 + #2. I also think that Dragonite, Ferrothorn, Excadrill, and Scizor have to be on the list. The other 4 slots are a bit more open for interpretation.

    Terrakion, Landorus, Garchomp, Thundurus, Blaziken, Ninetales/Venusaur, Shaymin-S, Heatran and Jirachi are all legitimate choices, too. I don't think any Pokemon outside of these has been consistently dominant enough to deserve a spot on this list.
  9. GCSChris


    Dec 25, 2012
    I agree with all of your points, but I do think that the only reason things like scizor and t tar stayed that high was because they were still good even with genesect around, like you said, but i think if he had been OU for a longer duration things that can't deal with gensect would start to fall just a bit.

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