The Triforce Tournament Invitations

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The initial thread: click here

Well, I've been making a list and checking it twice. Hopefully, interest hasn't deteriorated due to me being too busy in real life to draft up the invitation list.

Now, before I post the list, I would like to say a few things.

1. I am inviting people that I know and believe to be dependable and would be committed to the tournament. Given the team nature of this tournament, hopefully we won't have any disqualifications or delays. If you're on the invitation list and want to confirm your spot, post in this thread.

2. I am NOT inviting people for every spot (meaning I am not inviting 48 people) and I'm doing this for a reason. This hopefully will ensure that the teams are made of friends; for example, if 2 people are invited and want to be on a team with their buddy that I didn't invite, then more than likely, said third person will be on the team.

3. If I did invite you and you want someone on your team that I didn't initially invite, they are all but definitely on your team. However, choose your teammates wisely; remember, if they don't show up for a match, you're automatically one down. I'm putting my trust in you guys to pick quality teammates to make for awesome matches and an exciting tourney.

4. As evidenced in item 2, there will be 48 people in this tournament. For all of you math geniuses out there, that means that there will be 16 teams. You can pick whatever name for a team you want, I don't care. Now, in case of an emergency, the ONLY way you can change the members is if all three members tell me that they approve the change. However, when the tournament starts, you're locked in with your team, no exceptions.

5. If you're not invited initially, please don't be offended. I actually don't really go to the NetBattle server often compared to most regulars in my opinion, so I don't know everybody. I just invited people that I know well, people that posted in the thread, and people who I consider to be some of the elite in the metagames today. This is why I didn't invite 48 people. If you are interested in the tourney and want to try and get picked up by a team, post in this thread. Even if you've been picked up for a team, post in this thread. I can't guarantee that you'll make it, but your chances of being in will definitely go up. In addition, there's no guarantee that everyone on the list will sign up.

6. When you decide on your team and your team name, all three members must post in this thread. For example, if Jumpman16 and Roy were my two partners, I'd just post that would say "I am on Team Perfect Hair Forever with Justin8649 and Mekkah." Or something like that. IN ADDITION, one of the members must send me a private message confirming it. I'm making sure that you are damn sure you want to be in this.

7. Even if you are on the invitation list, if you cannot find 2 teammates, then I'm afraid you won't be in. But I seriously doubt that will happen.

Now, that being said, here is the list. Keep in mind that I am not participating in the tournament, I am just running it.

1. chaos
2. skarm
3. Jumpman16
4. Hipmonlee
5. Roy
6. omni
7. Cromat
8. Rex Iudeorum
9. Justin8649
10. cloud9x
11. Eagle
12. Noobster
13. JMC
14. Vineon
15. Articuno64
16. Mekkah
17. Warthog
18. Fish
19. andii56
20. Veteran In Love
21. Mr. Saturn
22. Fatum
23. peterko
24. Jackal
25. GotMiltank
26. FlamingMasamune
27. goofball
28. psychup2034
29. Loki
30. Icicle Knight
So since I'm not on the list and it isn't full, maybe someone can pick me up. :D

I'm pretty good at rs, and I can hold my own in gsc and rby.
180.ROGER said:
I just invited people that I know well, people that posted in the thread, and people who I consider to be some of the elite in the metagames today
so i dont posted in the thread right :|
shut up already

i will be in, and i might make a team with psychup and goof
me and warthog hae decided to unite to make it two straight tourney championships as a team

We are looking for a player whose best metagame is RBY, and GSC experience would be good to have too. Feel free to PM either me or Warthog about a possible spot


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I don't think I will participate since I want to stop Pokémoning and this tournament is going to take very long and stuff. I was going to team up with Eagle and andii, so they are probably looking for a new RSer then.


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sure ill be in this

anyone who wants me on their team, I can play any meta, and have been doing surprisingly weel at gsc and rby lately, though I guess I'm best at rs.
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