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the ultimate rain

Discussion in 'BW Other Teams' started by DarkraiThebest, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. DarkraiThebest


    Feb 1, 2013
    Hi smogon! After my first rain post in ou, i decide to post an uber rain cuz this team is really strong! So let's start, sorry from my telephone i cannot put images...
    kyogre @ choice scarf, trait drizzle , nature modest, evs 252 spatk/4hp/252 speed.
    water sprout/ ice beam / thunder / hydro pump

    Ok he is the lead, AND WHAT LEAD!, he MUST
    outspeed everything for kill it with stab boosted by rain watersprout , thunder is for hit who rexist to watersprout , mainly other kyogres, ice beam is for dragons and hydropump is here for when kyiogres hp are too low for make watersprout strong. My main problems with kyogre are ferrothorn,souldew latios and gastrodom. But the Last one is hard to see in uber. I have soo big problems with swiftswm kingdra too...

    Rayquaza @ yache berry , 252atk/252 speed/4 hp, nature jolly, trait air lock.
    Moves : dragon dance / outrage / earthquake / v-generator
    He is just a BEAST! Only arceus is a problem for him cuz ray cannot kill him after an DDance if i use too Stab outrage. After an dragon dance he is able to outspeed much things. Outrage after a boost is the most powerful move i ever see, EQ is for more coverage and here, like Last move i have V-GENERATOR , thanks to air lock this move no lose power , even if it lows rays speed and def stats , but it is soo much powerful. Problems? Just arceus...

    Mewtwo @ life orb, trait pressure, nature timid, 252 spatk/252 speed/ 4 hp.
    moves :
    Psystrike, focus blast, thunder, ice beam
    What is an uber team without him? He has the base biggest stats (with arceus) and an huge moveset. Psystrike is main Stab move, only one thing to say for this move : blissey? No problems. Focus blast hit mainly dark types like the Common darky, and secondary the Steel phisical bulky like ferro,forre,skar,and dialga. Life orb boost all of his atk and my opponent must be careful, even who rexist a move can recive much pain from him, thunder is the rain abuse move , and ice beam hit the dragons really hard. His main problems are arceus ghost and giratina w calm mind.

    Darkrai @ focus sash, trait bad dreams, 252 spatk/ 252 speed / 4 hp, nature timid.
    Moves : dark void , dark pulse, thunder, spacial rend.
    I really love darky, he's my favourite poke, and i no know why but i love this set too! Dark void is for put to sleep one of my opponent poke , dark pulse is the main Stab for kill giratina and others, thunder is the rain abuse move and spacial rend is cool, used for dragons (originally i used ice beam over it) i have not other things to say about him sorry :/

    Arceus-water @ water plate, trait multitipe, nature timid 252 spatk/ 252 speed / 4 hp.
    Moves : ice beam , judgment, calm mind , thunder.
    Ok water arceus finally is the stronger of my team. Calm mind is for a boost cuz i use him like special sweeper, water judgment is the team strongest move boosted by type, rain, plate and some CM, thunder second rain move abuse for hit water absorbers and bulky water like kyogres, ice beam for dragons in generally and for shaymin too.
    I am not sure of the Last one..
    Deoxys-a @ focus sash, trait pressure, nature hasty, 252 speed / 128 atk,128 spatk.
    Moves : psyco boost superpower thunder ice punch.
    I have not so much things to say about him, just enter, hit and escape. Mixed sweeper psyco boost main stab , superpower for some steels and blissey, thunder rain abuse, ice punch for dragons.
    This is the team. I hope you can help me, see you, good day and bye! :D

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