The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny - Aborted

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Alright, so new plan: all of us are going to get together in one group and systematically eliminate one player at a time. Once we get down to people who could have plausibly won the tournament, we stall for multiple turns with heal pulses and recovery moves to make Glacier work for more rounds.


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IAR idled as everyone bar dogfish44 ran away...luckily, Stortamus' Sandstorm saved the Tall Grass from catching fire...But perhaps, maybe a chance to talk to dogfish about something? Or maybe he had plans to attack IAR...

"Well, at least we did not expend as much energy as I expected, but maybe we could be able to organise something with dogfish over there? Hopefully he is not that hostile..."

Looks like we got outta there without a hitch. That's good.

Should we head for the volcano and off that Lickilicky?

Nah, the rest of the world'll do that for us. Besides, we still need allies.


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Would everyone please come over to the volcano arena and KO my Lickilicky?
I will give 2 CC to you if you KO Yum!
you're not allowed to do that

"Hm," said Pwnemon without a custom sprite. "This was an... unexpected occasion. I was hoping simply to avoid the volatile Group 6, not make a new one." He surveyed the area. A conkeldurr, a Slaking, a Crobat, a Gastrodon. Well, well, he thought. I've got SE STAB on all of them - save the Gastrodon, but Leaf Blade. And the Crobat has SE STAB on me and the conkeldurr, we have SE STAB on the Slaking, who can crush the Crobat. This would certainly be a tricky fight. But then again, it was a gathering of five strong players. Which meant... alliances would be formed, no?


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"Well at least we did SOMETHING. And I'm hardly wishing to stay anywhere near that hippo... let alone attack it, since it will probably hit us back harder."
Alright, not many people have sent in actions, and the DQ Is tonight. Christmas was a day or two ago, and traveling around might be the cause for absent actions (I know I've been driving 22 hours straight to get to see my family). So, I'm extending the date for when you have to turn in actions.

You have until December 30th, at 11pm (GMT -6).

"Urf! That did not work as I had hoped!"

"Indeed. Both of the trainers we might have allied with left us for dead, while the Dusclops is still there."

"There's only one thing for it."

"Protect me, Maria."
<Obligations, Madotsuki.> Doc Scratch stared at the Hydreigon that entered the arena, followed by a shady-looking man.

"I know!" Madotsuki cried. "I just need to think of how we're gonna do this."

<I already know, of course. So if you'll excuse me...> Doc Scratch wandered over to the dragon, fists freezing.



Don't you not tell me to hush! I'm working hard here!


Fine. We'll just take matters into our own hands...


Whaddya not mean we can't call deadline?! Ugh...fine. We'll just wait...


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Apparently, Glacier is stuck with a phone for connection for a few days, so it will be a few days before he returns to ref...So much for the "I will ref in 1-4 days" thing... -.-
Actions were due the 30th. That means I get 1-4 days from the 30th. Which means I have until the 4th to post the round. I am driving from Virginia to North Carolina, then to texas, and I'll be back with a trusty computer around the evening of the 3rd. So I should be on time, as I said.


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The Shadow glided effortlessly, too high in the skies to be noticed by anyone, carefully maintaining his distance - the time was not yet ripe. Until now. When the supposedly elite group of trainers appeared distrustful of The Figure, it knew then that it was the time to ensure order is kept in check. The Shadow circled down with the thermals, creating them as it flew, until at last it alighted upon The Figure's throne. Close as it is, it is not hard for The Shadow to notice the knuckles whitening on the arms of the seat of power.

"You came," such were the words uttered by The Figure, as a manner of greeting.
"That fire-tail-bat-gecko is getting impudent, foremost amongst the others," came the reply.
"Let them be. They came knowing very well that they obey my terms, and no one else's. So did you."
"Fine, then. I am disappointed in this rabble anyway. I'm used to round-ears-two-legs banding up against common threats, namely my kind. Apparently when interests collide, they behave less than beasts would."
"Are you forgetting, that I am a human as well?"
"No, I did not. But that's why you did not have me in the fight, did you?"
"Not yet. Go, do what you will. Only do not let the battlers know of your true identity, and remain in vicinity of this place. The time will come when you and your pack-brothers test their mettle."
"Or bath in their blood."

The Shadow alighted, once again using the winds under his command to soar above the sight of any who may see it. It cared not either way that it will not hunt tonight - he had long since passed the time where it hunted solely for hunger and bloodlust. No. It has transcended far beyond that. Yet it is not without fetters. It longed for the day it can truly be a master of itself. Of the skies and everything underneath it.
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