The Unscrupulous Tiering Director Tournament - Round 1 (Read post #208)

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If you haven't heard, we've decided to revise Smogon's tiering system. Everyone knows that the OU council is run by people who don't actually play (cough Jabba cough), and suspect tests are just ban-happy bandwagoning fools who don't appreciate what Blaziken and Shaymin-S contribute to the metagame. Our new system will be a democracy: everyone will have a say.

The Unscrupulous Tiering Director Tournament

Standard OU rules apply
- No Ubers
- Evasion Clause
- OHKO Clause
- Sleep Clause
- Species Clause
- Drizzle + Swift Swim Clause
- Moody Clause
- Wifi Battle
- Timed Battle

This is a BW2 Tournament. Battles are to be played by default on Showdown, but can be played on PO if both people agree.

In your sign-up post, include exactly two Pokemon, moves, or items you wish to ban. Please use the following format:


You can ban two Pokemon (Hippowdon and Flaaffy)
You can ban two moves (Lava Plume and Flare Blitz)
You can ban two items (Fist Plate and Magnet)
You can ban a Pokemon and a move (Reuniclus and Icy Wind)
You can ban a Pokemon and an item (Dragonite and Leftovers)
You can ban a move and an item (Hyper Beam and Life Orb)

If you ban the original Pokemon, it will NOT ban any alternate formes.

You CANNOT ban combinations (U-turn + Earth Power, Stone Edge + Close Combat on Terrakion)
You CANNOT ban parts of Pokemon (Speed Boost on Sharpedo, Magic Mirror Xatu)
You CANNOT ban strategies (Dragon Spam, VoltTurn)
You CANNOT ban abilities (Sheer Force, Flash Fire)
You CANNOT ban users (Bloo, Stone_Cold)

You may not ban the same thing twice (yourself). That's just pointless, and I will not count your sign-up post if you do so. If you really don't want to ban anything else, ban Magikarp.

Whatever you ban will remain banned for EVERYONE in the tournament--that is, until you lose. If you lose in this tournament, you will be deemed unqualified to act as a tiering leader and will be assassinated by Smogon administrators in the middle of the night. Your bans will be revoked at the beginning of the tournament's next round.

You may ban something even if other people have already banned it. Bans enacted by multiple people will remain in effect until all people with the same ban are eliminated.

You cannot change your bans! Nobody likes a flipflop tiering leader.

Substitutes' bans will not take effect. Substitutes will adopt the bans of the players whose positions they take.


I have included the banlists both in the form of a spreadsheet and in hide tags below. I have also included a list of available OU Pokemon.

Make sure to review these lists carefully!


Ability Dependent

Blissey (3)
Breloom (5)
Chansey (4)
Dragonite (4)
Ferrothorn (4)
Gliscor (2)
Hippowdon (2)
Jirachi (8)
Keldeo (4)
Latios (3)
Magnezone (2)
Ninetales (7)
Politoed (15)
Reuniclus (2)
Scizor (5)
Tentacruel (2)
Terrakion (4)
Thundurus-T (13)
Tornadus-T (5)
Tyranitar (8)
Volcarona (3)




Baton Pass (7)
Brave Bird
Bulk Up
Calm Mind
Charge Beam
Close Combat
Draco Meteor (2)
Dragon Claw
Dragon Dance
Dragon Pulse
Earthquake (2)
Focus Blast
Giga Drain
Hidden Power
Hurricane (3)
Iron Head
Light Screen
Outrage (4)
Quiver Dance (2)
Rain Dance (2)
Rapid Spin (2)
Recover (2)
Roost (2)
Scald (5)
Shell Smash (4)
Spikes (6)
Spore (5)
Stealth Rock (18)
Stone Edge (2)
Substitute (2)
Sunny Day
Swords Dance
Thunder Wave
Toxic Spikes (2)
U-turn (3)
Volt Switch (4)

Bridgemail D
Choice Band
Choice Scarf (4)
Choice Specs
Eviolite (3)
Flame Orb
Focus Sash (2)
Iron Ball
Lagging Tail
Leaf Stone
Leftovers (3)
Life Orb
Muscle Band
Rocky Helmet
Wise Glasses


Notable bans (does not include everything):
- All auto-weather has been banned for this round. All weather-inducing moves EXCEPT for Hail have been banned.
- All entry hazards have been banned for this round.
- All Hidden Powers have been banned.
- Calm Mind, Swords Dance, and Bulk Up have been banned.
- Recover, Roost, and Softboiled have been banned for this round. Slack Off, Milk Drink, and Heal Order remain unbanned.
- Thunder Wave, Toxic, Spore, and Will-O-Wisp have been banned.
- Scald has been banned.
- Draco Meteor, Outrage, Dragon Claw, and Dragon Pulse have all been banned. The strongest 100% accuracy Dragon move is now Dragonbreath.
- All Choice items have been banned for this round.
- Leftovers and Life Orb have been banned.


46. fatty vs 6. Stone_Cold
66. Level 51 vs 117. Iconic
97. Perche No Fai vs 29. Magik
78. Hantsuki vs 12. reyscarface
89. Seco453 vs 70. TheMexican
123. Living Things vs 52. JellyOs
68. Ginku vs 14. Blue_Blur
58. mfhoundoom vs 111. Infinity.Cypher
83. blaaz vs 133. Audiosurfer
74. Django Reinhart vs 129. papai noel
63. Aragornbird vs 124. cescken
59. undisputed vs 4. McMeghan
15. wilson46 vs 94. srk1214
3. Jets vs 121. Joeyboy
108. Cicada vs 71. PsYch07ic
134. Andeby vs 115. vonFiedler
48. Double01 vs 61. DetroitLolcat
47. Jirachi vs 114. FireMage
8. CrashinBoomBang vs 9. ~GreenCore
85. White symphoni vs 69. Zebraiken
39. MOET vs 1. Heist
10. blarajan vs 19. xtrashine
50. DC. vs 16. SkyNet
84. Master of the Six Kings vs 25. zorbees
127. AlphaJolt vs 120. ThatsMyLatios
98. bluewooper vs 55. dragonuser
38. Pkrs vs 91. Cristal
92. Nachos vs 33. zdrup15
95. H-C vs 64. Steven Snype
22. .Robert vs 67. Malekith
106. Evil vs 86. BKC
72. Ningildo vs 13. LighTz911
93. toshimelonhead vs 27. Imanalt
36. Omicron vs 35. Dracule Mihawk
7. Lavos Spawn vs 113. alexwolf
37. Megan_Fox vs 126. Itchni
26. Expert Physics vs 87. TalkingLion
54. Honus vs 49. complete legitimacy
34. Noodlez vs 77. Dusk209
5. Myzozoa vs 40. V4Victini
100. Asek vs 102. Agammemnon
80. wiiii vs 41. V0x
132. Bowl Cut vs 82. -Manu-
30. Marshall.Law vs 53. Noblesse Oblige
75. Novaray vs 136. CS4m
32. Focus vs 112. ThisMysteriousGuy
31. rairyan vs 131. ShadowFC
96. DarkLoïc vs 57. kokoloko
11. AkHolic vs 101. Go10
118. SethZiBritannia vs 76. Alakapimp
122. Ricky Horror vs 2. MikeDecIsHere
65. Soulwind vs 60. Tangelo
109. Cloudbreaker vs 42. NidokingKing
17. RT. vs 81. DestinyUnknown
44. FelixMinamimoto vs 56. AuraRayquaza
21. Amell vs 135. R7Rules
18. mostwanted vs 107. Anno nyme
62. Tobes vs 23. Kennen
116. Lady Bug vs 45. Raseri
73. Foster vs 105. KelseyH
20. idiotfrommars vs 79. sheep
125. Raichy vs 51. rockhp31
28. CheezitKing vs 43. Lamppost
24. Hangover vs 119. Brotom

46. fatty (Politoed / Reuniclus) vs 6. Stone_Cold (Scizor / Volt Switch)
66. Level 51 (Eviolite / Choice Specs) vs 117. Iconic (Breloom / Keldeo)
97. Perche No Fai (Politoed / Tyranitar) vs 29. Magik (Substitute / Hidden Power)
78. Hantsuki (Hurricane / Scald) vs 12. reyscarface (Reuniclus / Deoxys-D)
89. Seco453 (Tyranitar / Shell Smash) vs 70. TheMexican (Tyranitar / Politoed)
123. Living Things (Jirachi / Gliscor) vs 52. JellyOs (Scizor / Ferrothorn)
68. Ginku (Ninetales / Spikes) vs 14. Blue_Blur (Tyranitar / Softboiled)
58. mfhoundoom (Terrakion / Life Orb) vs 111. Infinity.Cypher (U-turn / Volt Switch)
83. blaaz (Muscle Band / Wise Glasses) vs 133. Audiosurfer (Politoed / Tyranitar)
74. Django Reinhart (Scald / Spore) vs 129. papai noel (Tentacruel / Dragonite)
63. Aragornbird (Earthquake / Focus Sash) vs 124. cescken (Ninetales / Quiver Dance)
59. undisputed (Stealth Rock / Spikes) vs 4. McMeghan (Politoed / Ninetales)
15. wilson46 (Spikes / Jirachi) vs 94. srk1214 (Hurricane / Spore)
3. Jets (Baton Pass / Politoed) vs 121. Joeyboy (Scizor / Latias)
108. Cicada (Durant / Will-O-Wisp) vs 71. PsYch07ic (Magnezone / Abomasnow)
134. Andeby (Scizor / Outrage) vs 115. vonFiedler (Stealth Rock / Scrafty)
48. Double01 (Munchlax / Snorlax) vs 61. DetroitLolcat (Recover / Toxic)
47. Jirachi (Rapid Spin / Kingdra) vs 114. FireMage (Giga Drain / Conkeldurr)
8. CrashinBoomBang (Spikes / Stealth Rock) vs 9. ~GreenCore (Iron Head / Politoed)
85. White symphoni (Stealth Rock / Baton Pass) vs 69. Zebraiken (Thundurus-T / Spikes)
39. MOET (Spikes / Stealth Rock) vs 1. Heist (Politoed / Scald)
10. blarajan (Quiver Dance / Dragon Dance) vs 19. xtrashine (Gliscor / Close Combat)
50. DC. (Stealth Rock / Jirachi) vs 16. SkyNet (Stealth Rock / Politoed)
84. Master of the Six Kings (Rain Dance / Superpower) vs 25. zorbees (Iron Ball / Lagging Tail)
127. AlphaJolt (Hurricane / Sandstorm) vs 120. ThatsMyLatios (Magnezone / Slowbro)
98. bluewooper (Stealth Rock / Recover) vs 55. dragonuser (Tyranitar / Rapid Spin)
38. Pkrs (Stealth Rock / Politoed) vs 91. Cristal (Stealth Rock / Hippowdon)
92. Nachos (Jirachi / Breloom) vs 33. zdrup15 (Tentacruel / Ferrothorn)
95. H-C (Shell Smash / Outrage) vs 64. Steven Snype (Kyurem / Landorus-T)
22. .Robert (Skarmory / Chansey) vs 67. Malekith (Draco Meteor / Outrage)
106. Evil (Bulk Up / Tailwind) vs 86. BKC (Thundurus-T / Tornadus-T)
72. Ningildo (Wobbuffet / Keldeo) vs 13. LighTz911 (Tornadus-T / Amoonguss)
93. toshimelonhead (Substitute / Spore) vs 27. Imanalt (Salamence / Choice Band)
36. Omicron (Keldeo / Thunder Wave) vs 35. Dracule Mihawk (Thundurus-T / Jirachi)
7. Lavos Spawn (Spore / Ninetales) vs 113. alexwolf (Politoed / Baton Pass)
37. Megan_Fox (Stealth Rock / Thundurus-T) vs 126. Itchni (Stealth Rock / Choice Scarf)
26. Expert Physics (Dragon Claw / Dragon Pulse) vs 87. D4RR3N (Keldeo / Thundurus-T)
54. Honus (Pursuit / Terrakion) vs 49. complete legitimacy (Politoed / Baton Pass)
34. Noodlez (Heatran / Hydreigon) vs 77. Dusk209 (Stealth Rock / Stone Edge)
5. Myzozoa (Thundurus-T / Baton Pass) vs 40. V4Victini (Pikachu / Charge Beam)
100. Asek (Earthquake / Choice Scarf) vs 102. Agammemnon (Chansey / Baton Pass)
80. wiiii (Stealth Rock / Politoed) vs 41. V0x (Swords Dance / Choice Scarf)
132. Bowl Cut (Tornadus-T / Thundurus-T) vs 82. -Manu- (Hippopotas / Snover)
30. Marshall.Law (Ferrothorn / Leftovers) vs 53. Noblesse Oblige (Blissey / U-turn)
75. Novaray (Stealth Rock / Mamoswine) vs 136. CS4m (Volt Switch / Ninetales)
32. Focus (Tyranitar / Rain Dance) vs 112. ThisMysteriousGuy (Thundurus-T / Eviolite)
31. rairyan (Stealth Rock / Latios) vs 131. ShadowFC (Scizor / Dragonite)
96. DarkLoïc (Shell Smash / Thundurus-T) vs 57. kokoloko (Stealth Rock / Scald)
11. AkHolic (Toxic Spikes / Dragonite) vs 101. Go10 (Stone Edge / Focus Blast)
118. SethZiBritannia (Volcarona / Scald) vs 76. Alakapimp (Roost / Calm Mind)
122. Ricky Horror (Blissey / Toxic Spikes) vs 2. MikeDecIsHere (Latios / Breloom)
65. Soulwind (Politoed / Ninetales) vs 60. Tangelo (Light Screen / Reflect)
109. Cloudbreaker (Vulpix / Sunny Day) vs 42. NidokingKing (Spore / Breloom)
17. RT. (Stealth Rock / Thundurus-T) vs 81. DestinyUnknown (Eviolite / Blissey)
44. FelixMinamimoto (Protect / Roost) vs 56. AuraRayquaza (Tornadus-T / Thundurus-T)
21. Amell (Terrakion / Haxorus) vs 135. R7Rules (Ferrothorn / Chansey)
18. mostwanted (Rocky Helmet / Volcarona) vs 107. Anno nyme (Brave Bird / Flame Orb)
62. Tobes (Bridgemail D / Leaf Stone) vs 23. Kennen (Leftovers / Choice Scarf)
116. Lady Bug (Jirachi / Baton Pass) vs 45. Raseri (Leftovers / Chansey)
73. Foster (Jirachi / Tornadus-T) vs 105. KelseyH (Dragonite / Terrakion)
20. idiotfrommars (Outrage / Draco Meteor) vs 79. sheep (Politoed / Tyranitar)
125. Raichy (Shell Smash / Volcarona) vs 51. rockhp31 (Hippowdon / Thundurus-T)
28. CheezitKing (Ninetales / Breloom) vs 43. Lamppost (Latios / Thundurus-T)
24. Hangover (U-turn / Volt Switch) vs 119. Brotom (Jirachi / Focus Sash)

If you did not get in (or didn't even sign up) and want to be listed as a substitute, please notify me! I expect I'll need several substitutes.

1. TalkingLion
2. NidokingKing
3. V4Victini
4. Level 51
5. zdrup15
6. Soulwind
7. Perche No Fai
8. FelixMinamimoto
9. Brotom
10. AuraRayquaza
11. CheezitKing
12. SethZiBritannia
13. Orichalcos Owl
14. Cloudbreaker
15. The Kyle
16. myzozoa
17. ~GreenCore
18. Tempesstt
19. doublenikesocks

You will have six days to contact your opponent; if you have not by then, I will send you a reminder. If you do not respond to that reminder within 24 hours, I will sub you out.

Sub Deadline: July 22 at 10 PM CDT (GMT-5)
Deadline: July 29 at 10 PM CDT (GMT-5)
Highlight Matches

28. M Dragon (Ninetales / Breloom) vs 43. Lamppost (Latios / Thundurus-T)

With a 3-0 WCOP record, Lamppost is currently on a hot streak, but with the implementation of Showdown!'s new anti-disconnection measures, M Dragon's winning percentage has skyrocketed to unbelievable levels. Will Nelson-X be avenged?

66. Level 51 (Eviolite / Choice Specs) vs 117. Iconic (Breloom / Keldeo)

In this match, unorthodox Umbreon trainer kd24's apprentice faces Canada's finest nipple licker, Iconic.

59. undisputed (Stealth Rock / Spikes) vs 4. McMeghan (Politoed / Ninetales)

While no stranger to the competitive scene, undisputed returns from a decent hiatus to face the red hot McMeghan. Can he pull the upset, or will McMeghan rain on his parade?

8. CrashinBoomBang (Spikes / Stealth Rock) vs 9. Funkasaurus (Iron Head / Politoed)

ST13 contender cbb finds himself paired against WCOP surprise Funkasaurus in a battle of rising stars and amazing nicknames.

20. idiotfrommars (Outrage / Draco Meteor) vs 79. sheep (Politoed / Tyranitar)

The greatest Dragon spammer to walk the streets of Smogon faces Oceania's star player in a battle for the ages.

10. blarajan (Quiver Dance / Dragon Dance) vs 19. xtrashine (Gliscor / Close Combat)

To be honest, blarajan is only in a highlight match because half of Little Cup suddenly became usable. But will he have the skills to stop metagame innovator xtranus?

78. Hantsuki (Hurricane / Scald) vs 12. reyscarface (Reuniclus / Deoxys-D)

It's a battle of Brazil's finest! Will team captain Hantsuki show rey why Sogeking is starting over him?

68. Ginku (Ninetales / Spikes) vs 14. Blue_Blur (Tyranitar / Softboiled)

For our final highlight match, we have Smogon's #2 blue user (second only to Blue Jaw) up against PO's finest moderator.


While not necessary, I request that anyone involved in a highlight match notifies me of the time it will take place and/or saves the log (c/p the log into Pastebin if playing on Showdown! since it currently doesn't save logs) and sends it to me! The logs will be posted only at the end for posterity. Anyone else is also welcomed to send logs to me.


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Omg i can't wait for this to get started. Every kind of standard team-types has taken a huge hit. Offense cannot use any hazards, screens, dragons or set-up moves, stall cannot use any hazards, rapid spin, recovery moves (except from Slack Off), Protect, Sub and status moves, while balance is a combination of the above, so it is still pretty fucked up.

Maybe Moltres will see a lot of usage to wreck shit with its good STABs (it just got Hurricanse too), ability to come in whenever he wants (no SR), bulk and the ability to heal with Morning Sun (almost zero offensive tanks with recovery are left that are OU viable). The fact that his 2 best counters are also banned for the first round isn't bad either (Ttar and Toed).

Also i am expecting to see many poison types around, as they are the only mons that can still have passive recovery (Black Sludge isn't banned), and bluffing sheningans will be everywhere, as Expert Belt is the only offensive item left.
Sorry, someone banned Nasty Plot but then didn't get in due to the randomization rule.

This will also serve as a reminder to make sure to read the ban lists carefully and make sure your team is in accordance with them (for example, Hurricane is banned @ alexwolf).
My teams ready and im prepared to wreck sir. Get at me.

edit: since this only lasts 1 round until things are unbanned, anyone wanting to test hit me up on irc.


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Oh man, Victini is going to wreck this tournament so hard. Calling it now. He and Darmantian going to be so stronk.

Rakiou too.

wtf who banned pikachu omg we should unban pikachu without light ball be totally fair rite

yay democracy
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