The World Cup of Pokemon VII - Finals [Won by Team USA West]

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Congratulatins West, you guys did amazing this season. I really want to thank east for giving me a shot this year, and making my first World Cup so wonderful. It was a lot of fun and I have made some great friends during it.

Lizardman: One of my first friends on Smogon, and a great battler. Kinda sad that rl issues stopped you from playing for us some rounds, but nevertheless you are a great player and always helped the team. Although you could be kinda interesting some times.... ;)

[07:19] <&LizardMan> [01:15] <&BKC> whats a peewee herman lol
[07:19] <&LizardMan> public masturbation
[07:19] <&LizardMan> !!
[07:20] <&BKC> youve...done that?
[07:20] <&LizardMan> lol
[07:20] <&LizardMan> xD
[07:20] <&Funkasaurus> Classic Lizardman...?
[07:20] <&LizardMan> shh

BKC: Never really realized how cool you were before. You are a great guy and fantastic battler. Its been a lot of fun playing and testing with you and I will miss your threats to sodomize my imaginary sisters =(

Stone_Cold: Really great manager. You also build pretty damn creative teams (Swanna ftw). Pretty hilarious guy and is really fun to be around.

Lamppost: My old tutor and a really chill guy. You are one of our most reliable battlers, and someone we could rely on in tight spots.

ThatsJustPeachy: Another person I have known for a pretty long time. We were on the same SPL team and met on another forum even earlier. I truly believe your constant death threats are what kept me winning : D.

yondie: cool guy and really fun to test with. You always come up with pretty cool ideas and are just fun to be around.

idiotfrommars: HODOR!!!!!!! You are really a great player and are someone we can rely on to pull it out in the end. Really fun guy to be around.

Bad Ass: Biggest innovator on our team. You come up with great team ideas and are a fantastic battler. Really chill guy.

kd24: You were always quiet on IRC, but we knew we could rely on you in the end. Many people may rag on about your luck, but you are a great player nevertheless.

ShakeItUp: LUCKITUP. Your obsession for Deo-D teams has led to some really cool sets and innovations. Your a great guy and fantastic player.

Tobes: TOBES TRAN FTW. You are the one who introduced me to that set when I was building for Playa, and it was quite simply amazing. You are a really chill guy and come up with pretty creative stuff.

Nails: Never talked on IRC lol but you were still a fun guy to be around.

DittoCrow: You were one of the first people I ever played in a Smogon Tournament, and are a really great guy. It was nice being on the same team as you.

Andrew: Known you since Tigres, and even though your a huge noob I still love you <3

Uragg: 8===D But actually, you are a great player and never hesitated to destroy my confidence in teams.

PDC: Great battler and cool guy to be around. Finding out you live like 20 minutes from yondie was pretty funny to lol.

Sirndpt: Official East cheerleader, and our good luck charm :D

Lunar.: You were my main test monkey and didn't mind giving me hours of tests at times to make sure my teams had little to no holes. You really deserve some of the credit for my 4-2 record.

Dracule Mihawk: A really old friend that wouldn't mind looking over my teams and would always offer help if I needed it.

Funkasaurus: noooob that should of joined east :}

Stallion: Came over and gave us a bunch of tests for finals. Your record truly doesn't speak to your level of skill.

Aqualouis: Really awesome guy and makes really cool teams.

Once again I would really like to thank you guys for giving me a shot this year and it was a lot of fun. Like people have said before we have amazing team chemistry, and I think that is the reason we did so well.


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Congratulations to US West and all. Feels a little salty for me personally to end my individual WCOP W/L record this way, but i'll get over it. Luck is part of the game so sometimes the luckiest team is the one who doesn't get lucked (and probably the one that gets the most favorable team-matchups bc of stupid BW), and either way to win the finals of this tournament is pretty damn impressive, so once again big congrats to West. Hopefully the TD's decide to keep running the WCOP so we can get em next year. at least rem gets a trophy.

Anyway I would like to say to Team East, i'm damn proud of you guys. Even though we were in line behind Scofield at the alter we certainly proved we aren't a group of chokers and scrubs..

[10:36] <&Earthworm> when i look at the usa east roster
[10:36] <&Earthworm> i see
[10:36] <&Earthworm> many chokers
[10:36] <&reyscarface> and many scrubs

I promised East would prove you guys wrong ;).
Now im going to do shout outs to the team and people I consider important in helping us to the finals even thou we lost. If you DGAF about shoutouts please scroll to the lizardman section, you won't be disappointed.

Honestly you are one of the smartest players in the game right now. Maybe your team building can be a bit 'standard' or drab at times, but when it comes to strategy, execution, and analysis you are one of the best. Probably one of the more instrumental players in our team chemistry as you were a friendly guy to everyone and seemed to know how to get everyone to trust you with teamhelp, etc. Please come back next year 10x stronger.

you and me both went 3-0 last year and probably through good fortunes, but we stuck together when we drew the short stick. Don't get too upset you'll luck em all next year.... Either way you are one of my best buds on east and I hope you come back to keep the original crew together. (if there is a next wcop)

you get a bad rep for getting a little more luck than others, and I think you do a really good job of handling all the taunting, but you are a heck of a battler and I think you deserve more recognition. Great help in building teams and testing ntm you were a really good presence to have on the team for the younger guys. I'm not sure what your plans are after almost 5 years, but hopefully you stick around for at least 1 more year.

sexy. thats what you think of me of course. I know we don't share the same lovers bond as folgorio and bluewind, but I think we are pretty good friends after this last offseason/wild ride to the finals. I hope you stick around to, because without you team chemistry would be a mess and I'd miss complaining / gossiping / strategizing with you. Oh btw you are luckier than KD24

Bad Ass:
I always knew you as an old #underused / #nowhere guy before we started wcop and didn't know much of your battling skills, but when you swept me with a DD Lapras I was convinced. I'm really glad you decided to play again and for US East because you brought a nice atmosphere to the channel when people got a little bit too stressed out over pokemon. Gotta hand it to you for that clutch win in the finals after Stone almost didn't start you. gl in college too.

its a shame you didn't get any motivation for pokemon until about a week after rosters were sent in. regardless you were probably one of the most important guys on the team. You have an uncanny ability to stop any weakness in a team (even if you can't fix it) and you also were one of the most willing helpers (even willing to help scumbags like lamppost). I hope your fabled love affair with Elena works out and I hope your government job lets you download PO for next year so you can battle me during the day! Keeping partying bro.

I am the biggest pain in your ass, if there ever was one. right? Well can't say I'm sorry, and I know we butted heads on a lot things, but all-in-all you've done a damn good job at building a solid team for as long as wcop exists. (Lamppost / BKC / Dragonuser / Shakeitup will NEVER quit)

At first when stone told me about you I didn't think much at all. In fact I wanted to give loven a roster spot over you at one point probably. But after i saw you play in tryouts it ended up being me fighting for you to start when it came time to make the roster. Glad I did btw because my gamble paid off and you are on your way to being one of the better players on smogon. Keep training hard this year and I'm sure you'll be back for another strong campaign for US East

I'm impressed you were able to stick by east with pervs like PDC_, Shakeitup, Uragg, and of course Lizardman on the team. I still don't believe you are a girl until pics are provided krabs93, but either way you are a strong battler and a nice person to chat with. Sad you hate IRC, because now we'll never see you. Good luck with school and w/e else you do.

You are kinda weird and you took a ton of shit from us (and reyscarface) this wcop, but TBF you are a good guy and should be treated as one. All other comments on Lizardman can be referenced here:
[00:46] <&LizardMan> nah
[00:46] <&LizardMan> idk
[00:46] <&LizardMan> sleepin
[00:46] <&LizardMan> mosh is still giving hantsuki a rimjob
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[11:02] <&Peachy> i dont smell people
[11:03] <&LizardMan> Idk, I don't directly sniff people
[11:03] <&LizardMan> but I can tell what a person smells like
[11:03] <&LizardMan> when i am near them

[12:18] <&LizardMan> Guys, stop trying to hump peachy's leg
[12:18] <&LizardMan> for pics
[12:18] <&LizardMan> liek omg

[12:23] <&LizardMan> badass is so white
[12:23] <&loomer> You would be very surprised
[12:23] <&LizardMan> How is he not white?
[12:23] <&LizardMan> He uses lube to fap

[14:52] <&LizardMan> The zipper pinched it

[12:32] <&LizardMan> Peachy
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[12:56] <&LizardMan> [12:43] <&BKC> face or ass imo
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[13:02] <&LizardMan> I wonder if Jabbathegriffen ever fucked Fishy at a VGC hotel before
[13:02] <&BKC> hahahahahaha
[13:03] <&ShakeItUp> rof
01[13:03] <&yondie> lmao
[13:05] <&LizardMan> I can imagine locopoke outside the window
[13:05] <&LizardMan> filming it

[12:57] <&LizardMan> lady salamence is a MAN
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[23:58] <&LizardMan> What if you have wet diarrea and you can't help it?

[23:28] <&loomer> LizardMan: Mosh is making a mess out of Hantsuki's vagina right now

[12:34] <&loomer> LizardMan: Studies have shown that erectial nerves are linked to nerves in your nose.

[20:16] <&yondie> <&LizardMan> i should go to her house and watch jerry springer..
[20:16] <&yondie> <&LizardMan> she likes that show
[20:16] <&yondie> <&badass> Interesting.
[20:16] <&yondie> <&badass> For me, Jerry Springer has never resulted in sexual intercourse.

[22:52] <&LizardMan> MY CONTROLLER *rubs dick on it.*

[23:43] <&LizardMan> BKC
[23:43] <&LizardMan> Want to show them how real men do it with me?

[14:14] <&LizardMan> The SpDef Skarmory rain team
[14:14] <&LizardMan> With Latias
[14:14] <&LizardMan> looked hot

[15:21] <&yondie> lizardman
[15:21] <&yondie> play me
[15:21] <&LizardMan> not now
[15:21] <&yondie> ugh
[15:22] <&LizardMan> I feel lightheaded
[15:22] <&dragonuser> yondie
[15:22] <&dragonuser> play me
[15:22] <&LizardMan> the pot
[15:22] <&LizardMan> too much

[20:56] <&LizardMan> We need to stay unified

[01:35] <&yondie> dude
[01:35] <&yondie> i need fucking battles
[01:35] <&yondie> im freaking out
[01:35] <&ShakeItUp> lol
0[01:35] <&yondie> and wont calm down
[01:35] <&ShakeItUp> relax lol
[01:35] <&LizardMan> Offer a sexual favor

[22:05] <Stallion> !frizy
[22:05] <&LizardMan> I like Frizy
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[22:05] <&yondie> DC uragg
[22:05] <Stallion> so do i
[22:05] <&uragg> i dced
[22:05] <Stallion> but he has the best quotes
[22:05] <&uragg> yeah
[22:05] <Stallion> i have like 30+ of them
[22:05] <Stallion> in a database
[22:05] <&LizardMan> lmao
[22:05] <&LizardMan> yeah
[22:05] <&LizardMan> That sounds like me..

[00:45] <&yondie> water can give you
[00:45] <&yondie> an ear infection
[00:46] <Bluewind> also antibiotics
[00:46] <&LizardMan> "wait the infection out"
[00:46] <&LizardMan> Is what I usually do

[22:46] <&LizardMan> That rain stall looks like the one AB2 made, and scrapped 8 months ago because it sucked.
[22:46] <&LizardMan> xD
[22:46] <&yondie> its bluewind teams lizardman
[22:47] <&LizardMan> If it is Bluewind's team, it has to be good

[23:47] <&yondie> hmmmhmgm
[23:47] <&yondie> needs steel type
[23:48] <&yondie> when is the steel ghost type
[23:48] <&yondie> coming out
[23:48] <&yondie> FUK
[23:48] <&LizardMan> what the fuck
[23:48] <&LizardMan> New pokemon?

[00:08] <&LizardMan> It is balls to the wall. now or never

[00:31] <&LizardMan> I played so bad just now
[00:32] <&LizardMan> I really screwed up, because I thought something was alive but it was really dead.
[00:32] <&LizardMan> So it messed with my long term thinking, and made me sac something which would have been useful
[00:32] <&ShakeItUp> .-.
[00:33] <&LizardMan> but
[00:33] <&LizardMan> I lucked my way out
[00:36] <+reyscarface> well thats new

[00:59] <&yondie> -.-
[01:00] <&yondie> wtf is ifm doing
[01:00] <&LizardMan> playing with wood

[13:48] <&LizardMan> I am not a moron

Like Uragg, you didn't get to actually play, but without you I'm not sure we would have even made it to R2. Your sun team and the many other teams/sets you made for our team literally won us like 6-8 games. I think if you stick around for another year and don't get rusty (like this year) playing dreamworld -_-, you will be back in the starting lineup.

I know I said earlier that lamppost is luckier than kd, but you are luckier than both, multiplied by 1000. You should change your name to Luckitup and only run paraconfuseflinchhax teams, because with your luck you'll never lose. In all seriousness you were a positive addition to the team who put up a good battle in all testing. Hopefully you can train for a year like the other 'newbies' and come back much stronger to help us win it all.

If I were to name a most valuable player .... it would be you Nails. Without your pivotal actions and unparalleled skill, I'm not sure team USA East would even exist today. You are truly a master above us all and we will continue to quiver in fear of your frightening powers until the day you quit.

You rarely talked and I don't think we ever held a conversation, but you were apparently a good luck charm and made some cool artwork. thanks!

young PDC. you've been waiting for a shot at wcop for a long time now after you were banned right before R1 last year =[. You're a very funny kid and I love having you around for testing and all that other jazz.

Veteran fabbles challenges you to a pokemon battle! You really didn't talk much, but you are still a really cool guy! Hope to see you around more.

I didn't get to know either of you guys too much, but thanks for the occasional test battles!

jfranky you are da bomb. Been with us since R2 and a great help to the entire team. I think your most important role was helping us vs Oceans and I'm glad you did.

I'm glad you decided to align with us =]. Very useful for teambuilding and testing, plus you and I were able to harass lamppost and uraga together like it's never been done before.

Seriously, I owe a lot to you. Even though unfortunate events occurred in my finals match, if it weren't for you feeding me like 10 teams to choose from AND testing with me alot, I don't think I would have been prepared at all. Thanks for being around and also buy KH1 and play it on proud mode so you can stop slaving away at shit LoL.

I was surprised the french would want to help us so much, but your advice and teams really came in handy in R3/Finals. Thanks aton :]

I think a few of the east players should have taken more of your advice. Generally you can be an ass, but overall you are a nice guy and a very solid player. Sorry we couldn't destroy west after the lucked you guys or something!

noob that wishes he was on east, thanks for all the help ;)

another very useful guy when it came to new opinions on teams/sets and testing. Thanks for choosing to help east out!
slops list

Limitless: for waiting until we compiled all our teams into one pastebin to quickly jump ship to Asia. You got what you deserved.

Snunch: why did you quit IRC / wcop but stay on smogon? WTF? ='[

Hopefully there is a WCOP 8 and hopefully we can reassemble this years team, because I think we can be legit contenders again for the blue trophy! and once again congrats to west =]


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Congrats West. You were the biggest threat to us last year and you managed to go one better this time around! Disappointed that East lost though, imo Stone is one of the classiest captains in the WCoP and their whole team is pretty cool on the whole! Thanks for the shoutout as well dragonuser :).
Damn... we finally did it guys! Been so close so many times. It's almost weird to finally win this damn thing.

Every year, I feel like people underestimate our team. And yet, year after year, we've proven people wrong. In fact, other than OCN, USA West is the only team to have always made it out of prelims. Yet, each year, we are heavily predicted against. This year especially. I think each round, we were the heavy underdog based on predictions. That makes me even more proud to come out on top this year.

I do have to admit, it's kind of bitter sweet to win on my worst WCoP record to date. I'm really happy that my team was able to pick up after my slack, and all the new blood really surprised everybody with how great they were. I hope you all at least found me to be a good leader and teammate. I definitely tried my best to make sure you were all ready for your matches. With that said, lets get to the shout-outs!

USA West's official cheerleader. I'm glad you didn't play this year, because it was super helpful to bounce ideas off of your fat ass when team building. If you ever want to move out over here, I'd love to get you on our official lineup! Now join #bros again fgt.

My Smogon apprentice. You've really outdone yourself this time. Over the last year, you have shown this community what an insane battling force you are, and on top of it all, you have become one of the most valuable assets to Smogon by leading so many different sections of the site. I am very proud of you. I'm happy I was again able to convince you to join USA West this year, when I know you were having second thoughts on whether you were going to play at all (I'm sure you're now happy I was able to convince you as well ;)). Bloo finally won his Blue trophy, but I'd be surprised if this is the last one you'll earn. Great job clutching it out for us in both the semifinals and the finals this year!

The 2011 USA West Dream Crusher himself. Even though I wanted to be able to take revenge on OCN this year, I'm glad you came to our support after East eliminated you. You gave us a private server to test on, which was immensely useful. Thanks for being a bro, and enjoy your alumni trophy LOL.

LOL. This nigga went 0-1, said fuck it imma play LoL, and got a trophy. DACOPBO55 DGF. You've got so much raw talent at this game, yet you just dgf like a true GameFAQer. I've always thought of you like a little brother, and you brought smiles to all of our faces every time you graced us with your presence in #usbest. Good shit, Indra, good shit.

Lavos Spawn
Ah, one of my favorite new additions to the team! When you first PM'd me on Smogon, requesting to try out and not knowing wtf IRC was, I was very tempted to just brush you off and ignore you. Yet, for some reason, I had a feeling you might have potential. You came to #usbest on the last day of tryouts, kicked my ass a few times with awesome teams and sets, and stole my heart. Don't let all the haters hold you back, man, you are a fucking boss and your record proves it. Probably my favorite thing this season was getting so many PM's of people wtfing about why I started you, and asking me to kick you off the team cause you were being a douche. Then I watched as everybody's jaws dropped as you demolished the competition. Keep it up man, you will do great things here!

The only koala scum I would ever let near my genitals. Even though you quit this shit game years ago, you still come back every summer to root us on, and we all fucking love you for that. I'd love to see a LD comeback someday, where you just rape everybody left and right. /me rape LD.

Shouldn't have ditched us ;)

You have been such a dedicated USA West supporter for longer than I can remember. I'm glad that I finally put you on the team, just in time for us to win the trophy! You definitely deserve it man. You have a lot of potential in this game, but you have to talk more! Make yourself known! Be the boss that I know you are! You will always be welcome on USA West as long as I'm around :).

This year's yee. You didn't quite make the cut at first, but I'm happy we were able to bring you onto our official roster after YAYtears stopped showing up. You were always willing to help test and give input, and for that I thank you! Just like Mithril, you need to talk more though :P.

You started off this season mostly PMing me things, but I'm glad you eventually got more social in #usbest. Your skill is a huge reason why we won this year, and you should definitely be proud of your performance. I'm happy I convinced you early on that USA West was the place to be, because you really helped us a ton both with team building and testing, and counter intelligence. This win is just the beginning for you, I'm sure.

The best hyper offensive player I know. Even after people started figuring out your battling style, you still mowed your way through. The one thing I regret this season was not starting you from day one! Thanks for proving to be such a great asset to the team, and thanks for also being a cool dude in #usbest!

Sorry, I couldn't help myself... HAD to include you in this shout-outs list. I thought you were a cool dude, but then you decided to ditch us super last minute for Latin America, which was really fucked up. Can't say I really blame you, since LA's lineup this year was ridiculous, but I'm glad USA West was the one to eliminate you. If you won this thing... I would've been beyond salty :P.

My secret weapon. When symphonyx64 had me try you out, I knew immediately that I had to have you on the team (even though I won that first match :P). Your teams never look good to me, yet you rape me and everybody else with them. Such a damn smart player. The man with a 100% tournament win record on Smogon, a trophy, and less than 20 posts. Un-fucking-believable. Aside from your Pokemon-bad-assery, you've really grown on me as a person, and I hope our friendship continues for a long time :).

One of my best bros on Smogon, and one of the best all-time battlers in my opinion. Seeing OCN fall before the finals really was to our benefit, because the help you provided to our team was immensely useful. Hell, we even used your team in a match! Thanks for always being such a cool dude to talk to. If I ever go to Australia (LOL), we definitely gotta meet up! I guess worm can come as well...

My oldest friend on USA West. Even though you had shit luck in the prelims this year, you were still a boss. We got a lot of mileage out of your team, even when you weren't playing, so you definitely earned this trophy man. Quit playing LoL and come chat more on IRC again!

Our dear captain. I'm sorry I robbed you of your SPL trophy two years ago, but I hope winning this one for you makes up for it. Despite the fact that I like to joke around with you all the time, you're a good dude and I'm happy you came back for WCoP this year. As one of the only remaining USA West members, I'm glad we finished this journey together.

Seven Deadly Sins
Sorry I couldn't fit you on the roster this year, bro, but after seeing these results, I don't think you can blame me! Still, I really appreciate all the USA West support you've had over the years, and once you start training up in OU again, I'm sure you'll make the team no problem! Always great to have you in #usbest nonetheless.

Obligatory Shiki-shout-out. You ditched me in Second Chances and I'm still salty. But you're kool I guess...

Even though you were too busy with your bad ass internship this summer to join the team, you were still there daily to root us on and help us test. To me, you will always be on the team in spirit because you're that deeply rooted into USA West. Thanks for being a boss and always reminding me about how great the iPhone is... lol.

Two-time USA West traitor. I ought to remove your trophy for that! In all seriousness, though, you are one of the most underrated players on Smogon, and one of the best guys I know. Always a good sport when it comes to insults too, which is good because I fucking love making fun of you! One of these days, we'll meet up and I'll chop your gross hair off.

I don't think it's a secret that you are my favorite tutee. It sucks that you were on vacation during the beginning of the season, but you came back and helped the team out like a true USA West member. One of these days, you will surpass me, and I truly look forward to it :).

USA East
Even though you guys didn't take home the trophy this time, you should still be incredibly proud of yourselves. You took out the three-time defending champs and proved to everybody that you're a force to be reckoned with. You put up a helluva fight in the finals, and actually got me worried when you started mounting your comeback. I'm sure you will take home the big blue someday. It's just a matter of time!

Last year, you didn't quite make the cut, but you were so damn devoted to the team. You spent the entire year training for this WCoP, and it really fucking paid off. You were one of our top performers, but that only tells half the story. You were probably the biggest help in #usbest this year, always ready to help our team build and test. I can't thank you enough for being such a devoted USA West member. You truly are, a BO55.


That's all for now, guys. Gotta get ready for my match with Iconic! <3 you all, this has been an amazing season!



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Well it's been a great year, and all in all I believe East took it to the top and did amazing. Great finals and big props to West for winning. Even though I wasn't on East this year due to my COPPA ban, I was still there for the most part. I also want to have the longest shout outs ever.

Stone Cold : Great manager for 2 years straight, was always there to not just help our front liners, but also test out his own stuff to lead us to victory. Those teams were pure genius and I really feel that Deoxys-D team was what got us so far in so many matches. Stone was always there and was more than just a manager, he was just like any of the other players. Without him I don't know what we would have done when we were down, so I really believe he deserves huge props. East 2013!.

BKC : BKC is really an amazing teambuilder and teammate, always helping me test out teams and in general always aiding in any matches with last minute nitpicks. I really let you down with the LO Gastro team, but I guess we put up a pretty good fight anyway, especially considering the bit of RNG hax in that match. One of my great friends on east and we shared some pretty cool laughs. Great taste of music ( My Fault is still the best song on that album! ) and just a fun guy to be around. Hope you still hang around for the next World Cup and SPL.

Yondie : Put amazing work into every single team he made, and was really a team player by putting so many crunch time matches just to make us win. I still remember last World Cup when you clutched it win that Raikou team. A great player and really creative, no doubt a staple player on east for quite awhile now. Really cool finding that we went to the same school, know the same teachers, and live virtually 15 minutes away from each other xD. I really hope you stay 1 more year so East can finally claim the trophy, lets put some more diversity in this tourny!

dragonuser : I'll be honest when I first arrived in the channel and I saw you, I thought you were just some weird alt Nails was using, but you really proved yourself this year. Amazing battler who really had some cool teams ( RAIKOU PORRA! ) and always was around in the channel when we needed to test something or bounce some ideas off. Funny guy who really brought the definition of underdog to the team, hope you stick around for next year! This will really be a stacked roster next year, and also congrats on becoming a tutor!

ShakeItUp : You really create some of possibly the most interesting teams I have ever faced that are actually viable. That Weavile team continues to best me in every single possible way. You really had a great run in World Cup for East, I hope you join next year because you really are a great player who can just turn things around when we're down. You are a bit lucky sometimes, but your skill really outshines your luck by far. Hope you continue to beast at RU and play BW2 as well. Funny little guy you are, and I still despise your Linoone team, and I also despise your Gliscor, but that my friend is another rant waiting to be written....

Bad Ass : Hah, really not much to say here besides you really gave us some good laughs and comeback chances in the finals. Creative guy who really is a boss at mons! Low Kick Mew is just amazing, along with that Rain team for BW2! Amazing battler who really should stick around for another year so East can beat the crap out of West next year! You really are a great guy with really great humor, and hopefully you can stick around next year, but if you don't, good luck in life, and hopefully you can come back to Smogon one day to assault the sexual troubles of reyscarface and folgorio once more! Truly a badass in name.

IFM : Amazing battler who really needs to just keep his head up. I know you lost, but it doesn't really matter because we all had fun in the end. You really are a geniusfromvenus and deserve a lot more recognition for your skills, and I don't know why people look down on you. You have really clutched it for us in previous years, and I believe there is no other member who could have replaced you on the team. Nothing much else to say besides you really have great teambuilding skills and I hope you stick around for next year!

kd24 : Well, without you I really never would have gotten anywhere in the competitive world, so I really have to thank you for making me the player I am today. You really got East out of some hard places this year, and that game against pi face just showed the power of ZEN. Really nice to see you on East this year, especially because you weren't around last year when we played. Not much else to really say besides I hope you stick around for another year, although you may have not talked much in chat, you really put your abilities to the limits when you played on the field.

Lamppost : I still remember last year when you gave me that CB Metagross team that just wrecked. It's been a long time since then, and it's cool to see you on East for 2, and hopefully, 3 years in a row when the time comes around. Great season and with your luck, there's no way we can lose! But seriously, you are a great team player and I really enjoyed you on the channel talking and stuff about the matches while we were all messing around lol. But great player and battler and I really liked your style, always out to get it, hope you still are around when next year comes around.

Tobes : You legit made one of the best Sun teams I have ever seen, and it probably was one of the best teams we used all tournament long. That team must have given us 5 or more wins between all the matches we played. That was one of our 2 back up solid teams that we used all season long. You also gave me the light of using Sawsbuck, who proved to be an amazing sun sweeper. Just because you didn't play the real front line matches, you really gave us support from behind. Hope you quit playing DW though, as without that you'd be a bit less rusty in the BW, although with BW2 being like it, or soon to be, I really think you are just gonna come back stronger than ever.

Peachy : Girl, you got it going on. Amazing player who I really believe should stick around and not go back to lame anime. But throughout the tournament you really smashed throughout the whole thing. That last clutch you had was really amazing, and using Virizion just made it even cooler. You are one of the coolest girls on Smogon, and I hope you get back in the game for East next year! I didn't talk to you much, but hopefully that will be a subject to change.

sirndpt : Little luck charm for east, hell we had a rule that you had to be in a match for us to play. Never really talked much but you always were there for the matches when we had them, hope you chill around until next year.

LizardMan Perverted guy, but you really are a great player and gave me the idea for that LO Gastro team. Again, didn't talk much but you really helped East a lot. I would post some logs, but yondie and BKC already did a good job showing how messed up you are lol. But in all seriousness, you really are a great player who needs to get back in BW2, no matter how much of a crapshoot the metagame may be. Hope you play more on the front line next year and stick around!

uragg : Although i'm pretty sure you hate me one way or another, you really helped out with all the teams and stuff. You must have pointed out weaknesses to our teams more times than I could count, and really are a valuable player to have on the roster. Pretty funny guy too who seems to be ganged up on more often than not by Lamppost and Bluewind, but that doesn't matter much does it? Anyway like you said a team is a team, and I was glad to see you stuck around all World Cup long right to the end.

Nails : Although you didn't talk much, or hell, even play at all you really were always online for east, and although you may be nonexistent in a way at this point, you really were a cool guy to chill with. Great ideas you got up in your head too! But anyway, you really should get back into the game, and in all honestly you really need stay with East for at least another year, hell, we need you to run the channel anyway!

Dittocrow : Damn, this guy has been a total trooper and has been around for awhile. I remember when you first arrived on the Pokebeach Shoddy server years ago and beat Limitless, I knew you were a great player. It's been probably 3 years since then, and I really wish you would still hang around there! Haha, but anyway it's really neat to you have come so far and now are a moderator and tiering contributor, RU really turned you into one amazing player! And frankly I really believe you need to play OU more, especially because we want you as a player for east!

Stallion : Really didn't know you up until this year, but you really are one great guy who helped out a lot not just for the team, but for me also. I hope Oceania has great luck next year in World Cup and I hope you like that Sun team I gave you!

reyscarface : You know as much of a jerk as you can be, you are a really good player who really deserves some more respect around here. Funny guy who really needs to get back into Transformice and re-make the #mice channel that we used to run last year. It was cool to have you hanging out around here, and I hope that icbb gets revoked, along with some other things being straightened out too.

franky : Straight up gangsta! Really cool dude who helped us out a lot with team decisions and also straight up chilled around the channel to just help us test and chill in general. Real chill and Modest guy who needs really needs to get back into the game, especially UU! Haha, but really, you gotta come back around to the RMT scene too, I miss all your rates!

Bluewind : Didn't talk to you too much, but you always are chilling around and has made some pretty amazing teams in the past, especially that MixMence one. Real awesome dude who needs to get back in the game, whether you like it or not!

folgorio : Similar to Bluewind and rey in a way, always there for that creativity spark and helped us test a lot. I remember when I battled you last year and I got smashed! Always a fun time with you around, and I hope you 3 bring LA back, as they probably are my second favorite World Cup team in the game thanks to all the help you guys did give us.

Ojama : Didn't talk to you either, but I know you are a skilled dude who has an incredible teambuilding skills under your belt! Nice that you came to help us and really pulled us out of a ditch at times. I hope France does good next year, and I hope you stick around for next World Cup too.

Funkasaruros : Didn't play on the team, but sure helped us test! You were a great guy to hang around with. I really hope you get on the team next year. You really have good teambuilding skills, and I really hope you stick around.

Andrew : Didn't talk to you much, but from what I remember from #pokedraft you were a real funny dude, and I really hope you stick around.

USA West : You know I really have some serious respect for you guys, even though I didn't want you to win, i'm glad some of my friends got a trophy at least. undisputed especially, completes the color scheme perfectly. Nice to see you finally got a bit of recognition since last year. Lavos Spawn really isn't that bad, and I think he does have skills, and although he may be salty, did show maturity. Everybody else on west did great, and I hope you guys enjoy that trophy!
To everyone on US West- you guys are all bosses, it couldn't have been done it without everyone on the roster. All the new bloods helped immensely regardless of whether or not they played and the vets finally have their trophies. I'm very happy with everyone's performance this year, even if I believe this wasn't a good metagame (I could usually tell if I won or lost my games by turn 3). You guys are the main reason I decided to keep playing pokemon and for that I owe you shoutouts (format stolen from Phil)

Aldaron- Great personality I'm glad we get to have in the channel year after year, always reasonable with great input on any disagreement. You were a great help helping prepare some of us for matches.

Bloo- I'm glad we ran into each other more this year, you're a great guy and a great pokemon player with no doubt. You're tests were some very impressive games and helped motivate me to step my game up further than before.

Earthworm- A funny personality to have in the channel, you and wormbot were responsible for some good times. I remember whenever anyone disagreed with a QC decision, the first thing they would do is PM you and tell us you agreed with them as their argument, which goes to show how much respect you've earned throughout Smogon. Thanks a ton for lending us a server!

Indra- Team west could never be complete without the dgf boss.

Lavos- I had doubts after our first try out games, but after your first game you started kicking some ass. Glad Phil had an eye for talent where I didn't- whether or not you won those games I would've been saying this because you turned around some previously "meh" teams with great ideas and following through in battle. Don't let people telling you you're a douche convince you, you're not. Even if they got the wrong first impression I feel like you can change their minds sooner or later.

LoveDestiny- Didn't have any real talks with you but from first impression you seem like a legit boss being a key member of the old west teams.

Loven- I really would've liked to have you on the team :/ You Indra and Rem completed a dgf trio last year that I believe gave us great chemistry, I won't have any problems taking you back next year.

Mithril- You are a great supporter of the team but even though I got a chance to be your tutor one round I still wish we had talked more, you have a lot to gain from getting more involved and we all see potential in your pokemon future, go get em! (Or pursue something irl dedication anywhere will bring you great things).

Moet- I was very pleased to hear you made it on the roster after the start of wcop because you were so willing to help us out with tests all the time. You showed me you know the meta inside-out with your unique sets and I would've had no problem having you in a starting lineup.

MW- I admit I had doubts early and it seemed like you mostly only talked to others in PMs but you proved yourself in the games where it mattered and I know you helped immensely with endless tests, intel and being a general boss.

Myzozoa- Always lucking us with Deo-D, but deserving the wins anyway. You are so good with your custom teams (and for everyone reading there are non- Deo-D teams) that I never saw any reason to help you analyze the opponent's team during a match because you always figure out how you're going to win (when you can) very quickly.

Noodlez- Introduced me to one of my favorite new sets before he left.

Oristeros- If I was ever legit scared of a ladder player, it was you because after the ladder match we played back in suspect days I was very impressed. I never heard anything about you after that but when I heard you were going to be on the team this year it was a pleasant surprise, I knew you were capable of coming out of nowhere and being an MVP candidate and you proved it to others with your games this year.

Panamaxis- What a player, very impressed in the tests we had with you. Thanks for donating boss teams to give us more options as well as the tests.

Philip7086- If there was ever a dependable captain that could put a team on his back consistently this is the guy. You were involved in making just about every game we played one we could be proud of, and techincally the grandfather of my pokemon playing (Tutoring undi who tutored me and maintaining US west which was my main motivation). Too bad you're still 0-3 in tiebreaks, I'm sure Lairon would've turned things around this year.

rem- Doesn't even like BW but still made a boss team- the fact that it can almost never lose to matchup alone says something. Also a great guy that makes west fun to play for.

Scofield- Very happy for you that you finally got your trophy, always dedicated to west and always helping even when you don't come out of retirement and go undefeated.

Seven Deadly Sins- You're a really good guy and underrated pokemon player, back when I joined smogon your QC posts putting idiots on blast were my favorite thing. I hope you continue to join #usbest for years to come.

Symph- Even if you didn't want to play you maintained a friendly presence in #usbest and certainly did some great work last year, keep it up.

TFC- The Blastoise thug, whether or not everyone else saw it you had flashes of greatness, especially outside of BW. Here's to a better meta so you can show off your skills to the world.

undisputed- One of the all around pokemon greats and best friends from smogon, signing up for b101 is something I will never regret pokemon wise because you passed on your great skills and introduced me to wcop. Too bad we couldn't meet up (my fault tbh) but hopefully someday in the future we can make it happen.

USA East- You guys brought some serious game and were great opponents, obligatory GGs well deserved.
Let's make team USA Weast so there's a US superteam to take on LA.


Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhh, Kate.......
is a Battle Server Moderator Alumnusis a Past SPL and WCoP Champion
Good job and congrats everyone! You know what, this is as good a time as any to stop the "Scofield long rant post after a big team tournament" tradition =)


Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhh, Kate.......
is a Battle Server Moderator Alumnusis a Past SPL and WCoP Champion
LOL JUST KIDDING. I think Taylor Swift said it best in her song “Change” ( when she sang the lyrics:

And it’s a sad picture, the final blow hits you
Somebody else gets what you wanted again and
You know it’s all the same, another time and place
Repeating history and you’re getting sick of it
But I believe in whatever you do
And I’ll do anything to see it through

Because these things will change
Can you feel it now?
These walls that they put up to hold us back will fall down
This revolution, the time will come
For us to finally win
And we’ll sing hallelujah, we’ll sing hallelujah

So we’ve been outnumbered
Raided and now cornered
It’s hard to fight when the fight ain’t fair
We’re getting stronger now
Find things they never found
They might be bigger
But we’re faster and never scared
You can walk away, say we don’t need this
But there’s something in your eyes
Says we can beat this

Because these things will change
Can you feel it now?
These walls that they put up to hold us back will fall down
This revolution, the time will come
For us to finally win
And we’ll sing hallelujah, well sing hallelujah

Tonight we stand, get off our knees
Fight for what we’ve worked for all these years
And the battle was long, it’s the fight of our lives
But we’ll stand up champions tonight

It was the night things changed
Can you see it now?
These walls that they put up to hold us back fell down
It’s a revolution, throw your hands up
Cause we never gave in
And we sang hallelujah, we sang hallelujah

After what happened last year (hell, and every year before that…) and the way things ended, we could have easily just packed everything in. But we did not give in to the temptation to pack it in and in the end resiliency won out. As it turns out, being one of the most consistent teams eventually triumphed anything anyone could throw at us. It definitely hasn’t been an easy journey however. (Be warned, history lesson incoming!)

The World Cups from Scofield's point of view:

WCOP 2009

FOUR (yes, 4!!) world cups ago, the outline of the west group as you know us formed together. Of the 8 original starters from that group, only Phil, Rem (who sat on the bench to play LoL…) and myself remain (and I didn’t even play this world cup!). But it was that group along with some OG bosses (duskie, LD, SOT, TAY) started the process of working together to build teams, test and prepare for our opponents. It was during this world cup that I first really put myself on the map, creating a legendary team ( with my favorite pokemon of all time (Gengar), going undefeated, and creating a few posts of which a lot of people disagreed with my sediments. This was a very memorable wcop for me, as it occurred right after I graduated from college and during it I travelled the world, checking Smogon whenever I had an internet connection, and I had a crappy summer besides that, having my heart broken. I really needed a win….unfortunately Phil choked in the tie breaker against Husk, causing us to lose to Asia.

WCOP 2010

Fast forward a year. This is a very….controversial world cup amongst west members. Just about all of the members of the previous team had returned. Occurring simultaneously during SPL, this caused a lot of tension amongst teammates as we were all on separate teams. Although at the height of my playing prime, many told me that I was also at the height of my bitchiness prime. In this world cup I almost joined the back to back 3-0 club…unfortunately an overheat miss cost me the game vs deep thought. There was a memorable game vs Earthworm, in which Oceania needed to lose 2 to be eliminated, otherwise we would be matched up vs them in the first round. So in the spirit of the game, we went for the win, confident that we could top oceania if matched up. I won in a very memorable game, that even had an article written about it ( Unfortunately, the rest of the field choked as oceania did not lose another game, allowing them to sneak into the playoffs against west. With salamence banned, I was able to make one of my all time best DPP teams for a match vs panamaxis. This would be the first of 3 important tournament matches vs pana. Unfortunately, I would lose this match, arguably due to a sleep powder miss that I think would have won the game for me. And then there is the controversial rem vs hipmonlee game…in which I had once inadvertently entered hip’s game on ladder, saw 1 of his pokemon…and didn’t tell rem. I seriously believed that rem’s team was excellently built and would win regardless of what happened. Unfortunately, the gallade that I saw in hip’s match ended up being scarfed, his lead, and had hypnosis (all of which I did not know)…which hit, losing rem a lot of momentum in the early game which he could never recover from. If I had told him what I had seen, would it had many any difference? Absolutely not, and I still believe that to this day. Does it still make everyone salty for some reason? Yes…But not as salty as would happen next, with new member TFC choking vs earthworm down 4-3….preventing phil from having a chance to choke in the tiebreaker. This world cup produced more salt than all the others combined….let’s just move on. Oh, and did I mention that I got my heart broken that summer?

Brief Interlude: SPL 2011

After missing out on 2 trophy opportunities (SPL 1 and WCOP 2010), I finally had a chance to win, possessing the best SPL team for the 2nd year in a row. We had a great team, unfortunately, in the finals our team became the victims of a terrible run of bad luck versus a much inferior team. Story of my life and once again proved just how unlucky of a person I was....I mean, just watch the replay of the swing game in the series (my battle):

That would be the 2nd of 3 big tournament battles versus panamaxis...and the last DPP game I would ever play. I still watch that match every now and then just to remind me of how unfair life is...

I'm not sure if I actually told anyone this, but once we lost SPL, I decided to make the best out of it, deciding that I would disappear until WCOP comes around, where I would return to win the gold. But I wanted the story to be legendary and to do that I had to make a memorable exit...which was very much accomplished with this post:

The stage was all set except...

WCOP 2011

This brings us to last year’s memorable and legendary world cup. So during my hiatus I actually never told anyone that I intended to play in the much to my surprise a lot of my teammates had jumped ship to another team -_-

So, just wanting to do the best I could, I ended up being the Captain of the team, eventually getting Phil to come back...and he brought bloo with him. Big boon to our team even though there were at least some T(fc)raitors who stuck with that other team. Luckily, we ended up working great as a team and were able to get it going after sneaking into the playoffs. Probably my most "zoned in" world cup, as I went undefeated again with some great teams while Captaining the team perfectly. Then in the finals, my team absolutely needed a win from me....against panamaxis of all people. So I played the 3rd big tournament match against panamaxis....finally getting a win as my gyarados (remember me?) got it's revenge ( in what would end up being my last BW and Pokemon battle ever. The stage was all set for a legend to be born. The team took votes on who would do the tiebreaker and Phil won (15-5 vote). While I would have happily done the tie breaker, I believed that Phil would win. Unfortunately, during this time I got my heart broken once again, so I really needed a win to get something positive out of the summer. Unfortunately, Phil choked versus Earthworm and we lost...

After that I just didn't have the motivation to play anymore and knew I was done....I did however hang around, winning a trophy in SPL 3 (at last!).....finally taking us to...

WCOP 2012

at the start of this tournament I wasn't sure that I had another legendary comeback in me or that Smogon could handle another one. Eventually I decided against it, and it's nice to see that it wasn't needed, but I did lend my capabilities as Captain once again. We were able to pick up some nice additions (I've wanted oristeros on this team forever) and Yee really stepped it up. We once again barely snuck into the playoffs, with everyone predicting against us once again. Then we had a great run, culminating in Bloo winning, preventing Phil from having a chance to choke. Which is really good too, because sadly I had my heart broken by a girl yet again and really needed a win...

It's kinda funny that I win 2 trophies in 2 tournaments I desperately wanted to win in the past....right after I stopped playing. To me, it pretty much means nothing though that I didn't play. I refuse to believe that the teams were better without me, it just so happened that everything went our way the second I decided against actively playing, but being the shitfest that life is, all that is to me is kind of funny. It's also kinda funny to me that I desperately wanted to win these 2 trophies for the past 4 years...but now that I've finally won them both (in the same year no less) it's amazing to me just how little it actually means to me. I won wcop this summer....but it didn't change anything, I still had a shitty summer and had my heart broken, winning didn't make my summer that much just made it slightly less worse. Whether I played or not made no difference and whether I won or not made no difference. So despite being arguably the best team tournament presence, nothing has really changed. Of course, it is always better to win than to not. Hell, I'm probably just so used to losing, if we did lose maybe it wouldn't had even made my summer any worse this year....


Pretty much everything went our way this year....but that's not to say we haxed everyone. You know it's a big life philosophy of mine that everyone should get what they deserve, but that just so rarely ever happens. But you know what, deserve is subjective. I feel like we got very unlucky in the past, so I absolutely feel like we deserve to win this tournament. I do not believe in curses, I don't believe in luck, I do believe that whatever happens happens. Not everything happens for a reason, most of the time it's just happenstance, it's just coincidence, and if we're lucky it's serendipity. Other teams like Latin America probably think they deserve to win from their perspective, but from my perspective they're just a bunch of 15 year old who deserve nothing. Lots of teams can deserve to win, but only one can. Thankfully this year it was a team that I do think deserves to win the most...but hey that's just my perspective. And hey, if anything, it's nice to know that the saying is true...the 4th time is the charm.



Thanks for supporting us and for all the help, too bad you're an SPL traitor who ruined the metagame.

One of the best players, even if he never makes his own teams. Never sends me logs, makes terse statements.

Ah duskie....

One of my favorite Oceania players...I still think Phil should've beaten you last year and that I would have as well, but....PARTY PARTY PARTY.

Lakers suck.

Lavos Spawn
I've referred to you as the new apologies and a million other mildly insulting things. If anything you were always entertaining. Thanks for winning, I'm totally buying you in SPL this year.

You were right, pokemon sucks.

Shouldn't have ditched us ;)

Finally made the team through perseverance and got a win, congrats....

Thanks for sticking around and helping, it made putting you on the roster easy!

One of the new additions, even though a lot of other people might be salty at you, you'll always be okay to me.

6th man of the year. I'll half forgive you for SPL1 atrocities. You're still pretty weird though.

I've wanted you on this team forever. I remember back in DPP when I used to measure the worth of my teams by whether or not they could beat you. You were on ladder so much....never change.

Tbh i'm kinda sad that you never got to show off your clutch skills. Not even joking, I always wanted you to play tie breakers because I always knew it'd be a good match and I always thought you'd clutch it out....but at least we finally won! (PS I definitely do want you to win frontier.)

Another one of my favorite Oceanians. One of the few people that can say they beat me in a Bo3...

Get over the salt already gdi, it made no fucking difference.

You're an idiot.

Seven Deadly Sins
Thanks for keeping the team afloat last year until I got back...maybe you'll be able to contribute more some day.

Where the fuck have you been?

You didn't come on irc this year...

You're a cool guy but you talk too fucking much.

Always talking about politics or trying to get someone to visit you....fucking weird.

Thanks for starting it all even though you wouldn't even sign on now -_-

The judas least you came back...although I think the prodigal son is a load of bullshit...still glad to have you on.

Lol, you shoulda at least signed up this year.

USA East
Uhhh, I'm not sure what to say really, I do think we are way better, you have some okay players and some overrated players and some players that just suck. I'll just cp this:
"When a man with experience meets a man with money, the man with experience leaves with money and the man with money leaves with experience."

Came out of nowhere last year, was #1 cheerleader and calc guy. Would've absolutely gotten a trophy for helping out such an unbelievable amount. That's how you make teams. This year he stood and delivered, showing off his knowledge of the BW metagame and playing amazingly...and that's how you become Team MVP. =)


Saved the best for last....time to face it, I am one of the best presences in team tournament play. 11-2 world cup record (yes, you read that correctly) for a team that made semis, #1 seed and finals twice, winning once and 3 straight SPL finals including one win. I am simply the best. Winning both SPL and WCOP in the same year is pretty amazing any way you slice it, thank you to everyone who made it possible!
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