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The Wrath of the Divine One (Gen V)

Discussion in 'BW Other Teams' started by STEELDRAGON, Nov 3, 2010.



    Aug 9, 2007

    The Wrath of the Divine One

    Hey everyone, it's Steel with another team. My first Uber Rmt as well. This team is made around one pokemon: ExtremeKiller Arceus. Once I found out that Arceus doesn't have any EV restrictions I knew I had had to build a team around it. This team also utilizes Heatran excellently, as it absolutely destroys Lugia, Skarmory and Giratina. This team is meant to assist Arceus to sweep. It's a bulky entry hazard team meant to force a lot of switches, clear the way for a sweep. I think it is quite a solid team since I really can't pick up many great threats. A few pokemon can cause quite a bit of damage, which I will go into detail later on. Since this team is largely a Sunny Day team, Rain Dance teams naturally are quite a threat. Those can be played around since Blissey can wall most special hits. While Groudon can take most physical hits, and change the weather. To note, This team has been extremely successful so far. Anyways, here is the team:


    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Onto more detail......

    [​IMG]@ [​IMG]
    ***Spikey Thing***
    Nattorei @ Leftovers
    Nature: Careful
    Ability: Steel Thorns
    252 HP/4 Def/252 SpD
    ~ Spikes
    ~ Gyro Ball
    ~Power Whip
    ~ Leech Seed

    One of my favorite pokemon, and my Steel type. Heatran works wonderfully on this team since it can take most of the Dragon attacks that run rampant in the Uber tier. Flash Fire really helps it switch into Ho-oh and Fire Arceus. I chose Magma Storm over Lava Plume because this Heatran is meant to trap it's targets. Heatran really helps get rid of Lugia and Giratina. Most Lugia and and Giratina can't even touch this thing. Lugia gets shutdown by Taunt, if it tries to stall me out, and then if it does have Dragon Tail, I'll be forced out, however, by that time Lugia will have been weakened enough so that Arceus can sweep right past it. Giratina is a little easier to deal with since it can't set up any screens, and Giratina-O can do massive damage to it with Draco Meteor, or Groudon can phaze it out with Dragon Tail. After Giratina has a slight bit of damage on it, a +2 LO Shadow Force completely murders it. Dragon Pulse is in the 3rd slot so Heatran can obtain neutral damage on everything except other Heatran, and puts a dent on Garchomp, and Rayquaza. The 4th slot is a bit tricky, Protect allows me to scout, while Roar allows me to rack up more entry hazard damage. I maxed out HP to be because as bulky as possible, and a Calm nature to take Draco Meteors and Dragon Pulses better. 244 EVs ensure me to reach a speed stat of 251, outspeeding Rock Polish Groudon. The remaining EVs go into Special Defense to take special hits better.
    Latios @ Light Clay
    Nature: Timid
    Ability: Leviatate
    252 HP/6 SpA/252 Spe
    ~ Light Screen
    ~ Reflect
    ~Dragon Pulse

    Deoxys-S, still a great lead for a team. I chose Deoxys-S as a lead because it has decent bulk, and it's the fastest spiker in the game, and unlike Fortress it has a reliable recovery move. This lead sets the tone of the battle as quick paced, and keeps the momentum from the start of the battle. Spikes is really self explanatory, I need it to rack up as much damage as possible so that it will make Arceus's job much easier. Spikes really helps against Groudon and Giratina. Superpower helps against Darkrai especially, and Heatran, Tyrannitar, Blissey to name a few more. Recover allows it to switch in multiple times, so most times I can set up 3 layers of spikes. I'm not sure whether to go with Magic Coat or Taunt. I'm thinking of going with Taunt, I already have entry hazards, and I can stop other pokemon from setting up on me, such as one of the biggest threats to this team, which is CM Kyogre. I've tryed fortress as a lead but it's just too slow, and more importantly it's just set up bait. I am thinking of replacing recover in the last slot since I already have Blissey's Wish, which now recovers 100% of it's health. The EV spread is fairly standard 252 HP, for maximum bulk, 252 Spe to at least speed tie with other Deoxys. The remaining 6 EVs going into attack to power up Superpower just slightly.

    ***Gengis Khan***
    Giratina-O @ Griseous Orb
    Nature: Lonely
    Ability: Levitate
    252 Atk/248 SAtk/10 Spe
    ~ Draco Meteor
    ~ Shadow Sneak
    ~ Hidden Power Fire
    ~ Outrage

    A requirement for this team since it utilizes spikes and stealth rock. It's really the only decent spinblocker for this team since, I am already using Arceus. I chose Lonely over Naughty because the Uber metagame is much more specially based and Giratina-O needs to minimize it's damage from random Ice Beams and such. Draco Meteor is the powerful STAB move, which really does massive damage to anything that doesn't resist. Hidden Power Fire is powered up by sunlight and takes out those pesky Steels, who tend to switch into Draco Meteors. It also doesn't allow Giratina to be a setup fodder for Fortress and Nattorei. Shadow Sneak is one of the only priority moves on my team it helps out against the Deoxys formes and more importantly Mewtwo, usually taking it out once it is down around half. Outrage has helped me out on several occasions, especially against Blissey and Ho-oh. The Ev spread a little different than you usually see, but it works very well. Maxing out both offensive stats allow it to be a significant threat. The 10 speed EVs are to outspeed other neutral base 90s.

    [​IMG]@ [​IMG]
    ***The Enforcer***
    Groudon @ Leftovers
    Nature: Impish
    Ability: Drought
    252 HP/252 Def/6 SpD
    ~ Stealth Rock
    ~ Earthquake
    ~ Stone Edge
    ~ Dragon Tail

    Groudon supports the team from setting up Stealth Rock and being the physical wall. It is critical that I have Groudon because it can stop SD Lucario who can set up on around half of my team. It also stops other physical threats such as SD or DD Rayquaza, who may want to try to sweep my team. Earthquake is really the obligatory STAB move that still does quite a bit of damage that aren't immune to it. Stone Edge really helps against Ho-oh, who is quite a large threat to this team. Heatran can handle Ho-oh without Earthquake, So I can Roar it out for more Stealth Rock damage. In the end Ho-oh beats Heatran because, it's only recovery is Leftovers and Blissey's Wish. Ho-oh luckily can't set up Substitutes on Heatran because of Taunt though. I've found that Dragon Tail is far more useful than Roar since it does a bit of damage to switchins like Garchomp, Rayquaza and the occasional Lati@s. The Evs are pretty simple, I just maxed out HP and Defense, since it needs to be as bulky as possible and has to be able stand up to the major physical threats. Since Explosion is nerfed, Groudon can pretty much survive any physical attack, even ones that are +2. The remaining 6 EVs go into Special defense, to take special hits a bit better.

    [​IMG]@ [​IMG]
    Palkia @ Choice Scarf
    Nature: Hasty
    Ability: Pressure
    4 Atk/252 SpA/252 Spe
    ~Draco Meteor
    ~Fire blast
    ~Stone Edge

    Blissey, the fat whore that she really is. Blissey was chosen since it can stop most special attackers, primarily the one that she is on the team for is Kyogre. With out Blissey, Kyogre wouldn't have too many problems going through my team. I would have chosen Latias over Blissey, but since Soul Dew is banned..oh well. In some ways, Blissey got better because Wish now heals well over 300 HP, so it heals a lot more than 50% on all other pokemon barring 252 HP Chansey. Wish allows me to heal all of my pokemon back to full health most times, and it really helps me force switches. Since there will be entry hazards down, Specs Ogre shouldn't be so much of a problem. Toxic allows me to spread status around, and cripple many of the opponent's sweepers. Blissey can pretty much stall out any special attacker, with a few exceptions such as Mewtwo. However, Mewtwo is largely dealt with Giratina-O's Shadow Sneak, and Arceus's Extremespeed. Seismic Toss is mainly to do consistent damage against most things except ghosts, and allows Blissey not to be completely screwed over by Taunt. I am also thinking of putting Heal Bell on the last slot to make sure the rest of my team is healthy and able to continue to do their job. The EVs are pretty much standard, 24 HP to hit a leftovers number, 232 Defense to take physical hits much better, and 252 Special Defense, so I can take most special attacks with even more ease.

    [​IMG]@ [​IMG]
    Arceus @ Life Orb
    Nature: Adamant
    Ability: Multitype
    232 HP/252 Atk/26 Spe
    ~Swords Dance
    ~Shadow Force

    Arceus, THE best pokemon in existence, with it's most threatening set. It is the most important member of the team, and by far the strongest. Once the residual damage sets in, then Arceus is almost impossible to stop. The really only counter to this set is Skarmory or Bronzong, however, Heatran absolutely murders them, and also my other team members deal with them pretty well. Swords Dance is pretty much self explanatory, while Extremespeed is my main attack, I need to watch it's PP. Earthquake absolutely forces the Steel types into their graves, while Shadow Force does massive damage to Lugia, Giratina and Psychic types that plague the tier. Out of all my battles, Arceus must have sweeped at least 95% of the time. The EVs are a little different than you usually see, 232 HP for much increased bulk and a Life Orb number, while 252 Attack for maximum power and 26 Speed to outspeed the neutral 252 base 90s, and Rayquaza. I chose Life Orb over Silk Scarf, because I want it to be as destructive as possible, and I want make sure Groudon is 2koed with some entry hazards.

    Hope you liked it. ^_^​
  2. shrang

    shrang Draw me... like one of your human girls
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    Jul 24, 2009
    Kyogre cuts through your team like butter, either Choice Specs or Calm Mind Rest/Talk. Specs can just come in again and again (Especially on Heatran) and douse down your entire team. CM is more threatening, since none of your Pokemon can really stop it without being losing a whole truck-ton of health. I'd suggest that you change Blissey with Palkia (Doesn't really matter which version, although Scarf can revenge you some dangerous Pokemon).
  3. lordkira


    Jul 8, 2009
    You could always have a safeguard user as the standard means of blocking arceus sweep, status infliction (usually will-o-wisp) becomes useless and for the most part extremekiller will lol in the faces of those that try.

    oh and with life orb and shadow force, you can ohko great wall giratina btw...as well as lugia so i actually don't see them too big of a deal to your arceus.
  4. trickroom

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    Sep 13, 2009
    Lugia can easily survive life orb Shadow Force with multi scale or just set up reflect when you charge up your Shadow force.
  5. MegaKick


    Mar 27, 2009
    lugia wont have multiscale since rocks will be up.
    51.9% - 61.5% is how much lugia takes after reflect cancels out swords dance. with rocks it's easily in range for e-speed. Even if for some reason rocks werent up, and lugia had multiscale, what is lguia going to do back?

    Seconding the replacement of palkia > blissey. Scarfpalkia could help with things like darkrai (something dies if it comes in, except arceus who can eat focus blast) with a set of thunder - fire blast - draco meteor/spaciel rend - outrage. No need for surf since you have groudon.
  6. trickroom

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    Sep 13, 2009
    After Lugia survives, he roosts on the turn you hit it. and now he is over 60% which allows him to phaze Arceus out

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