Championship - Type A Third Annual ADV Ubers Tournament (Round 4)


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Third Annual ADV Ubers Tournament
(Original banner coming maybe)

1st Champion: Fireburn
2nd Champion: 0kay​


1. For those not familiar with Gen 3 mechanics please read this so no surprises occur during battle
2. Matches are best of 3, ADV Ubers Singles
3. Save and post replays in this thread when matches are completed
4. Matches are to be played on Pokemon Showdown unless both players agree to play on an alternate simulator that properly supports ADV Ubers
5. Signups are first come, first serve
6. All other official tournament rules can be found here

Standard Clauses

~ Evasion Clause: Players cannot use the moves Double Team or or Minimize
~ OHKO Clause: Players cannot use the moves Fissure, Guillotine, Horn Drill, or Sheer Cold
~ Species Clause: Players cannot have two Pokémon with the same Pokédex number on the same team
~ Wobbuffet + Leftovers and Wynaut + Leftovers are banned as to prevent a potentially endless battle
~ Sleep Clause: Players cannot induce sleep to more than one Pokémon on the opposing team at the same time

This Tour Gives Championship Points

Round 4:

Level 56
vs. Fireburn
vs. The Trap God
shrang vs. Pohjis
magsyy vs. Chill Shadow

Re: magsyy vs. Chill Shadow

Magsyy was banned after defeating his R3 opponent Mikaav. TD opinion is that Magsyy is allowed to continue playing in the tour.

Deadline is Sunday July 13th at 11:59 PM EST
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1-1 with Level 56 before I was forced to leave to deal with a personal emergency. Today is the deadline and it is unlikely we will be able to reschedule given our timezone differences and my schedule. We may be able to finish the last game tomorrow, but if it doesn't happen give him the win.
Game one was the cleanest game I've ever saw in adv ubers. It's your own fault for not coming prepared especially since ttg is best friends with the guy who made bp good. As for game two the para had literally nothing to do with how you lost. Maybe if you didn't sack your hooh to an obvious deo a or blowup your check you check to lax/deo then you would've had a chance to win. From blaming random hax that had nothing to do with the outcome to blaming your hands for being sweaty!
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