...This is what settles for art these days?

Sup Smogon. Blastoiseboy19 here. I only have a few arts done on my iPod, but yeah. Here they are. The app that i use (ArtStudio Lite) has a maximum canvas size of 512x512, so I'll likely get the full version once i feel like doing a team or something. I take SIMPLE (eg. one pokemon) requests, although you shouldnt expect too much. If you want to use them for whatever reason, just give credit, you don't need to ask (unless it's outside of Smogon). They are all jpegs because that's how iPods save them once they're converted to Photobucket.

Shiny Latios
Metal Bagon

Wow, this is pretty cool for being done on an iPod. :D

I'd have to say that Carracosta has to be my favorite, but that's probably because he's a BAMF already. :B
The simplicity in your art is just excellent. Like Fatecrashers' style, but more relaxed. It's a real joy to look at =D
Hope to see more!

Oh, and thank you for the compliments @spriting thread! I really appreciate it.
A person who draws on their iPod with words accompanying it who originally got into Smeargle's Studio by the Spriting Thread...reminds me of me!
So I will give you the first request I got, a Garchomp
Anyway, I like the fun, cartoony style
Could you possibly make a bagon with no caption and could you also change the blue on bagon to grey to amke it look metalish (yeah I kinda want one for myn avatar).
Oooooh dragons :D
Bad news: 2nd gen iPods can't have a canvas size bigger than 512x512, so I wasted $3. If I get a 3rd or 4th however, that means bigger canvases.
Another thing: my computer (the one I use for spiriting) looks permanently broken, so all my spiriting files might be lost forever. :( and I can't upload more than one picture per post.