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Tinted Lens pwns

Discussion in 'BW Other Teams' started by CD Frostbite, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. CD Frostbite

    CD Frostbite

    Jan 30, 2012
    Here is my UU team that I have been laddering with lately. Give me your opinions and I'll take it in to consideration.


    Yanmega @ Choice Specs
    Trait: Tinted Lens
    EVs: 252 SAtk / 4 SDef / 252 Spd
    Modest Nature----Timid
    - Air Slash
    - Bug Buzz
    - Giga Drain----Psychic
    - Hidden Power [Ground]----Sleep Talk

    Yanmega with Tinted Lens will 2HKO anything that resists bug after Stealth Rock damage. Pretty much the mid-late game sweeper if I've taken out all the faster pokes. Main move is Bug Buzz, the others are mainly coverage. Air Slash for the predicted Heracross/Mienshao. Giga Drain for recovery if I really want it and Blastoise. And HP Ground is for Raikou. But even with all of these, Bug Buzz is a 2HKO with Rocks. Might switch it to Timid instead of Modest.


    Hitmontop (M) @ Leftovers
    Trait: Intimidate
    EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 Spd
    Impish Nature
    - Toxic
    - Rapid Spin
    - Sucker Punch
    - Close Combat

    Pretty much the standard Top set. Comes in on the physical hits and spins away hazards for Yanmega. Toxic is for other walls not named Gligar/Snolax. Plus it's good to make people switch around their pokes. Sucker Punch is there for the last effort to make a move before you get KO'd. Or to KO Ghosts/Psychics. Close Combat is there for STAB. I tried Triple Kick for the lolz but it's much better on a TechTop. He can take most physical hits for days, and years if he gets the intimidate off.


    Registeel @ Leftovers
    Trait: Clear Body
    EVs: 252 SDef / 252 HP / 4 Atk
    Careful Nature
    - Thunder Wave
    - Iron Head---Earthquake
    - Stealth Rock
    - Seismic Toss

    Ohhhh Registeel. I'm still trying to find something you can't do. This guy takes hits for days and days. Sets up Rocks then T-waves the fast pokes so Yanmega can be faster. Also has the ability to para-flinch, which is always nice. Seismic Toss is just reliable damage. And if you don't like the damage that Iron Head is doing. The only poke that really walls him is Duskclops. I guess Blastoise can burn him too, but a couple Seismic Toss and he's good. Also Rotom-H can take him out quite easily.


    Porygon-Z @ Life Orb
    Trait: Adaptability
    EVs: 252 Spd / 252 SAtk / 4 HP----96Hp/252SAtk/160 Spd
    Modest Nature
    - Agility
    - Tri Attack
    - Ice Beam----Hidden Power Fire
    - Dark Pulse

    No one expects this anymore. Has the possibility to sweep. It's not too hard to set up with this beast. Primary pokemon to set up on would be Choice-locked Chanalure with Shadow Ball. You can setup easily against Blastoise and Dusclops. Adaptability Tri-Attack kills most and leaves big dents in what it does take out. That even includes Bronzong. Ice Beam is for Flygon/NidoKing etc.. Dark Pulse is mainly for that pesky Chandelier. I was thinking about trading Ice Beam for Hidden Power Fighting so your opinions on that matter would be very useful


    Victini @ Choice Scarf
    Trait: Victory Star
    EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spd / 4 SAtk
    Adamant Nature
    - V-create
    - U-turn
    - Bolt Strike
    - Final Gambit---Zen Headbutt

    If you've been in competitive battling for a while, you might have heard the phrase "Brave Bird everything!!" That's a good phrase. But I prefer "V-Create everything!!" Oh man V-Create wrecks anything defensive that isn't named Gligar or Snorlax. Final Gambit is kinda eh. This team was put together in a hasty fashion, but it works on Gligar.


    Mienshao @ Life Orb
    Trait: Regenerator
    EVs: 252 Spd / 252 Atk / 4 SDef
    Jolly Nature
    - Hi Jump Kick
    - Stone Edge
    - U-turn
    - Knock Off----Hidden Power Ice

    So I took the advice from Shiranai and swapped out Weavile for Mienshao. I've always ran a Scarf Mienshao, so this is a bit different for me. Everything is standard on here except for Knock Off. I know it seems a bit odd from what may be the norm (usually Hidden Power Ice is in this slot). But I'm gonna try Knock Off for the pure reason of taking away Eviolite off Gligar and other Choice Scarves on Pokemon such as Heracross and Chandalure. This is by no means set in stone, however I want to test it out as I have never seen it done before.

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    Weavile @ Life Orb
    Trait: Pressure
    EVs: 252 Spd / 252 Atk / 4 HP
    Adamant Nature
    - Ice Punch
    - Ice Shard
    - Low Kick
    - Pursuit

    Let me start off by saying that Weavile is a really cool Poke. And he's a good one at that. Ice Punch is the main STAB on him. Does big damage to anything that doesn't resist it. Low Kick is for them heavy Steel types like Bronzong/Registeel. Also does pretty good damage on Cobalion. Brick Break is an option, but Low Kick does a better job at taking out those Steels and Snorlax. I just don't think he fits too well here. I wanted him mainly for a priority/pursuiter but there's something about him on this team that just doesn't feel right.

    The teams main threats:

    1) Rest Talk Snorlax
    2) Raikou kinda
    3) Kingdra can do some damage if it sets up
  2. bobbyvaporeon


    Dec 21, 2012
    i really like this team. Yanmega is one of the most underrated pokemon in UU, and the rest of the team is pretty good. one h=thing i would suggest is replacing weavile with bisharp. weavile has lost its lustre, and bisharp is just great. i would also suggest thinking of replacing hitmontop with blastoise. blastoise fits great on this team, considering it can spin a lot better than top.
  3. CD Frostbite

    CD Frostbite

    Jan 30, 2012
    The thing about Bisharp is that he's extremely slow. Not to mention, the only set that I can think of, that's decent, is the Swords Dance+Three attacks. Usually being Sucker Punch Iron Head and Brick Break. By the time I set up the Swords Dance, my opponent has sent out their (insert fighting type here). I could use Sub instead of Swords Dance, but that just seems lackluster.

    Don't get me wrong, the same is true about Weavile. However, Weavile has a nice un-resisted STAB priority move plus Ice punch which takes out the incoming Mienshao/Heracross. All at the same time, still take out most of the steel types that come in.
  4. shiranai


    Feb 22, 2012
    The main problem I see here is a HUGE weakness to Stealth Rock. Most teams packs, maximum, 2 pokes weak to Rocks and a spinner; your team, otherwise, have 3 of them, and one of them being Scarf Victini isn't helping at all, since it switch a lot thanks to V-Create drop. Yanmega is the charm of the team, so it must stay; Victini is a powerhouse, so it can stay too; but Weavile, otherwise, get in conflict with Victini, being both fast physical sweeper, but being Victini a little faster with a scarf. This way Weavile could be replaced by a strong fighting type like Life Orb Mienshao or a bulk attacker as Rhyperior; this way Snorlax will not have safe time since Mienshao can KO with Hi Jump Kick, while Rhyperior hit it a lot harder than Snorlax hit it..

    Your Registeel moveset isn't the best one. Resgisteel doesn't like facing bulky waters at all since it doesn't have a way to defeat it, and Iron Head isn't helping; fire pokemon can use Regi to setup too, since Chandelure can set a Substitute while all other fire poke hits in the physical way, and really hard, where the steel golem is weaker. A better offensive move is Earthquake, which can hit fires decently in the switch. Bulky waters will still be a pain for it, though.

    I'll could say a little more things, but I'll do it later, since I'm not with time now and I'll need to do some calcs before.
  5. CD Frostbite

    CD Frostbite

    Jan 30, 2012
  6. Pkn range6

    Pkn range6

    Mar 23, 2011
    Hey there I thought I'd give you a quick rate. I love the idea of specs mega and I think there's a few changes to your team to make it better. You should do consider runnin timid to outpace choice less heracross, chandelure and nidoking. Psychic can be used instead of giga drain to OHKO Crobat and nidos. HP ground is useless bug buzz only has 5 BP less then HP ground so think about using u-turn or sleep talk. Porygon-z should run download over adaptability. Ev spread should be changed to 96 HP / 252 SAtk / 160 Spe lets you out speed scarf Mienshao after agility and try HP fighting over ice beam so you're not walled against steels. Victini should use jolly because you want speed ties atleast with base 100, 4 Evs should be relocated to SDef to give downloaders atk boost. Try zen head butt over final gambit. Last thing mienshao should really be using hp ice instead of knock off. Your threats snorlax should be gone since you have mienshao. Registeel can wall raikou super effectively with EQ and kingdra registeel can t wave it unless its sub ddance. Hopes I help and gl with your team ( I would summarize it but I quickly did this on my phone)
  7. ChaiKnight


    Jan 21, 2013
    SpecsLens Yanmega is really solid and, although I've never used it, I HAVE gotten my ass kicked by it a lot. All your pokes are great in their own way I think.

    I would however change SpinTop to Blastoise. I know he's neutral to SR, but he's just that much of a better spinner. Giving him Roar will also remove (or lessen) your weakness to DD Kingdra and (some) SubCM Raikou. Besides a 30% burn chance on Scald is never a bad thing, agreed?

    Registeel is great, but he has a huge problem. Super-effective damage from the ever-so-common ScarfCross is a 2HKO, and people won't use Heracross before tanks are weakened anyways. It forces you to switch, and into what? Yanmega? 50% damage from SR and then 17-21% on top of that. Bronzong takes those hits better and can counter with a dual-screen, that allows your Yanmega to switch in safely on almost any attack. Bronzong is also immune to EQ, which only Yanmega is immune to as of now.

    I have no comments on your Porygon-Z, I love him in this meta.

    Your Victini is sadly situational like all other Victini. A metric shitton of people use him only to realize that he is in fact not as good as you'd think. I just switch into Blastoise who tanks his V-create like a boss, and either forces a switch on choice'd Victini or allows a switch to Rhyperior on Bolt Strikes. Since your team is (I guess) weak to both hazards and status, why not change him to a cleric? As much as it pains me to say this, because I myself have problems with it, Umbreon is by far the best cleric in the tier as of now.

    Mienshao is great, and will hopefully get to 4th or 3rd in usage soon. He's just that good.

    Of course those were just my two cents, and anything I've said is up for debate. Hope it helped anyways.
  8. shiranai


    Feb 22, 2012
    Now I'm with some more spare time to rate your team properly:

    Besides what I already said earlier, I would extremely recommend changing Yanmega's nature from Modest to Timid. Since your Yanmega seems to have more the role of a mid-to-late game sweeper the extra speed will let it outspeed some threats that may live until there.

    Your Victini isn't doing a lot of damage at all with Final Gambit. Sure, it is fast, but with Stealth Rock weakness and working as your revenge killer it will take some hazard damages, even with a spinner since spinning loses a lot of offensive momentum. So, you could try Zen Headbutt for another STAB or Trick to cripple most bulk waters to loves to switch in front of it.

    Any other change I think it was already stated in tha above rates from ChaiKnight and Pkn range6, but I'm not a fan of Download Porygon-Z because, just like what happened during the Genesect era in OU, most pokemon uses the extra 4 EVs to make the SDef higher whenever it is possible, but you may try that and see what fits better your team.

    Best luck with your team, since Yanmega is indeed one of the strongest special sweepers around!
  9. CD Frostbite

    CD Frostbite

    Jan 30, 2012
    I did some calcs on it and I saw that I didn't miss any notable KO's or 2HKO's with timid. So I did do that. I also put Zen Headbutt on Victini. I duno why I didn't think about it, so I just threw a move on there. My bad. I do plan on keeping Porygon-Z with Adaptability for the exact reason you stated. The only thing Tri-Attack isn't touching is Ghosts and some Steels. But I did some more calcs and realized that HP Fighting is better over Ice Beam. The only Pokemon that really beats this set is Bronzong. So instead I chose the middle ground. Which is HP Fire. It's a 2HKO on Bronzong even without Rocks.

    OH, also since I took Ice Beam off of Porygon-Z, I did put Hidden Power Ice on Mienshao
  10. vigi


    Jun 28, 2012
    I'd like to mention the viability of U-turn on choice Yanmega instead of Psychic/Giga Drain. Let's be honest, you never need to use a non-STAB move on Tinted Lens Yanmega, and U-turn provides you with an easy way out of predictions: if the enemy team has Magneton/Heracross/Cobalion/Crobat or any other 4x resist to a STAB of yours, U-turn is a catch-all prediction option.

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