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Torrential Tribute

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by Miles Tails, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. Miles Tails

    Miles Tails

    Jul 14, 2012
    Torrential Tribute​



    Speech crowd, all beauty? I hope so, laughs.
    The team name came because I started to assemble it after winning a duel Yug-Gi-Oh against a friend through the letter Torrential Tribute.
    The team is in turn a classic Rain Offense, containing the Weather Inducer, two Pokémon Choice, a Spinner, Stealth Rock user and a Dragon resist and two late game Sweeper.This team has some great points in Pokémon Online and Pokémon Showdown, at Pokémon Showdown did 22 fights and won 19 of them having lost only 3 with 1820 points and got it in position 72 of the rank where I stopped playing because I'm not getting more access it, Miles Tales and my nickname in Pokemon Showdown,
    In Pokémon Online Rating of 1376 could then stopped playing for a while and when I use the team again my rating going down sharply in 1293, 49 have achieved the position with this team with 1376 points with the nickname Princess Beach.

    Team Building:

    Well, since this was a team Rain, nothing more obvious than Politoed to put the climate field. I'm not going to face a lot with this dude here, but beauty, since Game Freak wanted him to put the rain in the field will not discuss.

    With clear weather inducer chosen, needed some Pokemon that could be a great resist Dragon and could also get in Hurricane Tornadus (Tornadus-T) in addition to having to have access to Stealth Rock, Jirachi has all these qualities has to resist and Flying Dragon and the Stealth Rock can setupar without much difficulty.

    I had two great Pokemon chosen however I wanted something that could hit very strong addition to hop in front of Earthquake, Dragonite having Stab team enters the Dragon is the strongest of the whole game has Ground immunity and has a large number of possible movesets.

    Three Pokémon have already been chosen is the team was going well then just thought since it is a Rain Offense need something that can get into the late game and win the game by using the Setup Thundurus Volcarona-T and joined the team, Thundurus-T has access to Nasty Plot and Thunder is a very strong combination able to take 63% of HP Chansey with Thunder after a Nasty Plot, despite its Volcarona is a Fire type Pokemon that works very well in the rain having access to Quiver Dance and Hurricane addition to the resist has Figthing fit very well in the team,I used the sprite Thundurus it has not animated sprite Therian.

    The team was almost ready to be seen more Stealth Rock was a big problem since it takes Volcarona 50%, Dragonite and Thundurus-T 25%, which is nothing legally needed a Spiner, Tentacruel and added the team has in addition to getting rid of Rapid Spin any hazard, from benefits from to its Rain Dance Rain Dish Ability.

    The Team:



    ■ Hydro Pump -
    It's the stab Politoed with 120 Power manages to OHKO everything that does not have resistance to Water benefit besides winning the rain
    ■ Ice Beam - Used to catch Pokemon Dragons and Grass
    ■ Perish Song -Essential against teams based in Baton Chain, victory is certain when your opponent's Pokémon with only one field, besides being perfect to force exchanges Setups.
    ■ Focus Blast - It is the best answer to give Ferrothorn damage to a Pokemon that does nothing Politoed

    Nature: Timid
    4 Def / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd

    Trait: Drizzle
    Item: Choice Scarf

    Description: Although I do not like it has a big role on the team put the rain moreover works well as a Revenger Killer few making it through all base 105 Speed ​​besides being a great Revenger Killer Dragon Dance Dragonite with +1 to lose in Speed ​​for small Politoed.

    :Steel: :Psychic:

    ■ Iron Head - Is a great Stab addition to have a good chance that with the help of Flinch Serene Grace gets even better.
    ■ Steath Rock - For me the best of Hazards. Vastly complicates the lives of some of the boring stuff like metagame, Dragonite,Gyarados and Tornadus, and of course help in an eventual win Ninetales Weather War
    ■ Thunder Wave - Works very well with Iron Head and widely known as Serene Grace Paraflinch
    ■ U-turn - Works like a scounter allowing me to escape from Magnezone and Dugtrio coming always to try to catch Jirachi.

    ■ Nature: Careful
    EVs: 252 HP / 224 SDef / 32 Spd
    Trait: Serene Grace
    Item: Leftovers

    Description: Jirachi can hold Tornadus-T without much trouble, can get into Outrage / Draco Meteor Dragons and not take so much damage by the addition of Stealth Rock opponent in the field.

    :Dragon: :Flying:

    ■ Outrage -
    Outrage has great power base and wins Stab OHKO with Choice Band, and everything that does not call Skarmory / Forretress / Ferrothorn and when not able to give great damage to switch everything on it.
    ■ Dragon Claw - Dragon Claw is a second option for when you do not want to be locked into Outrage Dragonite knowing that will be useful later in the game.
    ■ Superpower - Adding a new superpower that won BW2 Dragonite and Dragonite to OHKO / Blissey / Chansey / Ferrothorn which is very useful.
    ■ ExtremeSpeed - It is the priority of the Dragonite works great for dropping into Pokémon that are already low on HP.

    ■ Nature: Adamant
    ■ EVs: 36 HP / 252 Atk / 220 Spd
    ■ Trait: Multiscale
    ■ Item: Choice Band

    Description: Dragonite is the largest of Volcarona counter as it does not typically carry Hidden Power (Ice), besides everything works well as through Extremespeed Revenger Killer is beyond all can cause much damage with Outrage and has immunity to Ground.

    :Electric: :Flying:

    ■ Nasty Plot -
    Increases in Sp.Attack +2
    ■ Thunder - The best Stab electric and rain graçar earn 100% chance of success
    ■ Hidden Power(Ice) - Used to catch Dragons / Grass and especially Gliscor
    ■ Focus Blast - Great move handle Tyranitar / Ferrothorn in OHKO is after a Nasty Plot can make almost OHKO on Blissey and Chansey leaving them in red.


    ■ Nature:Timid
    ■ EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
    ■ Trait: Volt Absorb
    ■ Item: Life Orb

    Description: Thundurus-T was one of the Pokemon that I liked most in BW2 because of its Ability that allows him to absorb blows electrical works in the team as Late Game Sweeper setupando Nasty Plot and then distributing Thunder at all to enter.

    :Bug: :Fire:

    ■ Quiver Dance -
    Increases Sp.Attack, Speed.Sp Attack.
    ■ Substitute - Allows me to setup Quiver Dance without fear of taking damage in addition to protect myself from negative status.
    ■ Hurricane - It has a large power base and defeat all Bug Buzz does
    ■ Bug Buzz - It is the stab Bug Volcarona after 1 Quiver Dance manages to OHKO a great deal.

    ■ Nature: Modest
    ■ EVs: 252 HP / 220 Def / 36 SDef
    ■ Trait: Flame Body
    ■ Item: Lum Berry

    Description: Volcarona types have good despite suffering 50% damage from Stealth Rock, has the same function of T-Thundurus however it only comes in when not Stealth Rock in my field and when Heatran has already been defeated.


    :Water: :Poison:

    ■ Scald -
    It still wins Stab and boost the Weather, in addition to having chances to burn
    ■ Rapid Spin - Home of Pokémon moves and a major team. Rapid Spin is exempted importance against other Hazards Stall by removing my field.
    ■ Toxic - Toxic Spikes would be here, but I think Toxic infinitely better. Toxic Spikes is absorbed by other Poison-type Pokémon (like the Venusaur, and even other Toxicroak Tentacruel), and do not catch flying Pokémon or have the Levitate Ability.
    ■ Protect - It helps a lot against Pokémon in leased Choice Item, in addition to one of naughty recovered HP Black Sludge + Rain Dish.
    ■ Nature: Bold
    ■ EVs: 252 HP / 240 Def / 16 Speed
    ■ Trait: Rain Dish
    ■ Item:Black Sludge

    Description: Tentacruel is very essential for the team without him the whole team with Stealth Rock would suffer by having access to Rapid Spin, beyond all benefit from the rain.

    Conclusion: Well I'm not very good with words and more have tried to show the team for you, the team works very well but it does not come running and before so I decided to put it to see if you can improve, and I hope you enjoy this team. ​
  2. Jirachee

    Jirachee scootin
    is a Tournament Directoris an official Team Rateris a Super Moderatoris a Tutor Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnus
    RMT Leader

    Sep 24, 2010

    Your team is in danger of getting overpowered by Dragon types such as Latios, Dragonite and Salamence. Powerful special attackers like Tornadus-T could as well be quite problematic to deal with. The big reason for this is that your main answer to them, Jirachi, lacks an healing move. Jirachi isn't that bulky and will eventually fall to these powerful attackers, making you very vulnerable on the long run. A very quick way to fix this weakness is to swap U-turn for Wish. Wish gives Jirachi a reliable recovery move that can even get passed to its team mates. It allows it to survive the whole battle making sure they can't get passed your special wall. While losing U-turn is a bit sad, you can still play around them with team preview.

    Terrakion and Keldeo can also be a really big issue to this team, as the only pokemon you have that can outspeed them is Politoed, who cannot switch in on any of Terrakion's moves while it can't really hurt Keldeo. Tentacruel doesn't really appreciate boosted Hydro Pumps and Mystery Swords either. This could become quite problematic as if they manage to come in they are pretty much guarenteed of a kill and even multiple ones in the case of Keldeo. I feel like Volcarona isn't really helping your team as you have many pokemon weak to Stealth Rock meaning you have to Rapid Spin often, becoming essential for Volcarona without Roost meaning you give a lot of free turns to your opponent to do whatever they want, and in a metagame with a lot of threats that could potentially 6-0 you, that's bad. Replacing it with a Life Orb Latios seems to be a very, very good choice. First of all, it checks both Terrakion and Keldeo, it gives your team a lot of Speed (enough to outspeed them), and it isn't weak to Stealth Rock, reducing the pressure on Tentacruel. It fits Rain teams nicely as it is a great tool against opposing Rain.

    Finally, you could also try Thunder on Jirachi over Thunder Wave. It keeps a nice 60% chance to paralyze them opponent, which is great, and it gives you a second attacking option which is very useful against the likes of Substitute + Disable Gengar. It also bypasses Taunt so you can punish annoying opponents trying to Taunt you. Since you're running Drizzle Politoed, you have perfect accuracy with it so it's cool. However you have to sacrifice a bit a bit of Speed since you have to run a different EV spread.

    Here are the sets you should use:
    Latios and Jirachi (open)

    [​IMG]@ Life Orb
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
    -Draco Meteor

    [​IMG] @ Leftovers
    Serene Grace
    EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD
    -Iron Head
    -Stealth Rock

    Thundurus-T animated sprite (open)


    Good luck!
  3. Nova

    is a member of the Site Staffis a Tiering Contributoris a Contributor to Smogonis a Team Rater Alumnus

    Nov 13, 2011
    Hi Miles Tails

    Welcome to Smogon and pretty solid rain team you have here. Looking at your team, I agree with Jirachi in that Keldeo and Terrakion can pose major threats. Another threat to your team is Offensive Starmie who outspeeds every member save Politoed and has great coverage to deal out massive damage. For these threats I recommend replacing Volcarona with a Choice Specs Tornadus-T with a moveset of Hurricane / Focus Blast / Air Slash / U-turn. Tornadus-T has a great speed stat to outpace the majority of the OU metagame and can fire off powerful STAB Hurricane. It doesn't have to worry about Stealth Rock as much because Regenerator restores HP upon switching out. Volcarona is your most replaceable Pokemon as Thundurus-T is already serving a similar role in being a special set-up sweeper. You can choose to use Life Orb if you value the ability to switch moves but I prefer Choice Specs due to the greater damage output and the fact that you will usually just be spamming Hurricane.

    Now for smaller changes. I recommend changing Dragonite's EV spread to simply one of 252 Atk / 4 SDef / 252 Spd to speed tie with other Dragonites that are investing in max speed with an Adamant nature. This will cost you some bulk but the increased speed is generally more valuable. I also agree with Jirachi's suggestion of replacing U-turn with Wish on Jirachi. Wish-passing is valuable for your team to restore the HP of your sweepers (helps to get Dragonite back to Multiscale) and can also provide Tentacruel with more chances to pull off a Rapid Spin.

    Hope I helped and good luck with your team!


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    Tornadus-T (M) @ Choice Specs
    Trait: Regenerator
    EVs: 252 SAtk / 4 SDef / 252 Spd
    Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
    - Hurricane
    - Focus Blast
    - Air Slash
    - U-turn


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    Volcarona ----> Choice Specs Tornadus-T
    Dragonite's EV Spread ----> 252 Atk / 4 SDef / 252 Spd
    U-turn on Jirachi ----> Wish
  4. Superpowerdude

    Superpowerdude !
    is a Team Rater Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    Mar 15, 2012
    Hey Miles Tails nice rain team!

    looking over it it seems pretty solid however a Scarf Terrakiuon weakness comes to mind as he cam outspeed all pokemon on your team and gets super effective coverage on 5 of them with his EdgeQauke Combo. Thats why I would like to suggest Scizor> Dragonite a choiuce banded Scizor can Ko Terrakion with Bullet Punch and can keep the momentum in your favour along with Jirachi in using U-turn. Also Like Dragonite he can still KO Blissey, Chansey and Ferrothorn with Superpower and has Pursuit to trap the Lati twins.

    Additionally although Perish song is great to stop Baton Passing chains Baton passing is a somewhat rare strategy and team with ninjask can get beaten with Scizors Bullet Punch. so Hp Grass> Perish Song would work because it helpsagainst Gastrodon or and Qaugsire. Good Luck with the team!

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    Scizor @ Item Choice Band | Technician
    Adamant | 248 Hp / 252 Atk / 8 Sp Def
    U-Turn / Bullet Punch/ Pursuit/ Superpower

    Politoed @ Item Choice Scarf| Drizzle
    Timid | 4Hp / 252 SpA /252 Spd
    Hydro Pump/ Ice Beam/ Focus Blast/ Hp Grass

  5. Sayonara

    Sayonara don't forget

    Nov 18, 2011

    Solid team, Miles Tails! I would first suggest opting for Body Slam over Thunder Wave on Jirachi. In addition to dishing out a good amount of damage, this move allows you to inflict paralysis to Ground-type opponents (like Mamoswine and Gliscor), who are immune to Thunder Wave. I think Dragonite would really benefit from having Waterfall instead of Dragon Claw, as its power increase in Rain lets it get past Heatran and Gliscor with more ease. Dragon Claw is already pretty weak, so Waterfall would be a nice coverage move for Dragonite to obtain. Finally, I would move Thundurus-T's 4 HP EVs to Special Defense, in order to optimize Thundurus-T's amount of Stealth Rock switch-ins. I don't have much else to add - cool team, and good luck!
  6. Electrolyte

    Electrolyte Who says I can't get stoned?
    is a Contributor to Smogonis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Jul 5, 2012
    Hi Miles Tails! Nice team!
    I can see EdgeQuake hitting your team hard; with Volcorona lacking coverage and only adding to your weakness of SR and rock types, I recommend you switch it with Offensive Support Celebi.
    Celebi @ Leftovers
    176 HP, 152 Sp Atk, 180 Spe
    Modest Nature
    ~Leaf Storm
    ~HP Ice
    ~Earth Power/Recover
    Celebi helps you deal with Rock types, firing off its powerful Leaf Storms and the U-Turning away before your opponent can react. HP ice deals with the genies, and Earth Power helps hit Steels to open up sweeps for Dragonite. Recover is an option over EP; you will need the recovery as Celebi will eventually be worn down.

    Also, perhaps darkening the text for Jirachi's set would help, as it's kind of hard to read.
  7. Miles Tails

    Miles Tails

    Jul 14, 2012
    Jirachi Dragons are really problems because I end up overloading the Jirachi Wish it was a great tip and I will surely change, jao Latios can work very well on the team with the use of the sweeper helping Draco Meteor, thank you for the rating and the sprite Thundurus-T as well.
    Novaray, Tornadus like you said can be a great response since with the 373 speed to outspeed can in almost all the Pokémon that do not carry well with Choice Scarf Jirachi Latios indicated that can be a great addition to the team will test it also, thank you for the rating was a great help.
    Superpowerdude I really loved the tip of the Scizor in place of Dragonite so that I won more than as a Dragon Resist Jirachi spoke and I confirm Dragons is one thing that causes serious problems for the team, as to Terrakion I have not had problems with it until because neither the Pokémon and Pokémon Showdown Online I have not found them much more like the tip, HP Grass can actually be a response against Gastrodon although he was not a Pokemon that last long as it suffers a lot of pressure Dragonite, thank you for rating .
    Physics Expert Body Slam is surely something that can be of great help and something I had not thought beyond that can paralyzar Thundurus-T thing with Thunder Wave I do not.
    Electrolyte Celebi can be cooll and i tested it.

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