Torterra (Choice Scarf)

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Cuz I really think this deserves to be a thing. This is my first set analysis, so if I'm doing something wrong, whoops.

name: Choice Scarf
move 1: Wood Hammer
move 2: Earthquake
move 3: Stone Edge
move 4: Stealth Rock / Seed Bomb
item: Choice Scarf
nature: Jolly
evs: 20 HP / 252 Atk / 236 Spe

  • Choice Scarf directly mitigates Torterra's subpar speed
  • still remains respectably bulky, even with little investment
  • Wood Hammer for a high BP stab option
  • Earthquake for secondary stab
  • Stone Edge for coverage v.Flying- and Bug-types
  • Stealth Rock is obviously just an awesome move, though Seed Bomb is a decent recoil-less Grass stab

  • 236 Speed EVs and a Jolly Nature allow him to outspeed Base 105's down (Cryogonal and Kadabra most notably). Max attack for attacking stuff, remaining EVs in HP.
  • Superpower is there for a harder hit v.Normal-types, but you'll basically never find yourself using it
  • Pairs well offensively with Magmortar and other such Fire types, who shakes off Fire/Ice attacks and lures in Rock/Ground ones
  • Steel types are important for absorbing attacks from Swellow, as well as the off Ice Shard

Why this set deserves to be onsite:
  • allows Torterra to revenge kill a pretty large chunk of the metagame, while still being able to do stuff like set SR better than a bunch of the tier
  • huge surprise factor, stuff like Magmortar, Crygonal, Dodrio, etc. switch in to it, only to get outsped and KOed by the appropriate move
  • allows Torterra to hit fast without having to spend a turn Rock Polishing


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First of all, Dodrio is usually scarfed too since the only reason to use it is to abuse that base 100 speed. Second, Cryogonal gets hit hard by everything not named Earthquake. Third, mehhhhhhhhh. I don't really see the benefit that much. Wood Hammer and Earthquake aren't moves you want to be just throwing around randomly in this metagame. Soft rejecting, if other QC people have differing opinions then I'm not going to stop them?
Yea, I would rather use the Rock Polish set over this since Torterra tends to force a lot of switches anyway. And yes, I know they are completely different sets, but they play similarly, since most people will switch out of Torterra anyway.

Yeah, I mean its *ok* and its a bit surprising to see one but you're still kinda slow. I had fun noobspamming this when i started in DPP but yeah its not too good



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Not sure if my opinion is still necessary because tennis half-rejected but yeah, I'm not really expecting much to come out of this, especially when RP does everything this does and better. Plus, there are far more efficient Choice Scarf users. You can probably get a surprise KO out of it, but...

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