There's one event in Gensokyo that always gets everyone around excited... the Harvest Moon Festival. This festival is always the biggest event in Gensokyo, and everyone prepares for weeks for this festival. That's why this one is so special... two factions have appeared to cause trouble for the festival at the worst time possible.

On the one hand, the Moon, which the festival is all about... just doesn't look right. It looks fake, like someone's taken the real moon and hidden it. Meanwhile, the mansion known as Eientei has a few new residents...

On the other hand, there's a group of hidden disgruntled inhabitants of Gensokyo, who have teamed up to wreck the most important event of the entire year. These Rejects will stop at nothing to disrupt the Harvest Moon Festival.

It's up to the rest of Gensokyo to stop these splinter groups and rescue the Harvest Moon Festival before it's too late!

Rules List
  • READ THIS ONE - If you are dead and a member of the village, you may NOT talk to players still in the game. Members of Mafia factions may talk to their allies, but nobody else. There may be a role that interacts with this rule later in the game.
  • The game will start on Night 0. On Night 0 you cannot post your role PM to anyone, unless you are mafia in the same alliance.
  • Days will last either 48 hours or 24 hours after the first lynch vote is cast.
  • Nights will last either 48 hours or until all pms are received.
  • All pms should be sent to Seven Deadly Sins and Fishy
  • If you do not wish to use a day or night ability you should send a pm to Seven Deadly Sins and Fishy stating "Day/Night X - Idling"
  • No screenshots of any kind may be distributed at all.
  • You may c/p anything that I say to you, which means you can fake conversations with me.
  • I should be notified of all channels, spreadsheets, google docs, paste bins, etc that you create.
  • You can hold and give/receive as many items as you want. Items are given away at the very end of the day or night after everything has transpired and received at the beginning of the next day or night. To give away an item, send a pm to Seven Deadly Sins / Fishy stating "Day/Night X - Giving 'Item' to User".
  • Priorities are set and kept secret.
  • If you wish to change your vote during lynch you must edit the post containing your initial vote.
  • Please remain active. Don't join if you foresee yourself being away for any extended amount of time. I really hate subbing people out but I will do so if I deem you inactive (I will nudge you first)
Players List:

Annihialator Zero
Ancien Regime
Umbreon Dan

Eliminated Players:

Team Aether (Tewi Inaba, Eientei Thief) - Day 1
Sikh Assassin (Hong Meiling, Rejects Bodyguard) - Day 2
billymills (Suika Ibuki, Village Hooker/Mayor) - Night 2
Mordock (Kaguya Houraisan, Eientei Killer) - Day 3
\o/ (Wriggle Nightbug, Rejects Thief) - Night 3
CardsoftheHeart (Yukari Yakumo, Village Redirector) - Night 3
jumpluff (Sakuya Izayoi, Village OTU Global Hooker) - Night 3

It is now Night 0! There will be no nightkills during this night, so if you have a killing power, you don't have to send in a PM.

(if somehow you didn't get a pm let me know)
Residents of Gensokyo, this is Yukari Yakumo. I'm going to get to the bottom of this, but I need your help. Please claim to me ASAP so we can find out who is responsible for stealing the Moon and trying to ruin the festival, preferably before the end of this night. I'd prefer talking over IRC, but you may send claims through PM, too. Please hurry.


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Hiya, I am Sakuya Izayoi.

I'd like all of Gensokyo to claim to me. Because my role is nerfed, I've decided to step forward and gather the village. It's N0, so please don't send me your role PMs. Hit me up on IRC, I'll be on the nick Priscilla and I'm available in #warau and #fluodome, and we can talk.

I'm not expecting you to trust me, but I'll offer my role claim gladly if you query me. If you really are a member of the village, you'll want to clear your name fast so we can get to work winning. ^_^
okay so something minor has come to my attention

If you received a PM from Fishy and your role is targeted, the phrase <user> is missing from your PM description, for some reason. Keep this in mind. If your role has multiple targets, it would say <user1> and <user2> instead.
Hey guys, I'm finally neutral for once and I have a fairly easy (and harmless) role so let's not fuck this game over for me ok. All factions can contact me but tbh your factions don't matter to me anyway.



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Like Raikage, I am also a neutral with a ridiculously easy role, so all factions can come to me too.

Hey raikage wanna get in touch and discuss our neutralities??