Travelling to NW USA.

Hey guys,

I'm taking some of my paid vacation this winter driving through southern British Columbia, south through Washington and into Oregon (Stopping around Portland). The main point is to see a friend I met on this site, actually, and his hot wife. Also drinking beer.

To the point: Is there anyone in Southern BC (Probably no more west than Vernon or so though), Washington or Oregon that would like to meet me for a beer?

My vacation is from January 10-17, 2009, but I'll be in those areas throughout that time.

Just post here and let me know!

P.S. If you plan on raping me just tell me ahead of time.

Edit: If there is any sites to see in those areas, I'm open to suggestion. All I have planned other than seeing my friend is seeing some of the paleontology/geology in the area.
Well, I've been to Seattle a couple of times. No doubt you'll want to visit the space needle, and the monorail was also pretty fun. It's pretty cool there, and the air is so clean ^___^

anyways, have fun on your trip!
I think I know who you're going to see heh. I might be closer to the area on that date but not close enough. You're dinosaur stories are prolly even better live lol
The area is beautiful, just take in the mountains and hills and stuff. Maybe you are used to scenery, but me coming from flatland Texas doesn't see those things very often :] the space needle was cool when I went, but most of my site seeing consisted of looking at colleges (reed/lewis and clark) :/

Hope you enjoy your beer(s) though

p.s. i would rape you if I was in the area
I'm from Calgary, less than an hour away form the rockies. Mountains are awesome but I've seen lots of them before (and even been ON them before, heh).

I'm really hoping to see Siren's Sister play some music live, but that's probably a longshot, even though they are from the area.

Anyone else with some cool ideas for stuff to do on my way through?


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Oregons pretty sweet and its got some pretty nice food as well. Good fishing and good skiing and snowboarding.

I live there its great and really clean, very peaceful.
I live about 20 minutes east of Seattle, if you get a chance and you like hiking and such (which i assume you do ;x) try hiking up Mount Si (near Snoqualmie, WA), it's a fantastic view of the Snoqualmie Valley.

Definitely check out Seattle Center and such, all the touristy places may be really cliche but it's hella fun.

Wish i wasn't underage so i could drink with you. ;D


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I am deadly serious when I say you better give me a phone number so I can ring you guys to make myself feel as though I'm actually there.


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lol, I don't have any ideas for you...

But definitely let me know what was awesome and what you'd pass on if you had a second chance... I'm debating heading up there with a group of friends. (One of my friends has a wedding to attend; she doesn't want to travel for JUST that, so we're thinking of possibly doing a roadtrip/siteseeing trip, we'll see.)