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Hi guys !
This is actually the first seemingly efficient team I made. I think it's fun to play with :). This is my first RMT and I'm mostly here for advice on how to improve my team. (My english may be not perfect, and for that I am sorry)

So let's go !

Team Building Process

So I wanted to try something I thought would be cool : a team mixing volturn strategy with trick room strategy. I love trick room team, cause you don't need to invest massive evs on speed, so you can focus on power and bulkyness. Meloetta and xatu both have Trick room and U turn, they're slow enough for working, and have good amazing qualities fort my team: Magic bounce and an amazing speacial bulk for meloetta. Plus, their second type delete one bug weakness and one ghost weakness, which is useful in a trickroom team.

I wanted a third trick room user, and reuniclus is just amazing !

Magnezone and scizor are two classics volturn abusers, and most of all , they are really slow, so are perfect for trick room.

Finally, I wanted something to get the control of the climate. I naturally thought of tyranitar as a sweeper (he is sooo slow and bulky). The problem was that tyranitar wasn't really helping my team. So, I tried another climate.

I replaces tyranitar with politoed. Less powerful and less cool, but it fits better in my team. It doesn't add a bug weakness, and it helps magnezone and scizor !

Now, the team :

Xatu @ leftovers

ability : magic bounce
252 HP/ 252 def/ 4SpD/ 0IVs speed
Relaxed Nature

-heat wave
-trick room
-u turn

This one is obvious, with magic bounce it stops entry hasards, heat wave is there for all the ferrothorns, scizors, forretress etc. It rarely kills them, but hurts them enough. After stopping a staller using status moves or an user of entry hasards, or a fight pokemon, Xatu uses trick room, then u turn to a powerfull sweeper. Roost is here, because I need him to stay alive !
My team is a little weak on the physical side, so I maximised his defence. He can resist to stone edge by Landorus-T for exemple, and physical fight attacks barely touch him.

Meloetta @ leftovers
Serene Grace

102 HP / 4 Def / 150 SpA / 252 SpD / 0IVs speed
Sassy Nature

-trick room
-U turn
-energy ball/toxic

The special wall of the team. With her great special bulk, she can take almost anything and she is immune to ghost type, which is incredibly usefull. She's there to set up trick room and go, but with this inverstment in SpA, she can hurt too. For the last slot, I am not sure, energy ball is good for getting rid of gastrodon, but I am not using it so ofter. And toxic is not great eather, because, my team usually plays fast and the toxic damages are not that helpfull.

Scizor @ choice band
252 HP / 252 Atk / 6 spD / O IVs speed
Brave Nature

-U turn
-Bullet Punch
-Super Power

Not much to say. With this Evs its speed is 121, which means that under trick room he is really really fast. He's here to hit hard and fast. He has a good bulk, helped by drizzle.

Magnezone @ choice specs
252 Def / 252 SpA / 4Spd / OIvs Speed
Quiet Nature.

-Volt switch
-flash cannon
-HP fire

Pretty much the same as scizor, but on the special side. He is slow and powerfull, thunder, under rain is horrifying. I usually do several kills in a row when trick room is set. I chose sturdy over Magnet pulls because steel pokemon are not really a problem, and sturdy give magnezone one more opportuny to destroy something. He is working well with scizor as a volturn duet.

Politoed @ choice specs
252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpA / 0IVs speed
quiet nature

-Hydro Pump
-Ice Beam
-Focus Blast
-HP grass

The classic choice specs politoed but without any speed. He is mainly here to take over the climate, but sometimes he can hit really hard .

Reuniclus @ life Orb
Magic guard
252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 SpD / OIVs speed
quiet nature

-Trick Room
-Shadow Ball
-Focus Blast

Nothing New, but one of my all times favorite. He works really well with scisor and magnezone and has good coverage.

Conclusion :

This team is, I think, cool :) . I like to use it and it works pretty well. I hope you can give me some advices !


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Rule 3 said:
Have some actual words in your post beyond your six Pokemon and their moves. Not following this makes your post quite boring to read and rate. All Pokemon should have a good reason for being in your team anyway, so why not post that reason? If you are having trouble with this one, start by giving an explanation for each team member. Why are they there? What role do they serve? How do you get them in? Then, give an explanation of how you would open with the team and how you would go about using it. All of these things help people rate your team and allow us to offer more helpful advice.

This does not mean add one sentence saying "Standard x" or "all-around awesome" after each Pokemon. If you put thought into making the team, you can put thought into posting it. The standard description length required is three to four lines, if you need more insight look on the detail part, check out the RMT Archive.
Some of your descriptions are very short. You need at the very least three lines of descriptions for each of your Pokemon. PM me your updated descriptions and I'll unlock this thread.
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