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In spite of being the 4th mafia game I've hosted, this was actually the first game I ever worked on designing. Mind you, it changed alot since its first version, so I'll run you through some of the differences.

I don't remember when or why, but I thought to myself at some point, "Wouldn't it be funny if there was no village, and a bunch of different mafia thought they were taking down a village?". Which sounds alot like what we ended up with, but Deception Mafia (as it was first called) actually had another twist. There was a mole faction, each member moling a different mafia. The mafia would be told that the player was a mole, but they would assume it was the village being moled.

Ah, memories. I think it was in the summer of 2010 when I wanted to make my first game ever. I was a shy little guy requesting a co-host, who'd help me create a game from the very beginning. Von wanted to make his first game as well so he contacted me and from there the story began. I didn't even have a general direction at first, so we were thinking of ideas and voicing what we'd want in our first games, when Von shared an idea he'd had about the whole moling deception thing. It took us a brainstorm or two to settle on the "village mole faction" idea, and it was wacky enough to get us working right on it.

That may have been a terrible idea by itself, but also so much time had passed since we had first designed that game and player towards moles had just gotten so much worse. This caused us to remove the moles entirely and rebalance everything.

The truth was, we had actually designed the roles and even priorities if I'm not mistaken, and everything was set for the game to begin, besides writing Role PMs I suppose. The thing was, we were both doubting the success of the destined game, which eventually led to a halt regarding any talk related to it. It's a shame, but at the same time I'm glad, since as Von said, the concept was pretty damn terrible. A few months had passed and Von contacted me in possibly resuming our idea, but of course neither of us was happy with the original concept so we revamped everything.

Originally the "gimmick" of the game was that everyone appeared village upon death. That was changed into no cardflip NOC really just to keep the twist a secret.

The players were to be notified of a "twist" in the game, which they would assume was the all deaths shown as village concept. This would hide the main twist, which was the central concept of the game (the hidden "village" mafia faction). Since there was no central concept anymore, and we felt as if we still wanted "clueless" mafia factions, we kept the village deception idea in planning, and it eventually became the main concept.

By the end, this game was a combination of ideas that should probably never be in any serious mafia game, but I got to experiment with them here. I wish the really good ones hadn't been killed IMMEDIATELY, but we got some good use out of others.

And every bullshit, trollolol mechanic in this game was approved, and approved BEFORE I changed the name from Deception to Troll NOC Mafia. That's right, we were gonna play it straight, but almost at the last minute I wanted to add a rule just to ensure that I didn't cause some of the more dedicated mafia players serious psychological harm.

I think we would have had SOME warning, but yeah, we went in the whole "troll" direction mainly because Von wanted to try new things, and I really didn't mind. So we re-balanced factions, with each having a "special role", but they were killed quickly. I think the main reason for this is because we gave them to more experienced players because we wanted, well, experienced players behind those roles. I'm sure not doing the same mistake if I attempt at including experimental roles in any game I make, but it's not like it ruined the game. It simply made it less interesting, perhaps.

Also it if wasn't obvious already, every player had a "troll" referring to his character (or not!). These will be showcased here.

Role PMs:

Mafia A

Dear smashlloyd20,
You are Mint.

You were the crown princess of the East Haven Kingdom, but for your lavish behavior you lost your right to the throne and went into exile. However crass and unlike a princess you may be, you are also strong and ambitious. Extremely gifted in magic, you seek a relic powerful enough to allow you to take over the world. You joined the Mafia in search of such a relic.

Though not much of a physical fighter, you do have a nasty jump kick. At night, you can PM blue_tornado and vonFiedler with “Night X - Jump Kick USER”. USER will be unable to complete their night action.

You are searching for an item, the Dewprism. This is the most powerful relic ever created, and will unlock new powers for you if you obtain it.

You are Mafia. You win if all who oppose your faction are dead.
This one should probably be the most obvious, but there was never any Dewprism in the game. I don't know that smashlloyd ever fretted over finding it, it seemed to be a chore for him to just get his actions in.

Not only was Smash rather inactive (from what I've seen), he has also caused a lynch on his teammate when said teammate (tas) was not even in the planning for one, and he did that simply to save his own behind. He earned himself a lot of hate as a result, and rightfully so.

Dear capefeather,
You are Richter Belmont.

Like a boss.

You are so extremely acrobatic. At night, you can PM blue_tornado and vonFiedler with “Night X - Do a backflip near USER”. Any attempts on USER’s life will target you instead, but as you are doing a backflip they will miss. You may not target yourself with this action.

You are a Belmont, it’s your job. In every post you make, you must include the line “it’s my job” or some variant thereof. If you do not, you will be godkilled.

You are Mafia. You win if all who oppose your faction are dead.
My third game in a row with Richter Belmont in it. Anyway, he played a pretty distant game as was noted, and missed some of his actions. He did end up deciding the finale by killing Fangren (who would have killed Rey), but you can't really call it kingmaking when he didn't know that would happen, and did still have a chance to win. The whole my job thing is an inside joke... get used to that.

Correct me if I'm mistaken, but I think most of the times he'd idled were as a result of not knowing what to do (although that's pretty stupid for a bg). I'm saying this because he was actually paying attention for most of the game, which is something of note seeing as a lot of players failed to do even that. Still, he didn't do anything terribly wrong.

Dear Eo Ut Mortus,
You are John Matrix.

You are a retired special forces operative and the king of one liners. When the village kidnapped your daughter, you joined the Mafia to get her back.

Because everything you say is cool, your vote counts for two.

Starting Turn 1, in the thread, you may post “You’re a funny man USER, I like you. That’s why I’m going to kill you last”. Then, at least two turns later, you may post “Remember, USER, when I promised to kill you last? I lied.” USER will be killed immediately. You may only kill one player this way. This is as instant as when a host sees it, so do yourself a favor and message one of us about it (be it on Smogon or Fluodome).

You are Mafia. You win if all who oppose your faction are dead.
I had this role in the back of my mind for a long time, so it actually was the foundation for all the other word kills. Eo picked an awesome target and killed him excellently, it's too bad he was so pissed off about getting lynched but I don't know what he expected, having just killed "the village inspector". He also had a pretty clever way of getting around the only post restriction Pidge got to actually work.

Pidge and Rey wanted that restriction on Eo starting N0, and when it finally hit, he had to get lynched the immediate day. Needless to say, they were pretty mad when Eo got away with his restriction in the way he did!

Dear the_angry_scientist,
You are Ricardo Irving.

Yous a smart guy but nobodys ever appreciates you. Yous joined the Mafia just in time fo the fireworks show. BOOM!

Yous is master of cunning. At night, yous can PM blue_tornado and vonFiedler with “Night X - Here’s an idea, how about USER drop HIS gun?”. If USER kills you, you will be resurrected the next day and will have new powers. To activate these powers once resurrected, you must post in the thread in bold and in the biggest font size “I just got an EXTREME makeover!”.

When you are inspected, the inspector will receive the following result;
vonFiedler said:
Dear USER,
vonFiedler said:
You are a Businessman with Standards.

Unlike mafiosos and certain evil pharmaceutical companies, you have principals. Therefore, you have decided defend the village.

No one would kill a businessman. Because at night, you can PM blue_tornado and vonFiedler with “Night X - Do USER’s taxes.” If USER kills you, they will be indebted to you and will have to resurrect you the next day.

There is absolutely nothing funny about this role. In fact it is quite dull.

You are Village. You win if all who oppose your faction are dead.
You are Mafia. You win if all who oppose your faction are dead.
Unknown to him, this rogue actually blocked the whole team of the person it targeted. Well, even my beefy rogue only matters if people actually try to kill him. If he got new powers, he would have gained a BPV and an LPV. I really wish this had happened, but you can't win em all.

Tas wasn't targeted by a kill even once (if memory serves), so nothing would have happened even if tas didn't idle during (almost?) every single night.

Dear yeti,
You are a Gross English Titty Vampire.

You are an obsessive, manipulative, crazy bitch and you were originally the Joker but I watched season 2 of Dexter last week and this was too funny to pass up. You joined the Mafia because you are annoying as shit.

You know how to trick people into getting what you want. At night, you can PM blue_tornado and vonFiedler with “Night X - Tricking USER”. In the body of your PM, you will concoct a lie that the hosts will tell USER. For instance, telling USER that all night results they got were actually a host mistake. Unlike shitty deceptive abilities, we’ll do our best to lie to USER. You can find either of us on fluodome usually, so be sure to talk with us about your requests so that we can make them work even better. Finally, don’t be abusive with this ability. It is meant to be funny, so do funny and creative shit with it.

You are Mafia. You win if all who oppose your faction are dead.
Oh boy. I really had high hopes for this role. I actually gave it to Yeti because I thought others were more likely to be randed. She "permanently silenced" Spiffy, and even after she died he was too afraid to post for several turns.

I have to admit that the 'silenced for game' was a terrible idea. Not only would it have been broken in a standard game, but this is an noc game, so it would have been pretty fucking obvious that it's fake. The funny thing is, Rey had actually inspected Yeti during that night (N0), and even though Spiffy knew it was likely her, he STILL managed to chicken out. Success?

Mafia B

Dear Fangren,
You are Jill Valentine.

A former STARS operative and survivor of the fall of Racoon City. You want to bring Umbrella down for their crimes, but you’ve been dragged into the current conflict and as a survivor you decided to join the mafia.

You are equipped with your standard police Arwen 37 Grenade Launcher. At night, you can PM blue_tornado and vonFiedler with “Night X - Grenade USER”. USER will be unable to complete their night action.

Once per game, and starting on Turn 3, when a player mentions Stars in their post, you may quote them and post “You want stars? I’ll give you stars!” The player you reply to will be instantly killed. This is as instant as when a host sees it, so do yourself a favor and message one of us about it (be it on Smogon or Fluodome).

You are Mafia. You win if all who oppose your faction are dead.
After we had decided to make word kills, I knew instantly I wanted to do this. I cream my pants whenever I watch the ending to Resident Evil 3, so putting the greatest one liner ever to good use was something I had to do. To that end, as many called it, the STARS were fake. But they were brought up nonetheless, and it was glorious.

We really should have been more in-depth with descriptions for word kills, and this is the first example. Because he only had to quote a post with it, and because von really wanted the kill to play out, he got to kill terrador like he did. I intended it to work only if the former post included stars (and the quote is from that post), but whatever. This is one of those "it's ok, this game wasn't even meant to be serious" moments I feel will be mentioned plenty.

Dear Altair,
You are Neville Flynn.

When a gangster filled a passenger plane with snakes to kill a witness, you were the FBI agent to save the day. Now you are in even greater danger, and must go deep undercover as mafia.

You can use your extensive FBI database to learn more about other players. At night, you can PM blue_tornado and vonFiedler with “Night X - Inspect USER”. You will learn USER’s role name and ability.

There is a secret to this game, a mystery that you can solve. At night, you can PM blue_tornado and vonFiedler with “Night X - Investigate USER”. This must be used on a dead USER. You will learn clues about this game’s secret. In addition, you know that USER is also an Investigator, and you may PM each other (and should, as you both have everything to gain by sharing results).

You are Mafia. You win if all who oppose your faction are dead.
This combined two ideas. One involving Neville Flynn discovering that he was on a boat filled with bears, the other a pun on investigator. See Invest-A-Gator for the latter. Anyway, by checking dead bodies Altair was given clues. Real clues hinted that there was only mafia in the game. Fake clues hinted that there were only bears in the game. Nothing really came of this.

Altair was the only player to full-heartedly claim that there is no village in the game, and of course, this player got to be the investigator (which would have been fooled by clues that the village does exist). He was pretty active and it was a shame to see him die.

Dear HitoriRaven,
You are a Giant Enemy Crab.

Based on battles that actual took place in ancient Japan.

At night, you can PM blue_tornado and vonFiedler with “Night X - USER it’s RIIIIIIIDGE RAAAAAACER! RIDGE RACER!” USER will be so excited that their action’s priority will be increased.

Unfortunately, you have a weak point that can be attacked for massive damage. This weakness changes each night, and you will be notified what the next weakness is in your night results. If your weak point is hit, you will be killed.

You are Mafia. You win if all who oppose your faction are dead.
For a newer player, HR did ok. Priority up was always on the killer when applicable, but no bodyguard ever stopped a kill anyway (partly because on almost no night did every killer send in an action). Of course HR didn't actually have any weaknesses, but I do wonder how much it caused him to sweat.

I think we stopped sending him 'weakness' PMs fairly quickly (unless Von managed to send some under the radar). He kept raising the kill when possible (and the hook when not), something completely acceptable.

Dear zorbees,
You are Jesus.

“Two men owed money to a certain moneylender. One owed him five hundred denarii, and the other fifty. Neither of them had the money to pay him back, so he canceled the debts of both. Now which of them will love him more?” Simon replied, “I suppose the one who had the bigger debt canceled.” “You have judged correctly,” Jesus said. As a friend of tax collectors and sinners, you have joined the mafia.

You died for our sins. At night, you can PM blue_tornado and vonFiedler with “Night X - Martyr USER” USER’s night action will target you.

You are the great redeemer. In each post you make, you must forgive someone for something they have done. If you do not, you will be dadkilled.

You are Mafia. You win if all who oppose your faction are dead.
zorbees has been kinda less than active ever since CGM ended, and not much mileage was gotten out of this role.

I think he's idled his actions because he fretted for his well being, but at least he wasn't completely inactive.

Dear Aura Guardian,
You are Gob.

They aren’t tricks. Tricks are what a whore does for money. Or cocaine.

You are in semi-control of Franklin, who is in fact not a player but a host controlled alt. Franklin has a variety of uses, being able to send messages to other players, post in the thread, and he even gets his own lynch vote. Being a puppet, Franklin can’t be lynched or killed. He dies when you do. Send a PM to vonFiedler whenever you want to give Franklin instructions.

Once per game, you may also filibuster a lynch vote (forcing a No Lynch and ending the day) by singing “It Ain’t Easy Being White or Brown” in the thread with Franklin. You and vonFiedler both have to be on to do this, so make sure to get ahold of vonFiedler in fluodome or by messaging him.

You are Mafia. You win if all who oppose your faction are dead.
Really the star of the show, and again sadly killed early but alot mileage was gotten out of this even while it was available. Oddly, AG was rand killed and not Franklin. Sad that we never got to filibuster the lynched, but we got to sing our song anyway. I'm surprised that no one made the connection between Franklin and Gob (except Fate, after subbing in sent the vistior message "my name is judge", lol). Even after removing him from the player list people persisted in trying kill him.

When AG died, I made it seem like Franklin had possibly been kidnapped just to see what will happen, but I guess it was too convincing than I had liked. Still, we removed Franklin from the list as soon as AG died, so it's not really my fault people thought he was kidnapped for three cycle or something. ?_? We were really sad when AG died, he was always full of plans and was possibly the most active player in the game.

Mafia C

Dear Agape/UncleSam,
You are Barney Stinson.

Suit up! You are an awesome lady’s man and best friend of Ted. You are awesome at your well paying job, though I don’t know what that job is. The village vowed to lynch all mafia? Challenge accepted. This is going to be legen-

At night, you can PM blue_tornado and vonFiedler with “Night X - High-Five USER”. USER will be too busy high-fiving you, and will not be able to complete their night action.

Whenever someone asks you about your role, you must and may only respond with “Please”. Failure to comply will result in a godkill. In addition, if someone were to inspect you, they would receive “Please” as their result.

You are Mafia. You win if all who oppose your faction are dead. -dary
Agape immediately broke his restriction, and yes the restriction was clear enough, his role was listed as "Please" even in his team PM. At this point, it seemed harsh to kill one of their teammates, but the joke was pretty much ruined. Well, didn't stop Sam from pretending to have a post restriction anyway. This role was something of an idea not intended for NOC, probably would have worked better with outside contact.

We had a lot of discussion regarding what to do when Agape did what he did. We could have godkilled, but it would have likely ruined it for his faction, so we eventually decided to punish him and him only. Sam was nagging on me to join, and when he did, he was waaaay too competitive in a game intended not to be. He took the failed gators badly, seeing as he's designed an entire endgame plan around them, and had something to say on possibly every questionable act by me and von. It made the game much less enjoyable imo, but I'm not ruling out anything Sam had to say, as most if not all of it was logical. Still, I wish you were less serious about this game, I feel as if you would have had a better time if you had.

Dear Nook/wickdaggler,
You are an Invest-A-Gator.

I google image searched “Invest A Gator” and this was the result.

A knowledgeable investor is a successful investor. At night, you can PM blue_tornado and vonFiedler with “Night X - Inspect USER”. You will receive USER’s role name and ability.

You are holding a Gator. Every turn, the number of Gators you hold doubles. However, if you hold 7 Gators at a time, they will eat you. So you should give some away before you get too many. Also, you know that USER is an Investigator. They are under the mistaken impression that you are one too, and the two of you can PM each other. Since USER thinks you are an Investigator (which targets dead players to discover clues), you should probably make some fake clues to share with them.

You are Mafia. You win if all who oppose your faction are dead.
This was probably the single best troll in the game. I don't know how much he ever fucked with Altair (and I kinda doubt he did), but UncleSam and company put so much effort into farming these gators it was delightful. And no, they never were supposed to actually kill, we always had planned to make up excuses for why they didn't work.

Again regarding Sam-- no, these were actually meant to be Nook's troll. This could have actually been really fun if it weren't for the high hopes put into each and every one of those gators.

Dear UltraPorygon,
You are ZLAD!

Actually, you wanted to join the village but upon arrival was arrested for recreational drug use. You’ve apologized for letting everyone in Molvania down, especially your family, your friends, and your dealer.

At night, you can PM blue_tornado and vonFiedler with “Night X - USER1 onto USER2’s Love Rocket Climb”. USER1 will be forced to vote for USER2 the next day. If they do not comply they will be godkilled.

Starting Turn 1, you get one free kill in the thread by counting down. Each turn you can post a new number, in bold. The countdown goes “5” “4” “3” “1” “OFF BLAST”. When you post “OFF BLAST” in bold, the player immediately preceding your post will be instantly killed. This is as instant as when a host sees it, so do yourself a favor and message one of us about it (be it on Smogon or Fluodome).

You are Mafia. You win if all who oppose your faction are dead.
If you want to be super technical, all this says is player immediately preceding your post. Spiffy edited his post immediately preceding. Well, this caused quite a stir anyway. Reyscarface reported me to gmax, so I had to turn in my mafia badge (but they will never take my gun). The unwritten rule of all of these word kills (and all troll stuff really) was that it just had to be funny. Was it funny to have Spiffy word killed after 10 edits? Hell yes it was. I was laughing for a good five minutes.

As much as I would love to see the bright side in these, like Von.. I simply don't want any of these mishaps causing the major bitching that is BOUND to happen because this game apparently means something. If what Von decided to do served the purpose of this game (unfairness is an excellent troll), I second it. About UP, he was pretty obedient to Sam all the way, and was active enough to cope with Sam's orders.

Dear Kharozz,
You are Big Boo.

As the Marlon Brando of ghosts, you make an obvious mafia choice.

It’s hard to concentrate on platforming as you slowly inch towards your target. At night, you can PM blue_tornado and vonFiedler with “Night X - Float around USER”. All night actions that target USER will target you instead.

You are a very shy ghost. If you are mentioned in a post, you may not make the next post (the last post must not mention you). If you break this rule, you will be godkilled.

You are Mafia. You win if all who oppose your faction are dead.
This genius restriction was Blue Tornado's idea, and I don't think I've ever seen a funnier godkill.

I hate to downgrade my own worth but I don't think that's such a "genius" restriction. Hell I think I've seen it before somewhere. About how it played out, I was not around when the godkill happened, so I don't know if Kharozz's name was in Rey's original post or not. Obviously editing his name in wouldn't have gotten him godkilled (that's just stupid), but "eh, not a serious game".

Dear Lightwolf,
You are Secret Agent Julian Bashir.

You are a British Secret Agent, skilled with fighting, gambling, and women. Of course, your government gives you lavish accommodations and all the right gadgets. Being deep undercover, you have joined the mafia.

At night, you can PM blue_tornado and vonFiedler with “Night X - Place Bet”. In the body of your PM, you will make a prediction. If it comes to pass, you will be rewarded according to the difficulty of the prediction. You can win things like one shot abilities, or mayor for a day, etc. You may haggle with the hosts over what you win if your prediction comes true, one of us is usually in fluodome.

You are Mafia. You win if all who oppose your faction are dead.
Or, that one time Yeti and I had a Star Trek argument in a mafia thread. Anyway, in spite of his higher profile, I gave this role to Lightwolf because I knew he would otherthink it in ways I had not prepared for. He totally did, making his bets "I bet a mafia will be lynched today". This both lets him in on the game secret, and lets him farm rewards. We never had to work around this problem though.

Actually we were almost going to, and we were going to restrict it somehow since we didn't intend it to abuse a single concept the whole game (he could have kept betting on a mafia being lynched/killer/whatever floats ye boat and farming prizes that way). Still, we knew LW would be active and he sure was.

Mafia D

Dear Phantasia/jigglypuffers42,
You are REO Speedwagon.

One of the greatest bands to ever be awesome, and the inspiration for my D&D name, with such hits as “Keep on Loving You”, “Take It on the Run”, and “Can’t Fight This Feeling”.

As a massively popular band, you have bodyguards to protect your instruments. At night, you can PM blue_tornado and vonFiedler with “Night X - Guard USER”. USER will be loaned a bodyguard, and any attempt to kill them will fail. You may not use this ability on yourself.

Taking your inspiration from an old truck, once per game and at any time you may post “Transform and roll out!”. You will transform into an REO Speedwagon and drive away for 3 turns, kidnapping yourself instantly. You cannot be targeted with abilities or lynched, but you may not use your night action or post in the thread at penalty of being godkilled. This is as instant as when a host sees it, so do yourself a favor and message one of us about it (be it on Smogon or Fluodome).

You are Mafia. You win if all who oppose your faction are dead.
vF: I was really disappointed by jiggly here, even to the point where I honestly felt trolled. In a case of "player didn't read the role pm", I pm'd her several times saying that she had to activate her ability herself and she was just "yeah use it before majority". Again though, she had to post her phrase. I can't get into her account and do it for her. Sigh... this would have been so cool.

I understand that this caused some commotion because Von was actually a bit more flexible with other stuff but not with this. But honestly, it's not hard to post a single line. Using the hosts as some sort of safety net "just in case this happens" shouldn't happen in any game, not even in a game like this. That's the main reason I'm completely behind Von here.

vF: I actually extended the deadline past majority by about 12 hours sending pms to jiggly, so I don't see how I wasn't being flexible.

Dear Da Letter El,
You are Antione Dodson.

Well, obviously you’re the flamboyant cult hero and enemy to rapists everywhere. You are also a gay hairstylist. You joined the mafia to make sure that they aren’t rapin’ anybody out there.

At night, you can PM blue_tornado and vonFiedler with “Night X - Is USER a rapist?”. You will receive USER’s role name and ability.

Well, obviously you have to begin every post with “Well, obviously” or risk being godkilled. However, once per game you get a super vote. This is activated by making a post with a vote and 200 or more words in it (you have to be talking about the game, you can’t post gibberish or copypasta). For every 200 words, your vote counts for 1 more (200 words means 2 votes, 400 words 3 votes). Your vote can count for 6 votes maximum at 1000 words.

You are Mafia. You win if all who oppose your faction are dead.
vF: An inspector who could make a gigantic post for a one time super mayor, sadly we never got to see that. Originally this role was not on the same team as Phoenix Wright, you can imagine why that was fixed.

Dale was another active player that I really wanted to see more, since he was the only one doing something in his faction regarding organization and planning. When he died, the faction essentially died along with him.

Dear terrador14,
You are Numbers Malkovich.

One day, John Malkovich and that guy from Numb3rs were fused together in a transporter accident. Then they joined the mafia.

At night, you can PM blue_tornado and vonFiedler with “Night X - USER1 Malkovich USER2”. USER1’s night actions will target USER2.

Being half a numbers guy, you know that there are two 5 man mafias, 12 villagers, and 4 neutrals.

You are Mafia. You win if all who oppose your faction are dead.
vF: Another role founded on a lie, not much to say except that terrador really pissed off his team in the end.

Well I guess nothing big happened with this guy. The numbers thing was meant to give the feeling that this game's format was similar to that of Von's RoTK, and Terra posted them twice, on two different occasions. Meh.

Dear server_crash,
You are Phoenix Wright.

It is not conviction or acquittal you seek, nor good or evil, but only, the truth!

At night, you can PM blue_tornado and vonFiedler with “Night X - Hold It USER!”. USER will be unable to post the next day, and will be godkilled if they do. Negates persuasion.

Once per game starting on Turn 3, you may kill someone by posting “OBJECTION!!!” in maximum font size and bold immediately after them. However, they must have made a fairly long post (a few paragraphs). This may seem subjective, but its bound to happen in an NOC game. This is as instant as when a host sees it, so do yourself a favor and message one of us about it (be it on Smogon or Fluodome).

You are Mafia. You win if all who oppose your faction are dead.
vF: At this point we were really trying hard to think up new word kills, and it seemed a given that in an NOC game people would go on long winded rants. Still, never got the kill here despite trying.

Server_Crash was active and, like Von said, tried relatively hard in making his kill succeed, with no avail. He played decently.

Dear Johann/Fatecrashers,
You are Fatecrashers.

The last badgebender, gone to China to improve his martial arts.

You do not send in a night action. Instead, each night you draw a picture and post it in the thread. This picture should depict a night action happening to any of the players (you can indicate which player by their name or their avatar). You may do any staple night action this way, except for kidnapping and killing. The picture has to be clear enough that the hosts can figure out what it is (you cannot tell us), but you don’t want other players catching on that this is your night action.

You are Mafia. You win if all who oppose your faction are dead.
vF: True story, the role was made for Fatecrashers, then he went to China so it was given to Johann. Then he came back and subbed into it. Johann was inactive obviously, and Fate was constantly hooked. I think the first picture was a little too obvious, but he was also inspected. The later two pictures I really got a kick out of though. Someone should design a game around Fatecrashers drawing funny pictures.

I have to oppose Von here and say that the first picture actually was the least obvious to players, I guess because of the fact it was, surely enough, the first picture. By the time Fate got in, several factions had inspected him and he was doomed. Really sad this role didn't have much success, as like people said, I doubt this will work again, at least not in these next few months.

Mafia E

Dear JB25,
You are X-ATM092.

Giant mechanical spider.

At night, you can PM blue_tornado and vonFiedler with “Night X - Bodyguard USER”. All attempts on USER’s life will fail. You may not target yourself with this ability.

This is going to be fun.

You are Mafia. You win if all who oppose your faction are dead.
vF: Uhh, I don't even know if I want to explain this one. He was supposed to be trolled with the lyrics to Wild Wild West, I don't think that really panned out though...

Von said he wanted to troll with a friend of his, and I guess that didn't work out. JB25 was active, not much else to say.

Dear reyscarface,
You are the Your Mom Joke.

A tired joked perhaps. Tired as your mother was after last night.

At night, you can PM blue_tornado and vonFiedler with “Yo Momma is so USER”. You will receive USER’s role name and ability.

Once per game, starting on Turn 3, you may kill another player by posting a your mom joke in response to them directly after their post. It must be a proper your mom joke (not “yo momma is so X”, those are shit. A proper your mom joke is when you turn something someone else said into a mom related pun), and it must make one of the hosts chuckle. This is as instant as when a host sees it (and approves).

You are Mafia. You win if all who oppose your faction are dead.
vF: rey, next time there is a mafia game with a rule "don't take this too seriously", do not play it. You will break that rule. You will be a rulebreaker.

Pretty much what Von said. Him and Spiffy were really active and when the Spiffy godkill happened, he essentially blew up. You have any right to be mad, if only this game was meant to be competitively serious in the slightest.

Dear Spiffy,
You are Cammy’s Stage.

Scenic Edinburgh Castle, made more beautiful by Scotland’s Aurora Borealis.

At night, you can PM blue_tornado and vonFiedler with “Night X - Get USER Drunk”. Any malicious action (except for kills) that targets USER will fail. You may not target yourself with this ability.

Your stage has fucking awesome music. As a posting restriction, you must listen to this music every time you make a post. If you do not, you will be godkilled.

You are Mafia. You win if all who oppose your faction are dead.
vF: The most bullshit post restriction ever, but I was also supposed to taunt Spiffy by saying things like "I'm not sure you were really listening to the music that time". Kind of went off track what with Spiffy never posting in the first half.

I really have to hand it to Spiffy for obeying an obviously fake restriction, even though he knew there's a fake restriction distributor from the moment he got it. Then again, maybe it's just my awesome hosting skills that left him in doubt. And yes, we gave Spiffy this role because of the restriction (the "real" one), simply because Von wanted to fuck with Spiffy and of course I had no complaints.

Dear polelover44,
You are the Cookie Monster.

You are a lovable blue monster who eats cookies. You do not eat vegetables, because that would be fucking stupid.

At night, you can PM blue_tornado and vonFiedler with “Night X - Share Cookies with USER”. USER will be busy eating cookies, so their night action priority will go down.

Also at night, you can PM blue_tornado and vonFiedler with “Night X - Cookie Party with USER1, USER2, etc.” You can include between 2 and 4 USERs. During the update, it will be announced whether these players are all on the same team or not.

You are Mafia. You win if all who oppose your faction are dead.
vF: No need to check, yes, one of these things was always not like the other things, and would always be not like the other things. It was pretty cool how this was actually warped into something to definitively clean people.

I guess the troll worked. Oh and I take full credit for voicing cookie monster as a character, although I thank Von for the catchy song. Pole idled a few which made Rey force me to accept his (Pole's) actions through him after update. Still, none of those times had any real impact on the game.

Dear Pidge,
You are Fiona Elisi Linette.

A strange girl with amnesia, you are actually one of the last Ancient Zoidians. However, you do not know that and have joined the mafia hoping they can help you with your memory.

At night, you can PM blue_tornado and vonFiedler with “Night X - Post Restrict USER”. In the body of your PM, you give USER a posting restriction that they will have all game. This is meant to be used for fun, and not to abuse the game. Restrictions are no post count + restrictions, no restrictions that prevent a player from voting or expressing themself (even if they must do so in Spanish, they are still getting their point across), no glorified persuasion or silence.

You are Mafia. You win if all who oppose your faction are dead.
vF: The "village leader" lol. Again, sadly only one post restrict ever worked after several tries. Would have liked to see more of that.

Yeah, Pidge was the "obvious villager" so he got Hooked almost every single night. There goes our last "special role" that didn't even get killed that early but still failed to have an impact. Oh and Pidge played well.

Closing Words:

As I once said, no one was really playing with a full deck. While some people theorized that there was only mafia in the game, this was a far cry from figuring out who was on which team, and as it stood kills flailed about and the game ended remarkably even teamwise. Some players were more dedicated than others, but no one really played the game well, and they weren't expected to. That's why there is no MVP award from me. Anyway, hope people had fun with this. I actually had alot of fun hosting it, regardless of the power roles dying early.

I should probably note that this was definitely not a good choice for a first-time hosted game. I had hosted games on other sites in-between the gap from when we abandoned this game until we revamped it, so this isn't really my first time hosting, but I feel as if it wasn't too enriching for a host. Still, I enjoyed it, and I did get some update-making experience in the process. I will probably try hosting alone next time, but not because of Von-- I actually really enjoyed hosting alongside you, and your interesting view on things was always helpful. I just felt that we didn't get to collude on a lot of important decisions, mostly because of our timezones, and I guess I just like control over things.

But I don't blame the players-- I'd already accepted that this game was completely random and we had no real way of knowing if it would be successful or not. There was barely any strategic moves in this game but it didn't really make it terrible. It was fun for us hosts to see the big picture and there were some good laughs in the process. So I have no real regrets.

Overall, I enjoyed this experience, and I hope most of you players did too!

This is also a good time to point out that after half a year, Overkill 2 has finally been called and I have won.

Destiny Warrior said:
I said, I say you won. If you want the game listing to be edited, ask one of my cohosts about it.
So if you are reading this Lightwolf, can you please go ahead and fix the game listing for it.
First things first:

I was sad to have been killed so soon because I was hoping to take Pidge down. Or at least waste a lynch with Franklin. And yes, Pidge had been hooked, so I was speaking truthfully through my puppet, except about who the hooker was.

As for the troll with Franklin after the game ended (the mentions of the below post and the above post): I was seeing how blatantly obvious I could make it that I controlled (er, had partial control over) Franklin before people realized.

Wait, I missed that Franklin was able to send messages to other players! Man, I really would have trolled hard if I hadn't noticed that.

Good game, everyone. Even though I was killed early, etc. My favorite part was the Franklin lynch, and the fallout from Franklin claiming hooker...



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i'd just like to say mafia E can suck a cock
since spiffy was on their team and we all know he's a child prostitute i'm sure they did

a shame this game ended so quickly for me.. being silenced and lynched d1 in a NOC is sort of unavoidable.

STARS were obvious fakes. i approve of the all-caps item.

also please ban smashlloyd from all future mafias, he is a diagnosed idiot. see: his actions.

thanks to vF and B_T for hosting but never put smashlloyd on my team again or I'll lynch that roach off
Man, this was a good game all. Too bad AG and Franklin didn't get to do much though. Don't worry B_T, von, I wasn't sweatin the weakness :D, okay...maybe a little. But it was kinda weird to stop getting them. My only regret was that I didn't troll more.
Thanks for hosting guys!
Honestly, I think I played pretty decently until Day 4. That's when for some maddened reason, I started a lynch against TAS. I have no fucking idea why I did that. Anyways once he 'false claimed', I was actually slightly hopeful as that might improve my credibility with everyone else and all that stuff once he was proven wrong. Unfortunately I didn't realize that he showed up as something different once killed. Then Day 5 I needlessly panicked when I wasn't going to be lynched, posting a bunch of shit that actually caused me to get lynched.
So yeah. Screw me.
Thanks for hosting and stuff.
Terrador's info about the factions was a terrible troll. In the late game, we were trying to think about how many of the other mafia were, which was just a waste. Mafia D would have won it all if B_T had let my godkill go through.

GG all (except Spiffy, I wish you had been godkilled)
All right, so I said that I'd have a lot to say in the postgame, and after life put me into some delays, I'm ready to post this.

I'll be honest; I was kind of glad that this was a NOC Mafia at all (what does that stand for anyway) because I often find in other mafias that people keep PMing each other until I'm the last to really know anything, and this was a pleasant change. Once I found that I was in "the" mafia, I took to taking a back seat and sort of pretending that I wasn't paying attention because blah blah being low-key helps you survive blah blah. I was sure that Eo knew what he was doing and I took to BGing him when he started activating his day kill on Pidge, though that didn't end all that favourably for him.

We (well, the three people other than me and smashlloyd20; I generally just lurked our channel) actually talked about smashlloyd20 and how he was talking a lot for no good reason. This came to an unfortunately timed series of events right after Eo went (and Yeti was gone too so we were at an obvious disadvantage in the first place), where smash started to get overly zealous about the suggestion to lynch TAS. I suspect that he was never made aware of all of our role PMs and wasn't aware that TAS was a mole-by-game-mechanic, so he tried to be a mole himself or something. I suppose that if he really wasn't aware of all this, he should have been told. In any case, this was right before I got my first night kill inherited from Eo, too, so there was this thing I wanted to try where I'd coordinate a TAS kill/resurrection to activate his powers. That went down the toilet -.- I half-seriously contemplated just killing smash and trying something unorthodox, but I figured that he'd make a sort of meat shield for me. That didn't last long, either -.-

So for the last half of the game, I was essentially a neutral bodyguard + wolf. What kind of pathetic existence that is. This was also when real life got me down and, combined with my general lack of direction, this caused me to miss deadlines repeatedly. There was one night where I was somehow completely convinced that the deadline was about 9 a.m. when it was actually around 1 a.m. I also had this weird idea to somehow try to get Server_Crash to join my faction once he revealed his role PM. I didn't care that his claim made no sense because I was kind of getting desperate here. I additionally had multiple urges to target Spiffy, but I was too much of a pussy :P

And then we come to my plea near the end. It's kind of funny how I didn't have to lie in this game; I worded the plea specifically so that it wouldn't be a lie, though it turned out to be heavily misinformed. I was kind of pleasantly surprised when UP accused me of being the "stronger" mafia faction, that maybe the village was stronger than I'd figured. Alas, when I finally got a kill in at the end, I'd already lost.

I have to say that I really enjoyed this mafia, way up there among my favourite mafias. I'm not sure if that was because it was NOC or because of the hosts, or both. I just really enjoyed this game.

P.S. I (and I'm sure a lot of others) figured that the STARS were either fake or not worth worrying about. They were either part of some elaborate troll we had no control over, or nonexistent.


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it's still generally a pretty poor idea to lynch your team off or bring suspicion onto them... especially over halfway through the game when you don't have much to prove.
not to mention you were in our channel less than the dead members were so you have nobody to blame but yourself for being 'uninformed' and playing very poorly.
True. I had absolutely no time for this game, IRL issues reared their nasty little heads.