U.S. President Themed Mafia -- Sign Ups

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+ Obama.

Hosted by Serenity (:happybrain:) and AvatarST (:doom:)

1. No deadtalking.
2. It is possible for neutral(s) to be in this game.
3. Lynches occur when a majority is reached ie. more than 50% of players or the deadline is reached.
4. There will be no 'villager' role. Every player has SOMETHING special.
5. Action priorities are kept at my discretion.
6. You are not to copypaste/screenshot anything I tell you, aside from role PMs I send to you regarding the game. This includes, but is not limited to, irc logs, MSN logs, Shoddy chat etc.
7. If you want to create a pastebin, mini forum, irc channel (which I suggest you make hidden) or something to organize yourself, notify me and AvatarST.
8. All PMs should be sent to Serenity and AvatarST, this will help the game move quicker. You can also send an "idling" PM if you wish.
9. Use as much deception as you want, but under no circumstance can you impersonate Serenity or AvatarST.
10. Items can be given away during the night or day. 'Night/Day X - Give [item] to [user]' to give it away. Giving away an item has the lowest priority in the game.
11. Don't be an asshole and try to intentionally ruin it.
12. If you are going to fake logs or PMs please make it believable. :)
13. For the sake of making it more Presidential-like, killings and lynches will be referred to as impeachments -- hence, when "lynching" the correct terminology will be: Impeach X.
This game would be more fun if the players have a general idea of American History, however that is not required. Most of my information that I will provide will be found on Wikipedia. Just letting you guys know of this.

I believe this game will consist of 23 different users.. so, sign up. I'll make it first come first serve, but I will alter the list if I find it necessary.

Thanks, and enjoy the game.

Approved by AvatarST and Shiv.
1. Jedil
2. Jimbo
3. RB Golbat
4. Lightwolf
5. Fishy
6. Katherine
7. Stoo
8. GreenPikachu
9. Thunda
10. dak
11. Flounder
12. Twash
13. Unownasofyet
14. Toothache
15. LonelyNess
16. Shade
17. Mordock
18. Jenigmat
19. -_-
20. GTS
21. Misaki-Chi
22. McGraw
23. Pidgeot79
24. Sikh Assassin
25. Bass
26. ExplorerAce
27. Fishin
28. Veedrock
29. Billymills
30. demon238
31. Earthworm
32. Sir_Lu


this president is ready for office
where is my first lady at?


i didn't know you were going to post it now >_> i thoguht maybe later tonight


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Also, it is a common misconception that to impeach means to bring out of office, but it really is just sending them to trial for that. :x
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