Championship - Type B Ubers Classic - Semi Finals


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Banner Credit: NicoReaper
Welcome to the Semi Finals of the first iteration of Smogon Ubers Classic, where the final 4 (5?) players from our three Ubers Cups and the playoffs will battle it out to win the Ubers Tour Winner banner!

Each series will be a Bo5, with the higher seed picking the first generation from ADV, DPP, and BW. From there, the loser of the game will pick the generation for the next game, and so on. A generation may only be picked a second time if all others have been played in at least once. No generation may be picked more than twice.

Round 2
#1 Hack vs #4 Hamhamhamham
#2 March Fires vs #6 CKW

Round 1 Extension
#1 Hack
vs #8 Melle2402

Extension deadline is Saturday the 9th.
Round 2 Extension deadline is Friday the 22nd.
Deadline is Friday the 15th - Remember your replays!
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lmao didnt really want this to happen again... activity call. ive been here since scheduled time and have been waiting 30 min now. im exhausted so headed to bed. idk what the go is because hack/ham havent done their game yet, but im pretty free next week to hopefully still get this done if the round gets extended.
Ok so... it seems neither game is gonna get done in the original timeframe. Deciding a semi finals series by activity bs will completely screw the legitimacy of this tournament so... I have no choice but to allow for an extension until the time I heard its likely both games will be played by (the 22nd). Maybe we will finish by 2018!