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Ubers Stats - April 2013

Discussion in 'BW Ubers' started by Furai, May 1, 2013.

  1. Aquasition


    Mar 8, 2012
    | 1 | Kyogre | 46.50017% | 63452 | 40.849% | 52961 | 43.167% |

    I think the following is going to happen before Kyogre loses his #1 spot:
    -Pigs will fly
    -Hell will freeze over
    -Half-Life 2 Episode 3 will be released
    -(insert more here)

    | 13 | Ho-Oh | 14.69833% | 20335 | 13.091% | 16065 | 13.094% |
    | 15 | Deoxys-Speed | 13.49327% | 17807 | 11.464% | 16746 | 13.649% |

    I'm surprised, I thought Deo-S was used more. Must be all those Magic Sun(Magic Bounce+ Drought) teams, alongside Forry support.

    | 16 | Lugia | 12.52728% | 20115 | 12.950% | 15087 | 12.297% |

    The thing about Lugia is that he's steel/poison-type bait. I'm honestly wondering what would happen if he dropped into OU. Either he'd be hard to break, or he'd suck in OU. I'm just saying that due to OU's offensive metagame nature. I'm not saying to drop him in OU, I'm just wondering.

    | 22 | Latias | 8.07451% | 10301 | 6.632% | 7993 | 6.515% |
    | 23 | Latios | 7.99142% | 11235 | 7.233% | 8192 | 6.677% |

    These two are nearly interchangeable. Hmm.

    | 36 | Deoxys-Defense | 3.41842% | 6580 | 4.236% | 5784 | 4.714% |

    This guy isn't performing too well in Ubers, when it comes to hazards (Thank Deo-S). He does work as a recurring hazard user, meaning he can set hazards multiple times in the match.

    | 72 | Riolu | 0.81978% | 1150 | 0.740% | 850 | 0.693% |
    | 76 | Arceus-Dark | 0.76856% | 1354 | 0.872% | 1035 | 0.844% |

    A decent defensive check to Mewtwo is used less than Riolu. To be fair, using Darkceus does mean giving up another Arceus form so...
  2. Gogeta


    Mar 27, 2013
    pls no.

    Here is a list of everything in OU that gets a guaranteed OHKO on Lugia:
    Show Hide

    Lugia is way too bulky for OU. The only things that can do major damage are niche things (Chandelure, Kyurem, Crawdaunt) or Terrakion (which only band can beat). While it would still be steel bait, it wouldn't change that nothing could break through it. To be honest, Sub CM would probably the best set in OU, due to the lack of physical attackers that can smash it. With base 110 speed and humongous bulk, getting to +6 wouldn't be impossible, and +6 anything is going to hurt.

    But yea, Lugia ain't going anywhere.
  3. Aquasition


    Mar 8, 2012
    Mmm. So bringing the giant seagull down would be like bringing Chansey into UU(It IS in BL for a reason, although unlike Chansey, Lugia would hate Kyu-B, Haxorus, and Thund-T offensively. and every steel/poison typer defensively).

    Yeah, Lugia's gonna be stuck in the Hotel Calif- err, I mean Ubers.
  4. dcae

    dcae naughty list

    Dec 9, 2011
    Genesect... wow. I think this is a first, for a poke banned from OU head into the top 5 for Ubers. It is amazing, but is it really that good? 4% jump is huge. Also Mewtwo is much more common during the Suspect test than reg Ubers, but I never found it much of a threat. Obligatory mention to the great Kyogre. Specs Water Spout kills everything.
  5. MatchMaster


    Apr 3, 2013
    Arceus needs a Jolly nature to outpace Band Terrakion (which should always be running Jolly), and Arceus usually runs an Adamant nature, so CB Terrakion is a decent check to most EKiller.
  6. Brave Bird spam

    Brave Bird spam

    Nov 30, 2012
    matchmaster said it already but most EK run adamant so jolly terrakion checks the vast majority of them anyway.

    Couple more thoughts:
    Surprised that so specially defensive isn't even listed under kyogre's spreads, sdef ogre is really good, it checks many threats most notably almost any calm mind arceus lacking an SE STAB move.

    49 | Jirachi
    I think this really deserves more usage, with rain support it can wall a lot
    and is an excellent wish passer as well as one of the best kyurem-w checks out there.

    53 | Glalie
    I hate when people troll with moody+ sub+ protect with this thing

    109 | Bronzong
    This is actually quite good. Lack of recovery hurts but it can take on things
    like lati@s and white kyurem and giratina-o and even most mewtwo. It also beats groudon lacking
    fire punch (one of its main niches over jirachi) and dialga in the rain.

    149 | Electivire
    150 | Bisharp
    Why -.- bisharp is really good too
  7. ElectivireRocks

    ElectivireRocks Banned deucer.

    Nov 12, 2011
    Is it good? Yes. Is it THAT good? No.
    Genesect is very anti-meta right now.
    As many ubers have lower defense than special defense, it's very easy for scarf Genesect to abuse boosted U-Turns which deal high damage and lets you grab momentum.

    Its ability to revenge kill most Kyurem-W, Darkrai and Mewtwo variants is inavluable as they're some of the most threatening pokemon in the tier.

    The abundance of rain means that non-STAB Fire attacks aren't guaranteed to OHKO it, making running HP Fire on random things such as Magnezone and Skymin unreliable.

    Genesect however is far from unstppable as I mentioned in my other post. The metagame needs to adjust a bit to handle it.
  8. Lugztina


    Jun 9, 2007
    A pokemon's performance in Ubers has nothing to do with its performance in OU. Meanwhile, if a pokemon is too broken for OU it may be placed in ubers, ie. Thunderus Incarnate, Excadrill, and Blaziken.
  9. aerotsunami


    Mar 28, 2013
    Ditto | +1.32103%

    People seem really polarized about ditto in Ubers.

    You either think it's this amazing thing or you think it's garbage. Personally, I see it more of a middle-ground Pokémon that can be used to patch up defensive/ type disadvantage holes in your team. And it's definitely not the Pokémon you want to base your team around.

    That being said, I do like having it on my team. But there are some things I've realized after having used it for a while...

    -Ditto is terrible as a lead. Most opposing leads carry a sash or are very bulky. And from what I've seen most players don't put many EVs into defense or HP. So you may get one good hit in, but if you don't KO your opponent your ditto is as good as gone. Also, lead dittos are easy to switch in on and give your opponent a free turn to set up or lay down hazards.
    -Ditto is best saved until late-game. It's primary purpose should be to revenge. This is where prediction comes in. Choose the move that will most likely KO your opponent, and do at least neutral damage to the remaining team. (For example, if your opponent has a weakened Dialga out, and has a Groudon and Ho-Oh on the bench -- don't go for aura sphere even though it's a guaranteed KO. Go for the dragon stab.)
    -Ditto can be a great Genesect sponge. Since Genesect is usually hit-and-run, sending Ditto out can give you a turn to cripple your opponent on the switch. You have to predict, but then again, your foe's Genesect probably won't use flamethrower against your Kyogre or Groudon.
    -Ditto can be used for more than revenging. Once you think you've memorized what sets your opponent is using, you can often use their support Pokémon against them. I've often transformed my ditto to use wish or light screen or stealth rocks (etc). Since I'm 100% hyper offense, I sometimes use my ditto to copy the opponent's support Pokémon.

    Like I said, I personally don't think Ditto is some miracle or gimmick Pokémon like some people do. But it's definitely not bad once you practice with it.

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