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Ultimate Destruction! (A Hyper Offensive OU team)

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by xRob75, Aug 11, 2013.

  1. xRob75


    Jun 24, 2013
    Welcome to my third RMT! Before I begin I would like to say this is my first hyper offense team so it isnt the best in the world or anything.

    Teambuilding Process
    First, I wanted a strong lead that could set up rocks and take out other leads so I picked tyranitar with a normal lead set and focus sash
    Second, I wanted to cover up tyranitars fighting weakness so i put a machamp with a bulk up set
    248.png dpmfb068.png
    Third, I wanted to use a quiver dance volcarona so without thinking I put it on
    248.png dpmfb068.png avatar8986_1.gif.png
    Fourth, I wanted to use my favorite life orb user in OU. I put on my gyarados with the set I usually use.
    248.png dpmfb068.png avatar8986_1.gif.png Platinum_Gyaradosu_Sprite.png
    Next, I wanted to finish the fire/water/grass core so I put a subpunch breloom.
    248.png dpmfb068.png avatar8986_1.gif.png Platinum_Gyaradosu_Sprite.png 286-frame1.png
    Finally, I wanted to use the my favorite revenge killer and something that could tske out dragons easily so It worked out perfectly choosing scarf latios.
    248.png dpmfb068.png avatar8986_1.gif.png Platinum_Gyaradosu_Sprite.png 286-frame1.png
    After using the team in a couple games I realized i was weak to flying and psychic and volcarona sucked ass so I put on heatran with a life orb set.
    248.png dpmfb068.png avatar8986_1.gif.png Platinum_Gyaradosu_Sprite.png 286-frame1.png Unknown-2.jpeg
    The team at a glance
    248.png dpmfb068.png Unknown.jpeg Platinum_Gyaradosu_Sprite.png 286-frame1.png Unknown-2.jpeg
    In-Depth Analysis
    Tyranitar@Focus Sash
    Ability: Unerve
    EVs:252hp 4atk 252spe
    Naive nature
    -stealth rock
    -fire blast
    -ice beam
    Tyranitar is a very strong lead. It is usually able to take out 2 members of the opponents team and setup rocks. Although it doesnt have max attack or special attack evs it does good amounrs of damage. the moves of crunch fire blast and ice beam provide good type coverage against enemy leads.
    ability: no guard
    EVs:212hp 252atk 44spe
    adamant nature
    -bulk up
    -dynamic punch
    -stone edge
    -ice punch
    Machamp is a big threat to most teams. it is able set up right in my opponets face when tyranitar goes down. machamp takes out physically attacking dragons with ease. Machamps moveset gives is good type coverage and the ability to sweep teams easily.
    Heatran@life orb
    ability: flash fire
    EVs:252hp 252spa 4spd
    modest nature
    -fire blast
    -earth power
    -dark pulse
    Heatran is a verystong member of the tea. It provides necesaary resistances and takes out threats easily. fire blast and earth power provide good type coverage. while dark pulse deals with ghosts and psychic types once tyranitar is gone. Heatran also provides a necessary resistance to dragons.
    Gyarados@life orb
    ability: moxie
    EVs:252atk 4spd 252spe
    adamant nature
    -dragon dance
    Gyarados is a tremendous threat against most teams on it sets up. It is able to set up with ease. gyarados provides good type coverage. gyarados is the pokemon that sweeps most often on this team. gyarados provides a good counter to pokemon like heatran and venusaur. gyarados also provides ground immunity
    breloom@life orb
    ability: poison heal
    EVs:4hp 252atk 252 spe
    jolly nature
    -focus punch
    -seed bomb
    breloom is the wall breaker of the team. It main job is to spore threats giving my other pokes the oppotunity to set up and take them out. breloom also provides a necessary super effective hit against water types. breloom makes sweeping possible with ease.
    Latios@Choice scarf
    ability: levitate
    EVs:252spa 4 spd 252spe
    timid nature
    -draco meteor
    Latios is my favorite revenge killer. It outspeeds most teams. Latios is extremely reliable when it comes to taking down threats.trick is on latios for when latios is my last poke and needs to go clutch. Latios also provides offense against dragons. latios stops sweeper stop in there tracks.

    This team is very reliable but has trouble when put on the defensive. i went 25 and 5 in 30 games since I put on heatran. This team doesnt seem to have any consistent threats so I will edit one in onec I feel there is one.​
  2. Lampent


    Jul 23, 2013
    Once Latios is gone, SubSalac Terrakion sweeps this team, as well as some Mamoswine. I strongly reccomend changing Breloom into a Technitian set with Mach Punch, Bullet Seed, Low Sweep/Swords Dance, and Spore.
  3. deadflame


    Oct 29, 2011
    Very nice team, first of all. Very good FWG Core. I especially like your use of the underrated Machamp. Life Orb Starmie, especially in the Rain, can deal massage amounts of damage or outright KO nearly all of your team, other than Latios, and even then a Life Orb Ice Beam deals a rather large chunk. For this reason, and because you have a max speed Tyranitar anyway, I highly recommend changing it to Smogon's Choice Scarf Set. The ability to check and defeat Celebi, Starmie, and Gengar, as well as the Lati twins, will, I think, prove invaluable to your team.

    Other than that, I really would change Dark Pulse on Heatran to Dragon Pulse, as your fire STAB already does more damage to Ghosts and Psychics (bar Jellicient) than Dark Pulse, and Dragon Pulse hurts the Lati Twins, Haxorus, Kyurem-B, and Hydreigon more than HP Ice.

    I would also try HP Fire on Latios over Trick for Scizor, as you're fucked if Heatran is koed.
  4. Energy

    Energy formerly Laurel
    is a Tiering Contributoris a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Jan 2, 2010
    Echoing what Lampent said you have no solid check for Swords Dance Terrakion you lack priority, and it outspeeds your entire team besides Latios. Furthermore, any combination of Terrakion and Pursuit Tyranitar can really hurt your team. I don't want to change much from your original team, so I will keep the typing the same, but my first suggested change is to change your Sub Punching Breloom to a Technician Breloom. This will give you priority that hyper offensive teams need, and make your team, well, even more offensive, as Sub Punching is more of a bulky offensive strategy. Sure your Breloom wont have as much survivability [I assume you mean Toxic Orb > Life Orb on the current spread], but your team is designed to kill and die, also it can Mach Punch both Acrobatics Scizor and Swords Dance Terrkaion who are problems for your team.

    This is the set I'd use.

    [​IMG] Breloom (M) @ Life Orb
    Trait: Technician
    EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SDef / 252 Spd
    Adamant Nature
    - Mach Punch
    - Bullet Seed
    - Spore
    - Low Sweep / Swords Dance

    I prefer Low Sweep over Swords Dance, because with Sand, Life Orb Recoil, and Latis everywhere, sweeping isn't that easy. Also, you already have set up sweepers in Machamp and Gyarados.

    Next I'd just change your Heatran set to one that runs enough speed to outpace max speed jolly scizor, this would require moving 244 EVs to Speed from Hp, but it is well worth it, to outspeed some common things Heatran is their to kill. I'd also change Dark Pulse to Hidden Power [Ice], it has better coverage, because it hits Dragons like Dragonite, who you otherwise can't touch. Fire Blast does the same damage as Dark Pulse to Psychic and Bug types anyways.

    The only other thing I might try is using Conkeldurr over Machamp. It has better bulk and in general is better at running a bulk up set. It also has guts, so it can also double as a status switch in for you and has access to a very strong Mach Punch, which can be your secondary check to sun teams behind Heatran.
  5. xRob75


    Jun 24, 2013
    Thanks for the suggestion! this set has been very effective so far
  6. xRob75


    Jun 24, 2013
    Thanks for the suggestion! The breloom set has been working well so i find it pointless to switch to conkeldurr for mp.

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