Ultimate RU team! Please rate!

The only thing I can see here that hasn't already been covered is the fact that Slowking is using psychic as its only damaging move. Instead, I would suggest Scald or surf, as fewer pokemon are immune the these moves, especially in RU, and it provides better coverage in general
thx for the tips! btw, I yesterday saw using celever Psyshock on Slowking. So..I think he uses Psyshock now. But you`re right, alot of Pokes are strong against Psychic moves.
No, it's psychic again, like in that clip I PM'd you. Psyshock was really bad, since most of the teams I faced were more focused on Physical defense! So, surf in place of substitute? Of course, having only one attacking move is unfavourable, but his whole set helps, and substitute is incredibly handy. Especially in 1 on 1 treatment with sceptile... Possibly surf instead of Psychic though, I don't see how that would help but how about you? (And I like the avatar flojoetheteddiursa! Lol)