Upstart's RU Revamps

Please note this is a very rough draft with my thoughts after brief inspection. I know it sucks so don't hate on me.

1. Remove Rain Dance set
2. Counters and Checks: Add Escavalier as a check for sets that lack HP fire
3. Revamp: No

1. Mention HP Fire in Additional Comments for Escavalier
2. Counters and Checks: Add Escavalier as a check
3. Revamp: No

1. Slash tinted lens as an ability on the offensive set and slash heat wave after hp fighting
2. Counters and Checks: Escavalier checks the special set
3. Revamp: No

1. I would personally drop the trickroom set but I have seen it used successfully so I don't know
2. Checks and Counters: No changes
3. Revamp: No

1. Sets seem fine
2. Checks and Counters: Escavalier walls the offensive set but must be weary of burns
3. Revamp: No

1. Drop trick scarf set and put it in AC of support set or other options
2. Checks and Counters: Escavalier counters Uxie
3. Revamp: No

1. Sets haven't changed
2. Checks and Counters: Escavalier walls and punishes with stab bug
3. Revamp: No
Although Tinted Lens is good for hitting through those resists, I'd say that Magic Guard is infinitely better for its prevention of LO recoil and its immunity to Stealth Rock damage and damaging status such as Toxic poison or burn. Tinted Lens can probably be mentioned in the AC, however. A mention of Heat Wave would be nice to deal with Escavalier and Steelix.

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Is Heat Wave better than HP Fighting on Sigilyph? The main thing HP Fighting hits are Steels, and Heat Wave hits harder on almost all of them except for Aggron, which is 2HKOed by Heat Wave anyway and can be OHKOed at +1 (although it needs one layer of Spikes to guarantee the KO). Rock-types are hit almost as hard by a STAB Psychic than a super effective HP Fighting, although personally I would rather use Psyshock, and Crawdaunt isn't realy common enough to justify using HP Fighting over Heat Wave. Escavalier is a huge threat, and getting past Ferroseed before it can paralyze you is also good.