Usage-Based Tier Update for January 2018

Zard Y in UU? Okay, that's gonna get banned. (Seems like it already is lol)
Staka in UU? Sounds scary. Well, Scizor will prob Superpower it to hell and Infernape can Vacuum Wave it through TR. Don't think it'll actually be broken.
Gengar in UU? Meh, that'll stick around.
Lycanroc-D dropped? In a meta without any Volcarona to Accelerock, it's gonna be used even less.

Also, why did Venusaur drop to NU while Blastoise didn't? Seems like low-ladder RU is still crazy about it.

Kingdra dropped from OU. Seems like the rain hype is partially over. At least Pelipper and Megampert are still OU, but for how long?

Ayy OU got their laundromat back. Maybe I'll go back to playing UU again now (after all suspects are over since the weeks after tier shifts are often UU suspect after UU suspect)
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52% is a staggering number. I’m invested in Lando-coin, hoping it hits 60% next update. Maybe the Rotom use will drive that number down ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’m excited for the hive mind to think about Rotom sets because I don’t think we’ve got the optimal one yet (seen a lot of the payapa berry).
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How far back does this month's stats go? Surely it doesn't account for the whole month of December. gen7ou-1500 only had 1159 total battles?? In October, gen7ou-1500 had 1969499 total battles
Damn these are some major changes!

Zard Y - While I know this is technically BL because it was banned in UU Beta, I feel like UU is in a state that maybe Zard Y can receive a re-test. Latias is one of the best switch-ins, even back in ORAS/XY, Sp.Def Hippow can switch in but is pressured somewhat, Sap Sipper Trapper Azu also can switch-in. Faster pokemon like Cobalion, Terrakion, Raikou, Mega Manetric, Infernape etc. all threaten it/revenge kill it. It still would stand that Zard-Y would be one of the best, if not the best Mega if it was reintroduced. Only time will tell.

Not gonna bother talking about Mana/Nite, neither of these two have a chance of being reintroduced due to Veil being back at full force with Alola-Ninetales.

- (OU to UU) This mon seems interesting, it being back in UU could mean the return of Semi-Rain teams with support to beat Primarina. I think this mon also has good potential with DD or Focus Energy + Agility in Veil.

- (OU to UU) This mon is busted, while it wasn't so great in OU, this thing literally nuked everything that wasn't Skarmory. While UU may have Mega Aggron, that's it in terms of switch-ins. A Mega. Also Trick Room looks super abusable with mons like Alola-Wak and Crawdaunt in the tier. This thing is gonna start a surge of Semi-TR and Full Trick Room teams. Wouldn't be surprised if it was banned.

- (OU to UU) This finally happened, a nail in the coffin to VoltTurn (with losing Rotom-W as well) and a blessing to Trick Room. Single handily walls Mega Manetrics STAB and Coverage and smacks everything super hard. I could see this being a A+ mon.

- (OU to UU) Finally! I've been waiting to use this mon in this tier! Lycanroc-Dusk has great speed, solid attack and a really good ability which makes Drill Run stronger than EQ. It's ability makes its Rock-priority move slightly stronger (Accelerock) which is also nice. SD Lycanium-Z is super scary, so much I could mons like Hippowdon and Krookodile rising in usage (also that Rotom-Wash is gone also helps these mons). Fire Fang can nab kills on Scizor if they try to switch-in, unfortunately it doesn't get Ice Fang for Gliscor but SD Stone Edge should hurt.

- (OU to UU) It's back. Aurorus/Sandlash Veil is now dead now that this thing is back, while Hawlucha didn't return with it (which is good cause that thing is busted in OU lol) with mons like Kommo-o etc. in the tier, Veil got a lot better.

- (OU to UU) It's finally back! A strong and fast ghost type that also threatens the multitude of Fairy-Types in the tier. The lack of Bisharp and Weavile is this tier makes this mon scarier than the last time it was was here, but we have the amazing Pursuit Trapper in Alola-Muk which walls this thing, though Destiny Bond paired with a mon like Latias can be scary if your only answer to those two is Muk.

- (UU to OU) Oof. This is huge for UU. Losing one the best VoltTurn staples and Gliscor answer. It was bound to happen, and I feel eventually Gliscor will follow (idk if ban or usage). Pokemon like Swampert, Crobat and Scizor etc. also get better with Rotom rising. The tier is gonna change a lot due to this.

- (NU to UU) Poor toad. The whole reason he rised up was because of Rotom-W lol.

- (RU to UU) This is big for RU, losing the best offensive SR setter and one of the best sweepers. This thing was S rank in RU, that's how good it was.

- (UU to RU) Oh how the mighty have fallen, Mega Blastoise has finally dropped. This thing is going to be good, probably the best Rapid Spinner as it beats every hazard setter (except probably Chesnaught) in the tier. Hits super hard, has good coverage, good bulk. I could see this being S rank material honestly.

- (UU to RU) New defogger for the tier, Mandi is probably the best answer to Doublade now. Though it is fat, a lot of the offensive rockers threaten it like Nidoqueen, Gigalith and Rhyperior. It does beat Chesnaught though, which is nice.

- (NU to RU) NU loses one it's best scarfer, specs user, VoltTurn staple and defogger. I'm not sure how I feel about it in RU, with mons like Nidoqueen, Mega Abomasnow, Salazzle, Durant etc. in the tier.
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Antar is it still possible to get the stats for LC as well? I know you told me you would get them but with the issues you've been having I understand if it didn't cross your mind.
Antar The Immortal Kingdra moved up from BL3 to OU back in September, doesn't this mean it should drop back to BL3 rather than UU?
No, pokemon drop 1 tier at a time.

Edit: ninja'd by a few seconds

To prevent one-liners, I'll say TR looks really potent in UU now with all those slow mons (Staka, Alolawak, Staplefag Scizor, Azumarill, Hippowdon but lol offensive Hippowdon,...)

Also, Pokeboy and all others who think Lando-T should be banned, ubiquitous doesn't mean bannable. It is centralizing, maybe overcentralizing, but you don't have to run obscure mons/sets to take it down. A lot of Pokés run HP Ice and would still run it without LandoT for Garchomp anyway.
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oh looks like you're right, i thought quag did in fact drop several tiers at once at some point but guess not. tbh this is a colossal tiering mistake
It is a pretty nasty mistake indeed. Look at Dugtrio, poor thing has to drop 1 tier at a time every month only to become bottom-tier ZU anyway. Problem: there's no real solution to this; we can't just send every Pokémon to PU every time it drops.

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It is a pretty nasty mistake indeed. Look at Dugtrio, poor thing has to drop 1 tier at a time every month only to become bottom-tier ZU anyway. Problem: there's no real solution to this; we can't just send every Pokémon to PU every time it drops.
Well, in the case of something like Dugtrio or a Pokemon introduced mid-gen like Mega Audino it's understandable since there is no precedent in this particular generation that tells us where that Pokemon "belongs", in the case of something like Kingdra it already used to be in a particular tier, therefore there is a good justification to let it drop several tiers at once tbh.
Well, no more Aurorus and alolan sandslash to hit the gym. Get 1 more slot on that weird azu bell team as ninetales just sets up the weil I guess. And now lycanroc dusk.woho
What percentage usage will Lando-T hit before people decide to suspect it? I’m banking on somewhere around 65%. Although Primal Groudon has somewhere around 80% usage in Ubers right now (more than Mega Rayquaza ever had) and people somehow don’t consider it problematic.

List of banned things Lando-T has more usage than:
-Aegislash (banned because “overcentralizing”)
-Mega Metagross (“““““overcentralizing”””””)
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