Tournament USUM PU First Blood Tournament (won by ggggd)

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Predictions for r1

Wamr vs. Ares Ares is such a cool dude
Many vs. RazorLeafVGC Mother Dearest
cryalot vs. blalib Italian advantage
GenZeon vs. Twix Hard to call but I think GenZeon is more comfortable with balance offense which is not really preferable in First Blood. Could go either way.
Hitmontop Guy vs. Cofaiclus By far my favorite matchup r1. Lol, it could go either way; they're both really creative
pancake vs. Mysterious M You're not losing r1 this time I hope (pancake joke)
Santu vs. IRazvann I don't recognize either name
Akashi vs. PTF My boi PTF
SergioRules vs. bye #1 Freebie
Crashy vs. Dibs The Dreamer Obviously Dibs although Semistall again isn't preferable in 1st Blood
drumstick vs. Plans I've been super impressed with Allstarapology lately. Super knowledgable on the current meta. Could go either way.
Specs Jigglypuff vs. EnemyJurist The 2nd toughest matchup to call but I think Specs has this because EJ has been gone for quite a while. Both are just such good players though. I really have a tough time calling these kinds of matchups
MiyoKa vs. InfernoMonferno Yogi is terrible at ghosting
Sultan of Skook vs. neomon I recognize both names but I haven't really seen either of them play
bye #7 vs. MadMax123 Freebie
Aaronboyer vs. bye #5 I'll probably still lose somehow
Rwby vs. zoowi I love you Zoowi but Yogi is beyond the definition of talented. Probably will get banned next week for ghosting Miyoka :bop:
Skipkan vs. Has Tattoos Name I recognize
Haund vs. Slowbroth This is the #1 hardest match to make a call on. Both are extremely good. I think Haund will come out on top however because of two reasons 1) Italian advanage and 2) Because he wants to prove himself after losing to HJAD r1 of the PU Not Open. Could go either way and I'm crossing my fingers for the both of them. Best of luck you two.
bye #6 vs. Bad Luck Leo Freebie
LordST vs. bye #2 Freebie
Shadestep vs. TJ Esteemed E4 Member TJ
Toy Time King vs. Iura Honestly I've seen alot of progression from when I first saw TTK to present. I think he has this
Sixes_ vs. Eclipse Another tough matchup but I've seen what Sixes is bringing and I think what he's bringing is strong so watch out.
Earlio vs. Megazard Any questions?
Calucha vs. Akir Okay, so no questions.
iRebel vs. Skankovich Go Rebel Pawniards!
Stan Soojung vs. bye #4 Freebie
Rashflygon vs. Miere The name I recognize
Lakeredman vs. bye #3 Freebie
pinktidal vs. Yoshiblaze Pinktidal is gotten alot better since PU Cup.
ggggd vs. Slick Willy good game good game dundies
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Wamr vs. Ares 40/60
Many vs. RazorLeafVGC 65/35
cryalot vs. blalib 50/50
GenZeon vs. Twix 40/60
pancake vs. Mysterious M 60/40
Santu vs. IRazvann Havent seen either of the players sorry D: 50/50
Akashi vs. PTF 40/60
SergioRules vs. bye #1 We take those lul
Crashy vs. Dibs The Dreamer 35/65
Drumstick vs. Plans Both really great players. 50/50
Specs Jigglypuff vs. EnemyJurist gotta root for myself lol, should be a fun match!
MiyoKa vs. InfernoMonferno Both great players who know the meta but gotta give the slight edge to Miyoka. 55/45
Sultan of Skook vs. neomon Havent seen either of these players play PU but gotta go with my boy Neomon <3
bye #7 vs. MadMax123
Aaronboyer vs. bye #5 I think bye #5 has a pretty good chance, lol jks aside gl in the next round aaron!
Rwby vs. zoowi 65/35
Skipkan vs. Has Tattoos dont know enough about these players to make a call. 50/50
Haund vs. Slowbroth Really tough call and both players are great, but ive seen more of Broth play so imma go with him. 45/55
bye #6 vs. Bad Luck Leo Free
LordST vs. bye #2 Free
Shadestep vs. TJ 60/40
Toy Time King vs. Iura Havent seen enough out of either of the players D:
Sixes_ vs. Eclipse 60/40
Earlio vs. Megazard Zard knows the meta more and has played for longer, but i think it will still be a tight match. 35/65
Calucha vs. Akir 30/70
iRebel vs. Skankovich My boi Rebel. 60/40
Stan Soojung vs. bye #4 Free
Rashflygon vs. Miere 50/50
Lakeredman vs. bye #3 Free
pinktidal vs. Yoshiblaze Ive seen a lot of good things from pink and not too familiar with the other player. 65/35
ggggd vs. Slick Willy gg its ggggd lol. 65/35
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