USUM UU Launch Tournament [ROUND 2 --- See post #246]


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requesting sub as opponent will not be able to make it (see his profile)
New pairing: BOUFF vs zugubu royale

I won a game:

Silvio Guacamole won a game:
we didn’t save the replay but I assure you as his opponent he did win.

Third game it was going to stall out so we did a tie breaker coin flip and I won. Both parties agreed to this coin flip as you can see in the replay.
Replay your g3 and use different teams if you'd like. If your opponent would like you give you the win himself then have him post it as a VM on your wall to confirm the outcome. Tour games or series aren't decided by coin flips, they're decided by actually playing the series out to its end.
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My opponent didn't show up at the time organised on his wall (well it's been nearly an hour) and I can't play at any point again till after the deadline, is it fair to call activity?