UU Revamps Rules (Updated 04/13/09)


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Welcome to UU Revamps, another place where amazing also happens. The same base rules as in Analysis Workshop apply here.

1. UU Revamps is for posting major peer edits and full revamps to the Pokemon playable in the UU metagame. This includes the UU, NU, and NFE tiers. If the Pokemon you want to revamp is not on those lists, do not post here. However, do not refer to NU / NFE tiers. There is no metagame for these tiers yet, and therefore there should not be descriptions on them.

2. All analyses must also comply with the Team Options sections outlined in this thread.

3. Do not post sets without testing them thoroughly. Sets that are obviously untested will be locked and/or infracted. Post a collection of logs if your set seems gimmicky. Do not post copycat sets without significant playtesting; even if a certain set works on Pokemon X, it may not work for Pokemon Y, regardless of how similar the two Pokemon may be.

4. Small, objective changes (like a typo, etc.) should be posted in the Small Changes thread. Likewise, small subjective changes (like an alteration to an EV spread, etc.) should be posted in the Small Subjective Changes thread.

5. Proofread all peer edits posted, multiple times. Nothing is more irritating than misspelling the name of the Pokemon you're analysing. If you aren't fluent in English (and by fluent, we don't mean "I can read/write English", we mean "I understand the subtleties of the English language and can write prose that flows well.") pair up with someone who is and get them to transcribe your gibberish. This similarly applies to the content and accuracy of the content. Read about grammar, capitalization, and other standards here

6. Under no circumstances are you allowed to post illegal sets. Check if your set is illegal here. Any offenders will be infracted.

7. Follow proper SCMS format for all peer edits made. The following [post=1869788]post[/post] contains a copyable version of said format. chaos's HTML Primer is also a useful resource.

8. You are responsible for merging in the changes people give you. Otherwise, you aren't helping us at all.

9. This is a serious forum; make your posts reflect this. Do not make useless and/or trolling posts in this forum. Any obviously gimmicky sets will be locked. Don't go offtopic in peer edits and always submit intelligent, well-thought out posts backed with reasoning. Post constructive criticism. Pointing out something is bad doesn't help anyone, help by providing a solution or suggesting a change (unless the work is truly unsalvagable, in which case, don't comment at all - the thread will be locked in due time.).

10. If you are a badgeholder, wait at least 48 hours before uploading sets to the SCMS. Once they are uploaded, ask a member of the Smogon Site Staff to cache and move the analysis to the Peer Edit Archive. Ask them, also, to append an asterisk to the end of the thread title. This is for administrative uses.

11. Link to the analysis you are editing in the OP of your thread. This is for administrative uses.

12. Make sure to follow the Smogon-wide Forum Rules as well. The rule regarding bumping older threads is somewhat lax in Analysis Workshop, as long as your post contributes something to the thread or helps get things done. Useless posts will still be infracted.

Thanks for contributing to Smogon and remember: ask not what your Smogon can do for you, ask what you can do for your Smogon!

Any inquiries regarding the rules can be sent to: darkie, Caelum, Great Sage, DP Crobat, Havak, Twash, or Mekkah, as well as any other member of the Smogon Site Staff.


just remember no caps when you spell the mans name
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name: The set's name. Avoid stuff like "ObiMence" and other names. If it has a name people generally use, put that here ("CBMence", for instance), otherwise, give it a short and easy description.
move 1: The first move (generally the most important)
move 2: Next most important
move 3: You should know what goes here by now
move 4: And here. Limit the number of move / move / move kind of stuff ("slashitis"). If you really think the Pokemon can use Hidden Power Poison, Tackle, Rock Throw, Take Down, Struggle, and Sketch here, just pick the best one or two, and mention the others in other options or the set description.
item: Put the item here
ability: Put the ability here if you need to specifically recommend one over the other. If a Pokemon has two abilities, and they are just as good (or just as bad), there's no reason to put Run Away / Illuminate here.
nature: Nature goes here. Just put the nature name (Impish), don't put Impish (+Def, -SpA)
evs: The proper format is HP / Atk / Def / SpA / SpD / Spe. If an EV is 0, don't list it.
ivs: If an IV is 31, don't list it. This is primarily for purposes of Hidden Power (Persian is an excellent example of this), but you may also want an IV of 0 in Speed for Trick Room or what have you. The proper format is the same for EVs, HP / Atk / Def / SpA / SpD / Spe.


<p>Set comments go here with proper HTML formatting, as chaos explained in the HTML primer. Use this to explain specific information about the set itself. This is not a place to give a general overview of the Pokemon; that can go in the "Opinion" section.</p>

[Team Options]

<p>This area is designed for in-depth comments about team support. You are expected to write about general support; what stuff Gyarados can use in general to maximize its utility. What else can be used to take out the Pokémon's counters? What Pokémon are likely to be paired with the opponent's counters? Finally, one should add what general strategies can be used team-wise, where you can also emphasize anything else you want to.</p>

[Other Options]

<p>Put alternative moves here. You can think of moves worthy of putting about anywhere but were not mentioned yet, but also moves you put on one set, but not on another. In that case, you would go "on the bulky set, Roar is an option as well, to blah blah blah", even if Roar was already on your mixed sweeper set. Give reasons for every move you suggest, don't just say "Zap Cannon, Focus Punch, Water Sport, Mimic, Mach Punch, Iron Defense.".</p>


<p>This is me describing the general EV spread of the Pokemon! This is a good place to explain why Charizard might want its HP to be odd (so it can switch into Stealth Rock twice) if it's not using Substitute + Belly Drum. Perhaps you will give the important Speed breakpoints to meet ("Charizard wants to be at least 272 Speed to outpace Jolly Scarf Wobbuffet, which requires 144 Speed EVs with a neutral nature. If you are going that high, however, you might as well get to 274 Speed so you're faster than even Jolly Beedrill, which means Charizard will need 152 Speed EVs.").</p>


<p>Just because this section is titled Opinion doesn't mean you don't have to back up what you say. Better than "I like Charizard." is "I like Charizard because it gets STAB Fire Punch, Blaze, and a powerful Flying STAB to back it up.". Better still is to simply remove the "I" part and just go with "Charizard's power comes from its STAB Fire Punch paired with Blaze and STAB Flying attacks.".</p>

<p>People are reading the analysis to learn about the Pokemon, not you; to be honest, nobody really cares what "you" think.</p>


<p>Jumpluff can come in on your Substitute, Belly Drum, or Earthquake and Encore you, but can't come in on your STAB moves. This is another Pokemon that counters Charizard in a similar manner to Jumpluff.</p>

<p>Because Charizard has a lot of possible counters, I've decided to break this up into more paragraphs than one, but because I did this, I need to group the counters logically. This would be a poor place to put Encore Alakazam, because it's so similar to the above mention of Jumpluff. Instead, I could mention Suicune here, because it walls all of Charizard's attacks and poses an offensive threat. Or maybe I'll mention how much Charizard is hurt by Stealth Rock here. Remember, the counters section isn't necessarily reserved for Pokemon, you can mention other dangers. An excellent example of this is how Shedinja needs to watch out for certain weather and all entry hazards.</p>

<p>Don't list Weavile as a Charizard counter, even if it does have Specs HP Rock. Sure, you may be faster and have a OHKO, but you can't switch in Weavile on any of Charizard's moves without dying. Some Pokemon, however, are like Garchomp, in that it's very difficult to counter them directly. In this case, mentioning things like Weavile may be warranted, if for no reason other than because Garchomp's counters section would be pretty meager otherwise, and because once it's locked into an Outrage, it can't switch out. However, these types of counters need to be Pokemon that prevent switching somehow (Arena Trap, Pursuit, stopping an Outrage, etc.) or threaten a wide variety of Pokemon. Sure, you may be able to kill my Pokemon with yours after you first sacrifice something to bring it in, but if your Pokemon can't actually cause damage to the rest of their team or set up something like Spikes, then I will just switch out and you will accomplish nothing, because you are using an overspecific counter. That is not the kind of counter we want in this section.</p>

If any of the lines has no information on it (for instance, a Pokemon with all 31 IVs), you can simply delete the entire line (so it would go EVs:, then [Set Comments]).

Here's a copyable version:

move 1:
move 2:
move 3:
move 4:


Formatting guide and outline created by obi.

Great Sage

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Corrigendum: Although you are allowed to post revamps of any Pokemon that is in UU or lower tiers, remember that at least two tiers will be formed that are lower than UU. Our current focus is on Pokemon that are in the "OU" of UU.