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[UU RMT] Team Double Trouble! [Peaked at #1 on Leaderboard]

Discussion in 'Past Gen Teams' started by Sir Azelf, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. Sir Azelf

    Sir Azelf

    Feb 6, 2008
    So i was getting annoyed with P-Z and Cress along with Foresight Top so i created this team a few days ago to beat them and to hopefully just be solid and decent. However it has by far surpassed my expectations and gave me the #1 position on the leaderboard a few days as shown here. Im semi retiring this however because i got bored of laddering in the end.

    As for the team well, its far from perfect and id kinda like to smooth the rough edges out so with your help maybe we can sort out those minor problems.

    Team Overview.


    Team in Depth.
    Cloyster (M) @ Leftovers
    Ability: Shell Armor
    EVs: 248 HP/76 SAtk/180 SDef
    Bold nature (+Def, -Atk)
    - Rapid Spin
    - Spikes
    - Toxic Spikes
    - Surf

    I chose Cloyster as a lead because it has alot of things going for it. Its a fantastic lead these days being able to set up on the majority of them at least once. This immediately puts me at an advantage and i can often get up 3+ against things like Trick scarf Uxie. Cloyster can also 2hko Rotom with SR up with Surf and also Froslass. Spiritomb is mere set up fodder for this set so it would be safe to say the only ghost who really is a problem for this guy is Mismagius. Spikes + Toxic Spikes is the next reason i chose this, not alot gets both in the lower tiers that and nothing gets them which can spin also, so basically this guy is a Forretress rip off and we all know how good he is. Surf is chosen as my STAB move so i can hit Froslass and this also lets me nail Drapion who was a problem when i was running Payback, this also hits Absol hard. Just a note on Toxic Spikes, yes whilst they are "bad" in uu they usually prove to be kryptonite to teams who cannot absorb them. Ill usually set up one layer of normal Spikes and then go for one layer of T-Spikes after my first layer of normal Spikes to check a number of threats. Cloysters immunity to crits also makes it even better. =P HP evs round down Stealth Rock damage and the S.Att evs just give me a little bite against ghosts, whilst the s.def evs let me not die to resisted special attacks. :x

    Cloyster Vs top 10 leads

    [​IMG]- Free Spikes. If it uses Taunt its sacrificed a coverage slot so im ok with that and i can just Surf it lol.

    [​IMG]- Usually results in 3 + layers of Spikes. Ill set up Toxic Spikes if its a dual screener to put the sweepers on a timer.

    [​IMG]- Keep surfing it until it goes away. Dont see why this is even a problem anymore lol. Also as mentioned its a bad pivot spin blocker as that is extremely easy to predict.
    [​IMG]- I go straight to Milotic or Chansey to get rocks up.

    [​IMG]- I get up one layer of Spikes and then go to Milotic.
    [​IMG]- Straight to Tomb or Chansey.
    [​IMG]- Rotom walls it and i keep Discharging until it goes away to stall out rain or force the switch in to take paralysis.
    [​IMG]- Free Spikes.
    [​IMG]- Free Spikes.
    [​IMG]-Free Spikes and if its the offensive one i still get one layer of Spikes up and also go to Chansey with SR.


    Chansey (F) @ Leftovers
    Ability: Natural Cure
    EVs: 252 Def/6 Spd/252 SDef
    Calm nature (+SDef, -Atk)
    - Aromatherapy
    - Seismic Toss
    - Stealth Rock
    - Softboiled

    My third and last layer of residual damage, Stealth Rock and Chansey sure is a good user of the move. Aromatherapy also heals Spiritomb since i rely on it alot and i pack Rest on it so yeah. I know not havint Toxic sucks but what would you rather have, Stealth Rock or Toxic ? Yeah i thought so. =P That and i have status elsewhere. Anyway Chansey supports my team first and foremost and that is that im trying to amplify on this set rather than it just being a special wall. Seismic Toss and Softboiled are obligatory and if you need to ask what they are for, get off my thread lol. Cansey also acts as an insurance policy against Houndoom, P-Z and other powerful special attackers. There isnt alot to say about Chansey really though, she just flat out works and brings amazing support options to a stall team hence her inclusion here. Usually if i get SR + 1 layer of Spikes up i will win more times than not.
    Spiritomb (M) @ Leftovers
    Ability: Pressure
    EVs: 252 HP/6 Def/252 SDef
    Sassy nature (+SDef, -Spd)
    - Rest
    - Toxic
    - Sucker Punch
    - Dark Pulse / Faint Attack.

    A Spikes abusing guy has to have a Spin blocker right ? That is what Spiritomb does for this team. Also note the EV spread, this is made to beat NP Mismag and NP P-Z and ensure i dont get swept by threats if they break through with Sucker Punch which serves almost as insurance policy. Faint Attack will probably be going over Dark Pulse as it helps vs CM cress if Milotic is down. Either way that slot is a reliable attack. Toxic however isnt standard and there is one reason for its inclusions, NP Bulky Porygon-z. With Toxic it can no longer sweep me, especially since with Toxic it is on a timer and wont get past Chansey or even Tomb most times. Rest is here as it lets me beat stallrein, Sub roost Articuno and Moltres 1 vs 1 and also Clefable via pressure and is a better method of recovery than Pain Split. Spiritomb has been this team's mvp he has won me many matches.
    Rotom @ Leftovers
    Ability: Levitate
    EVs: 252 HP/212 Def/4 Spd/42 SDef
    Bold nature (+Def, -Atk)
    - Discharge
    - Will-o-wisp
    - Rest
    - Sleep Talk

    Rotom is here as my secondary spin blocker which auto stops the Foresight Rapid Spin as people are using Hitmontop WAY to much these days so it ensures i keep my Spikes up. Rotom also stops Swellow and now Scyther extremely well. That and he also beats physical Rapid Spinners such as Donphan who can really hurt Spiritomb with EQ with no Def evs. Rest and Sleep Talk keep me alive and also let me absorb status well. Will-O-Wisp may be silly with Toxic Spikes but it does help if they have an absorber for some status and it also shuts down physical threats well. Discharge is for STAB and the paralysis rate which is actually very funny, paralysing a threat wanting to come in whilst im snoozing. Rotom also acts as Feraligat'r/water insurance which he actually does pretty well. The 4 speed evs beat Jolly Aggron who is a threat to this team. Rotom is a very cool pokemon though and is damn reliable no matter what forme its in.
    Venusaur (M) @ Leftovers
    Ability: Overgrow
    EVs: 252 HP/168 Def/16 Spd/72 SDef
    Bold nature (+Def, -Atk)
    - Roar
    - Synthesis
    - Sludge Bomb
    - Leaf Storm

    Venusaur is the first part of the grass + water combo that covers so much and basically holds my team together covering many niches in this team. The first being that he absorbs for T-Spikes, next he is my primary phazer and general go to guy because he is just THAT good. Roar stops things setting up on me and racks up entry hazards nicely which is cool. Venusaur also ensures i beat other grass types, i.e other Venusaur, SD Sceptile and SD Leafeon extremely well. Leaf Storm is here for power, especially vs guys like Toxicroak when Energy Ball wasnt cutting it. Sludge Bomb as said is for other grass types. The evs are not really that overcomplicated, 72 S.Def evs ensure i survive a Nasty Plot LO Shadow Ball from Mismagius and the speed beats Adamant Aggron because its an idiot and the rest are dumped in HP and Def to let me take assaults from other Venusaur, Azumarril etc. Seriously though Venusaur is amazing as he fits in on like any team type.


    Milotic (M) @ Leftovers
    Ability: Marvel Scale
    EVs: 176 HP/248 Def/86 Spd
    Bold nature (+Def, -Atk)
    - Recover
    - Haze
    - Ice Beam
    - Surf

    The last part of the Grass + Wate combo that is so effective in UU. Milotic grants me a good switch into Houndoom, Moltres and a whole other vast assortment of other pokemon such as and not limited to Altaria, Blaziken etc. Surf + Recover are a given on such a bulky pokemon whilst Ice Beam stops grass types coming in scott free, that and it destroys Altaria. Haze was thrown in as a win condition and last Pokemon stopper. That Cradilly cursed too many times ? Haze it away. Cress decided to try and sweep ? H.A.Z.E.D and outstalled. Baton Pass team owning me ? Hazed fool. You get the idea, Haze is just so useful these days. The evs arent really specific, 86 speed evs to beat Jolly Aggron, enough to hp + def to survive a CB Head Smash and just be able to tank away in general. Milotic has been a vital piece of this puzzle and it really does hold the team together. Milotic is still an amazing pokemon no matter what people say and still is amazing even with Raikou and Venusaur etc around.

    Defensive Threats (Credit to Heysup)

    [​IMG] Blastoise - Blastoise cannot spin vs this team period. Rotom owns it with Discharge

    [​IMG] Chansey - Set up bait for Cloyster, my Chansey and it also cannot touch Rotom or Venusaur well the former of which outstalls with with Rest Talk. Spiritomb also outstalls it. Not a threat.

    [​IMG] Claydol - Tomb owns this.

    [​IMG] Cloyster - Rotom + Tomb stop spin whilst my own Cloyster can spin away its crap.

    [​IMG] Cradily - In SS not really much beats this. Milotic can Haze it however and i can outstall it and it cannot touch Venusaur if it has seed bomb as a lone attack.

    [​IMG] Cresselia - Haze Milotic outstalls this, Tomb also beats it.

    [​IMG] Donphan - Easy switch in for Rotom, Milotic and Venusaur.

    [​IMG] Mesprit - Tomb smacks it around.

    [​IMG] Milotic - Venusaur and Cansey do very well, Tomb also outstalls them.

    [​IMG] Nidoqueen - Not a threat. T-Spikes are lol vs this team and Cloyster can spin away its SR and set up on it. Rotom and Milotic also waste it.

    [​IMG] Quagsire - Venusaur + Toxic. Also Cloyster set up bait.

    [​IMG] Regirock - Milotic + Haze. Venusaur also works.

    [​IMG] Registeel -
    Cloyster, Rotom etc.

    [​IMG] Rotom - Spiritomb is an amazing switch in for this.

    [​IMG] Slowbro - Chansey, Venusaur. Milotic can also Haze Calm Minds, whilst those without Psychic or Grass Knot are Closter bait. Tomb can also Toxic it and Rotom hits it hard with Discharge.

    [​IMG] Spiritomb - Cloyster set up fodder, Milotic can Haze attackers and Venusaur can nail them nicely and my own tomb can Toxic them. Usually waste themselves switching into W-O-W though lol.

    [​IMG] Umbreon - Roar, Cloyster set up bait, Haze curses, Toxic bait, yeah.... lol

    [​IMG] Uxie - Oh cool my fav lead. I usually get like 3 layers of Spikes up on this since they are the Trick scarf versions. If they dual screen ill set up T-Spikes too.

    [​IMG] Weezing - Milotic, Tomb outstalls it, Rotom beats it.
    Offensive Threats

    [​IMG] Absol - Pain in the ass, but ill just attack it to get whatever damage i can on it. Milotic can also survive. If Milotic is dead ill use Cloyster and Lure superpowers and go to Venu. Tomb can also finish it off at like 30% with Sucker and walls Psycho Cut versions full stop.

    [​IMG] Alakazam - Chansey, Tomb.

    [​IMG] Ambipom - Cloyster bait, also ghosts poop on this.

    [​IMG] Arcanine - Milotic.

    [​IMG] Azumarill - Venusaur, Milotic can Haze the Belly drummer. Cloyster can set up Spikes on it.

    [​IMG] Blaziken - Milotic.

    [​IMG] Drapion - Cloyster + Milotic.

    [​IMG] Feraligatr - Venusaur. Milotic can Haze in a pinch and also i have Rotom to take a hit if need be. Cloyster can also Surf it and with LO recoil, yeah and also Sucker Punch at lwo health.
    [​IMG] Froslass - I Surf these as leads for the 2HKO, its also bad as a pivot for spin blocking imo because that is so easy to predict lol. Luckily Cloyster fares well vs most other ghosts too.

    [​IMG] Hariyama - Tomb, Rotom, Venusaur.

    [​IMG] Hitmonlee -
    Tomb, Rotom, Venusaur.

    [​IMG] Hitmontop - Sup, dual ghosts make you useless.

    [​IMG] Houndoom - Milotic and also Chansey in a Pinch.

    [​IMG] Kabutops - Dont let it Swords Dance, dealth fodder low health stuff for LO recoil and then Sucker Punch with Tomb. Milotic can also take a hit along with Venu.

    [​IMG] Kangaskhan - The is actually a pain in the ass, but Cloyster does well, if not ill just hit it with whatever i have.

    [​IMG] Leafeon - Venusaur.

    [​IMG] Magmortar - Milotic + Chansey.

    [​IMG] Mismagius - Tomb

    [​IMG] Moltres - Milotic + Chansy

    [​IMG] Omastar - Cloyster uses this as set up fodder and can also spin. Venusaur beats it and so does Chansey if its the sweeper.

    [​IMG] Porygonz - Spiritomb + Chansey beat this.

    [​IMG] Raikou - Chansey + Venusaur.

    [​IMG] Rhyperior - Milotic + Venu.

    [​IMG] Scyther - Stealth Rock, Rotom, Sucker Punch.

    [​IMG] Swellow - Rotom is an amazing counter.

    [​IMG] Torterra - Venusaur.

    [​IMG] Venusaur - My own Venusaur and then Sucker Punch after LO recoil at low health.

    Big Problem : -

    Aggron + no rock resist....yeah..if Milotic is below 65% then RP Aggron has the potential to school me so id like to sort this out.

    Rate away i guess. =P
  2. Sir Azelf

    Sir Azelf

    Feb 6, 2008
    Well Leaf Storm does 81.1% - 95.4% to 0/0 Aggron, that and i need SLudge Bomb to hit other Venusaur so yeah. =P

    Thanks for the input though. ^^
  3. PurpleMoogle


    Dec 26, 2009
    I'm having second guesses about throwing on Bold on Cloyster. Why have a Def Boosting Nature when its Def is already high as hell, and it has such low Sp Def? I recommend Calm over Bold. The same goes for Chansey. Use Bold so it doesn't get OHKO'd by every little physical attack.

    I also don't agree with having WOW on Rotom, especially because you have Tspikes, a Toxicker, AND Discharge. I think you should switch it out for Shadow Ball.

    Overall, this team looks incredibly solid, and I will be testing it out soon.
    I'll add more comments after I've tested it.
  4. Alan


    Jan 14, 2010
    WoW is for crap like steelix and queen who are immune to T-Spikes and Discharge, so they get burnt (pun intended).
  5. Sir Azelf

    Sir Azelf

    Feb 6, 2008
    ^ What he said basically lol

    Bold really helps on Cloyster especially vs guys like Drapion and what not, same with Chansey and NP Toxicroak/Moltres.

    But yeah thankyou and let me know how the testing goes. XP
  6. PurpleMoogle


    Dec 26, 2009
    Well, WoW works decently on Rotom, so I was wrong there. However, I don't seem to enjoy Cloyster as your lead. He seems to take on all of the responsibilities of a UU Forretress, without the survivability. Also, using Cloyster as a lead is sorta like using Forretress as a lead (which doesn't work) unless of course, you're using a Skill Link variant. That being said, I suggest using Spiritomb as your lead, and if you want, add Pursuit over Toxic or Rest (but you can keep it the way it is if you want).
  7. franky

    is a Team Rater Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Apr 12, 2009
    Sup DA,

    Well built team, seems like it covers a lot of threats and it covers a lot of the metagames biggest threats. The only evident problem I really see on this team is SD Venusaur and CB Kangaskhan (lol I know). On a more common threat, a well played SD Venusaur is seriously going to dismantle this team easily. Venusaur won't deal much damage with Sludge Bomb unfortunately, while it can't take repeated +2 Earthquakes. Sleep Powder also places your Venusaur to sleep if it has to. You could consider a faster Rotom to smack it with Will-O-Wisp first. An EV spread of 252 HP / 88 Def / 170 Spe with a Timid nature allows Rotom to outpace base 80s. The surplus of the EVs are dumped to check Swellow. For the movesets, I think you should try Thunderbolt / Will-O-Wisp / Shadow Ball / Rest. Shadow Ball is there so you actually hit opposing Donphan and Claydol. Shadow Ball also allows you to smack Venusaur, so your not a sitting duck when you Will-O-Wisp it. Basically, this will improve your chances against it. With Will-O-Wisp + Shadow Ball + Life Orb recoil taking it down, it should be enough to beat it or severely weaken it.

    Chansey is not going to cut as a Raikou check with Leftovers since Dugtrio could trap it. I've seen a Dugtrio + Raikou score dismantle a team far too easily (stall/balanced teams). With dat said, I am highly recommended Shed Shell over leftovers on Chansey so your core doesn't fall apart to the likes of Dugtrio.

    As for other options, Earthquake on Venusaur might be worth a try. Over Leaf Storm possibly. It allows you to smack opposing Raikou, as well as other Steel-types if needed, especially Aggron. You'll probably be forced to run a relaxed nature so sludge bomb and earthquake actually hurt. overall gl, placing my stars of this.


    Jul 13, 2009
    Hi i like the team a lot.

    The only thing i would recommend changing is switching your lead with Registeel
    Registeel @leftovers (careful)
    ~Stealth Rock
    ~Thunder Wave
    ~Iron Head

    Registeel makes an amazing lead in UU. This set pretty much ensures that it will never be OHKO, Even by a Modest choice scarf Moltres using Over Heat. Thunder Wave cripples your opponents leads and it cripples their sweepers. Stealthrock is a reliable Entry Hazard that hits every pokemon taking out their Focus Sashes and even in some circumstances completely gets rid of Shedinjas. Iron Head backed up by STAB boost and a 211 attack stat will hit pretty much any pokemon hard unless its resisted. I would say pick Earthquake over Explosion because Raikou is a very common Special Sweeper in UU and Earthquake will keep it in check.

    Compaired to Cloyster the only thing youre losing is Toxic Spikes and Rapis Spin support. In my opinion your team doesnt need Toxic Spikes because you have 2 pokemon with Status moves (3 if you get rid of Stealthrock on Chansey and give it thunderwave/Toxic). Rapid Spin doesnt seem to reliable on a Cloyster. Most UU teams come with a ghost type to counter Rapid Spin. Your opponent could be opening off with Stealthrock or Spikes or Toxic Spikes and then switch to a Calm mind Spiritomb and get 1 free Calm mind in as a Spiritomb wouldnt be threatened by Cloysters Surf.
  9. Sir Azelf

    Sir Azelf

    Feb 6, 2008

    Thanks alot.

    Ill definitely try those changes. Though, ive always seemed to be able to handle Venusaur with my own Venusaur since Sludge Bomb does ~36% and after SR and LO recoil its usually in Sucker Punch range if it DOES manage to break though which does about the same damage. In the meantime i Rotom takes the sleep. But yeah ill test them out anyway.

    Thanks again. ^^

    I lose the base of this team if i replace Cloyster. Spikes, Toxic Spikes and Rapid Spin.

    If you read the op you would see that the only ghost who causes Cloyster issues is Mismagius. Rotom + Froslass (bulky versions) both get 2hko'd by Surf with SR up and i can set up Spikes on Tomb because it cant really do much to me. Calm Mind Tomb also isnt an issue as i can just Haze it and easily stall it out.
  10. M BLADE


    Jul 6, 2008
    Good, solid team you have there.

    I would like to point out that , after Stealth Rock damage, LO Swords Dance Blaziken has a good shot at sweeping your team.
    A +2 Thunderpunch does 94.9% - 112.2% to Milotic(Jolly nature) while the rest of the pokes are OHKOed by Blaziken STAB moves. Though Flare Blitz is somewhat suicidal.
    Nonetheless, good team!
  11. ShinyAzelf

    is a Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Jan 18, 2010
    Hey D-A, I've been playtesting this team for awhile. This team is very good, but when its against a Magic Guard Clefable with Wish/Softboiled, it gets annoying because its pretty much impossible to kill. The only thing against those is to hope for some luck, or just stall until the opponent gives up. Other than that, nice team!

    And another few things.
    Since there are way too many Venesaurs in UU, I took out Toxic Spikes on Cloyster, and went for Toxic, which turned out to be quite good. It outstalls many physical threats and very often, gets to poison at least 2 pokemon, which I prefer over Toxic Spikes since lots of poison pokemon are there to absorb it. I've been trying both Faint Attack and Dark Pulse and to be honest, I think Dark Pulse works better. Thats because people think Spiritomb is special, without Sucker Punch, and I usually reveal Sucker Punch only in emergencies, and it does work well. I also tried using Taunt over Toxic/Rest for Magic Guard Clefables which I listed earlier. I prefer Spiritomb with Dark Pulse, Sucker Punch, Taunt and Rest, since Cloyster already has Toxic (in my case).

    The major two offensive threats I face are Aggron and Venesaur.
    RP Aggron is annoying and does over 80% to my Milotic. None other pokemon can really take it. I still don't really know how to take it. If Aggron is sent out, I usually switch directly to Milotic, (hopefully Milotic is at full health) to take the Head Smash or let it set up Rock Polish. If he Rock Polishes, I'll Haze, and outspeed the next turn and Surf. If it uses Head Smash right away, I just go for Surf to do alot of damage, and let another of my pokemon finish it off.
    Sleep Powder/Swords Dance/Power Whip/Earthquake Venesaur is also kinda annoying to my team.
    What I do against those is send out Rotom to take the Sleep Powder, and I don't use Sleep Talk. That's because I don't have much chance to get Will-O-Wisp and to get it to hit, and I can't let Venesaur set up an SD. So after Rotom is put to sleep, I send out Venesaur as he SDs or Power Whips. If he Power Whips, I just Sludge Bomb to do damage, or if entry hazards are in play, I'd usually go for Roar. If he SD's, I Roar, and +2 EQ from Jolly Venesaur only did 46% to my Venesaur so thats okay.

    Other than that, great team!

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