Veritas Professio Peruro

Incase you don't speak latin, (and I'm sure the majority of smogoners don't, including me lol), the thread is entitled, Veritas's Art Gallery.

Anyways, I like to doodle in my spare time, and I decided to start contributing to Smogon's art. I will aim at one piece a day, but obviously when duty calls in real life I wont be able to meet that.

So here are two quick sketches of two of my favorite pokemon.

I wanted to get an art thread up quick, so I made these as more of a sample.

Happy to take any criticism and any requests of pokemon to draw!
Those two are incredibly well done. You make them on carbon paper with chalk right?
Could you maybe draw a swalot?
Sure! Sorry, its weird how my scanner doesn't get the shading, maybe it filters it out or something? I'll try to fix that. Here's your swalot!


Rocket Grunt

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very interesting stuff, dude. i really like how you draw on black paper with chalk, its very different and really interesting. i also like how you were smearing some stuff around to give the absol picture some texture and a little action i guess, haha. maybe see if you can try to establish a sense of depth by hatching lightly and then smearing until you can get a nice gradient tone? its fun to work with something other than white paper because here you can play around with positive and negative space more easily, i think. keep up the awesome, man
The idea of drawing with chalk is creative, and obviously proves surefire! I especially like the synergy of the Mewtwo and it's color. I know you're getting a few requests; Can you possibly draw a Suicune? No other requests, other than be creative (which you've already surpassed)!