VGC '11 US West Regional - San Jose, CA - May 21st - WON BY zerowing & Unreality


San Jose Convention Center [ Map ]
Exhibit Hall 2
150 West San Carlos St.
San Jose, CA 95110
Phone: (408)-792-4194​

Once again the best of the Bay Area (and more!) will meet in San Jose to determine who is the best of the west! With the lack of a Phoenix qualifier, you can expect them to be flocking up to this regional, forming one of the more challenging regionals! More information will be posted in this thread as it becomes available.

If you end up recognizing anyone from the photo album thread or in general, please, please do not be afraid to introduce yourselves. Most of the fun from these tournaments is the ability to meet people that share an interest in Pokemon and making new friends!

There are 512 spaces in Juniors & Seniors and 1024 in Masters.

Masters Division
  1. Huy
  2. Bianca222
  3. Breludicolo
  4. Kaphotics
  5. Wild Eep
  6. Colorless
  7. captain feathersword
  8. voodoo pimp
  9. hoiboy
  10. darksoulSP
  11. Thatsa
  13. TheForgottenSoul
  14. Kikuichimonji
  15. Metabou
  16. Deagle
  17. cH053n
  18. Kaphotics
  19. Age of King
  20. LionheartGGFan

Senior Division (Born in 1996, 1997, 1998, or 1999)
  1. kingofkongs
  2. HolyChipmunk
  3. Maski
  4. kamz
  5. Ludicolo99
  6. tlyee61
  7. Unreality
  8. AlphaOmega


I much prefer this place over previous locations; ridiculously close to my house and I actually know where the devil it is (google maps is not the most helpful at times...)

Masters for me; just barely over the age limit

EDIT: Also will be wearing a koffing somewhere if I don't forget
Why oh why must I be graduating on the same day as this?! RAAAAAAAAAGE!!

I wish all of you entrants the best of luck. I will more than likely be at the San Diego finals as a spectator.
YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is actually within reach now.... Unfortunately I am now going to have to go around begging for pokes and eving things to get pokes.... But yeah I'm going unless I can't get a team.
Edit:Probably have the pokes on the way, so I'm going for seniors. YAY
I'll be at San Jose, Masters

Kaphotics, i see you around on every message board right now.

Would be cool to have a chat with you in person, if we end up bumping into each other.