VGC '12 Korean Championships

My Korean friend told me he finished 4th. I'm not sure what he meant when he said this: "middle school 3rd people won the prize," but it might mean someone who is young (ie. someone who would be a Senior) won, much like Sejun last year. I'll try to get more information later.

EDIT: Got confirmation that the person that won was born in 1997, meaning he is a Senior. I think this means there will be 1 Korean Junior, Senior, and Master at Worlds even though there are only 2 age divisions there.
Bumping this thread for anybody who has found a youtube video of the finals or anything. Nice thread Bangisan especially if we take in the fact on how successful (before you all say it, I'm defining successful on the basis of how far they got, not on how they did) they were last year with just 2 participants in each division!
I looked on the Pokemon Korea website and all I could find about the event was this but I could not translate it as it is an image not text.
Event was on June 9 and 10... In Seoul, TCenter...
Thanks to all the great trainers, participants, staff, parents blahblahblah
here are the proud winners of Nationals!
VGC Juniors: Donghoon Joo
VGC seniors/ masters: Wonseok Jang
TCG Juniors: Hyuk Kim
TCG Seniors/ Masters: Gunoo Kim

congrats to all winners, now go showcase your skills in Hawaii!
Hot footage will be released soon! Please expect some great action!

And that's the end of it
Since there seems to be a lot of false statements with Japan and Korea regarding VGC this year, I'll post what I know. I am not 100% sure about this, but here is the information I am fairly sure is correct about Korea:

  • They only have 2 divisions, similar to VGC 2009/2010. There is no "Seniors" Category, rather Seniors play with Masters.
  • Similar to Japan, they had a Wi-Fi qualifier this year. I think the Top 32 or 64 were invited to Nationals.
  • There is only 1 invite/trip per division this year.
  • This year's Seniors/Masters winner was actually a Senior. This means that there will be 1 Junior, Senior, and Master at Worlds. (Including Sejun Park)
  • Their finals was played in a best 2 of 3 format. Looking at OmegaDonut's videos, the first was Game 1 of Juniors as well as Masters while the second was Game 2 or 3 of Masters. I am assuming this, but I think I'm correct because the two teams in both videos look like they are the exact same.
  • I'm almost sure they had a best 2 of 3 finals now. In OmegaDonut's first video the player on the bottom (with Thundurus/Terrakion/Politoed/Kingdra) won but in the second (which I believe was Game 3), the player with Ferrothorn won. That means we're missing a 3rd game.
And with that, I'll leave one last link with you guys. It's a sped up, faster version of what I believe is the very final Masters match. (Basically a much better version of OmegaDonut's second link)