VGC 12 Teambuilding help?

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Hey, my name is Ethan and im hoping for some teambuilding help for VGC. Im not sure if this is in the right section but Im new to Smogon and coudnt find anywhere else to post it.
I've competed in the VGC for the past 2 years and, lets face it, my teams have completely FLOPPED.

in 2010 I was running a test team i threw together the night before. It was something along the lines of:
and another poke i cant remember, this is 2 years ago haha

Anyways , most of the sets were ones i made up and they sucked. Like metrenome on blissey (-_-). Most of my matches just ended up with my kingdra attempting to sweep and my blissey taking hits and using protect on kingdra.

2011 was BW, and the metagame was really new to me and i hadnt much of an idea what was viable to use and what wasnt. I was running TerraCott (without even knowing it!!!)and using tailwind with a hydregion and another poke ( again, cant remember) . and i flopped again.

This year I want to have a good team and try and get further in the competition.
I know that sun and rain are going to be really popular this year (like 2010) because of Ninetales and Politoed getting their DW abilities. I am thinking of a tailwind or trick room ( TR is most likely) team so i can counter both sun and rain teams, ruining Swift Swim / Chlorophyll (mind my spelling) pokes and then hitting them hard, but this is only an idea so feel free to say how rubbish it is ( if its a bad idea).

Anyways, thats pretty much the end of the thread. I'd also appreciate it if someone could help me build a team, then test it with me on Pokemon Online? I just really wanna win this year after failing so hard these last 2 years.

Ethan (call me Ethan not VodK)


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battling 202 sign ups are going to be coming up Friday, so if you just click on that subforums here in VGC, you'll be able to get a tutor to help with team building


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For help in the meantime check out the Analyses our contributors have written, as well as the "warstory" threads where people talk about their runs at the fall regionals. There are also a few topics with links written by Play! Pokemon that have fairly in-depth looks at the some winning teams for both beginners and advanced players alike.
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