VGC '12 United States National - Indianapolis - WON by Cybertron and Wolfey


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Asami made sense to me, with the robotic Tyranitar coming in BW2.

The hottest chick in TLoK gets branded a Tyranitar?!?! I like Ttar as much as the next guy, but really Cybertron?!? REALLY?!?!

First Amon, and now Asami...(I'll give you a pass for Korra as Cress, much like I give Mako a pass as Thundurus).
Just got home and had the pleasure of sitting in front of the only two year old on the entire plane -_- I'll probably be writing up a warstory one of these days but I just wanted to say it was a pleasure meeting and seeing you all and it was one of the best weekends I have had in a long long time. Also congratulations once again to both Wolfey and Cybertron, truly impressive feat guys :)


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ZachDro said:
-Regionals...what can I say. Getting a two round bye was extremely crucial for players this year. I honestly believe byes should be given based on attendance, and a small top cut should be done at regionals (top 8-16, depending on the attendance as well). HOWEVER that being said, winning a "weak" regional does not really mean anything in regards to overall skill. I can't even count the number of times I heard the casual "oh you won Madison, that was weak, you can't claim respect". No one's asking for personal respect, really, we're just asking that you can respect the fact that we can't travel across the nation every single time to play the "best" because of monetary reasons. Hence why I dragged as many as I could to Madison. #minirant
yeah. madison was really weak having 3/8 top 8 players....

congrats to wolfe and cybertron, congrats to scooter sandman, congrats to team midwest

tts sux
yeah. madison was really weak having 3/8 top 8 players....

congrats to wolfe and cybertron, congrats to scooter sandman, congrats to team midwest

tts sux
;) hence the minirant.

Warstory incoming tomorrow hopefully, going to Summerfest tonight to see Skillet, and the CapriNigs were at my house last night so I had no time.
So this was pretty much the best weekend ever even though I choked super hard in the actual tournament. Maybe I'll write a warstory or just add comments onto lucien's

ps it gets annoying really fast when you hear kids telling their parents 'yeah this jrank kid won st louis and now he lost his first 2 lololol' in between rounds satiate the hunger of videos till better quality comes out, Crow350 vs TTS. Match 3 of a best of 3 quarterfinals match.
Thanks. Most of all... you filled me with hope...

I know my fear was irrational, but... I... I thought the videos may never come out.

Oh man, I love Tyranitar + Rotom-W; T-tar just has such immense stats, plus his ability to summon Sandstorm makes him, in my opinion, the most invaluable weather summoner in the game - of course the only weather Poke that has anything on Politoed in a straight up fight is Abomasnow - but if I had a team it would be like... T-Tar, Rotom-W, Metagross, Zapdos, Crescelia and Breloom.

Rather unoriginal and noobish compared to set-ups like seen her. (Pikachu, Butterfree, Heracross, ???)
Congrats to pwny person vgc! You totally deserved the trip and I think he US will have an amazing showing at worlds. I forgot to mention this, but neither of my siblings made top cut with my sister going 4-4 (she had to fight Cyber round 3 stupid matchup) and my little bro going 5-2 in juniors. Can't wait for worlds even though I won't get as much practice as I'd like. Also Cyber, I promise I won't be so Scizor Cress weak at worlds. That final was just embarrising lol. Doesn't put my team in a very good light :(.

Also I'll probably write a yearstory after worlds instead of seperate warstories so I can practice for HAWAII!!! I still can't beleive I'm a going, this will be incredible. Dimsun let's show Hawaii the ice age. Mamoswine ftw.

Can you believe I typed this all on a smartphone?