VGC 2010 Phoenix Championship Warstory!

lol Rollin' like a big shot on IGN.

How much do you think your team will change for Nats, if at all? I've always been curious how concerned the qualifier winners have been with their teams going into Indianapolis.

You know, just in case I myself win one.
I scout the first turn, eliminating an opportunity for a fakeout. He subs with Weavile and tries to fake out with Persian. Didn't see the sub coming. Next turn, need to take out that sub. Bullet Punch with meta destroys it easy, but he then sets up a swords dance. Hmm. Pretty sure I used Extremespeed next on his Persian. He tries hypnosis but it misses. Wow, I am lucky. I am starting to see into his strategy. I setup for another Bullet Punch on Weavile, but he switches out for Jumpluff. Another curveball. Only one uber and this guy is in the top 4? Impressive. Bullet Punch does some OK damage to Jumpluff, and then I think I took out his Persian with another Extremespeed. (Shinryu, please correct me if any of this is wrong haha). He brings in Palkia next turn. He tries sleep powder next turn and it either misses or I protected. All I know is I didn't fall asleep, thank goodness. The rest of the match is pretty fast, and I win 4-0. Only one more match for the championship. This is crazy.
<--Finally got back from work, had to leave Sunday and had no internet access at all

Just a quick few corrections from what I remember (I'll upload the video later on):

-You switched out Rayquaza for T-tar the turn you broke my Weavile's sub with BP. Persian then caught it with Sleep I think from Hypnosis, though I realized this was very bad from my point of view, hence my switch to Jumpluff next turn. Had I remembered Meta carried such a potentially deadly move, I definitely would have targeted it with Sleep instead XD
-Sleep Powder did miss then subsequently on Metagross :(, you then BPed it again and T-tar woke up and KOed both of my Pokemon with Rock Slide. I send in Weavile and Palkia, Weavile damages T-tar a bit, then Palkia takes both of them out with Surf I think...something along those lines.
-You sent out Mewtwo and Rayquaza, Protected with Quaza and IB with Mewtwo while I tried vainly to kill off Ray with Dragon Pulse, then ES and IB next turn to win.

But yeah, it was great playing you as well, look forward to seeing you about at Nats (unless you happen to play the TCG as well? Then maybe I'll see ya at an upcoming BR).