VGC 2011 rules up!

Its a shame Sky drop is banned. It's a great move for doubles. Stormed the battle tower with it, didn't realise it was banned online.

Also, why does everyone keep using japanease names for pokemon
hmmm does that also mean , if i come Top 8 here in Europe and got my invitation iam still allowed to play somewhere else to get a full paid trip? There isnt anything written about that (or i cant find it) but this would be good , that was the stupidest rule last year.

hmm i cant get out of the feeling, that this year, the organisators of the event had many complications...the late annoucment , the poor , incorect or silly rules..its the first time that we are not allowed to chance our items -__-...
not changing items is due to the new battle box function in the games.

I also wonder how people will be assigned to their matches this year. Do you think it' semi-random like it was in the previous years or will the games feature some sort of pairing players against each other?