VGC 2012 Battle Video Thread


So who did buy all the stroopwafels?
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I went ahead and youtubed all the battle vid numbers posted here (apart from sprocket as he noted hed youtube it himself)

The Knight of Wario Land vs Sevrah -
Nytefahr vs Duy -
pokemaster649 vs Colette -
hockeyguy605 vs Kris -
El Scorcho vs Calm_Lava -
demoExpert vs Zak -
fuel vs Remien -
Rushingmaid vs Dimsun -
mrbopper vs Smith -
dingram vs Matt -

seems a lot neater then just random battle vid numbers so yeah
I believe I have a video of me vs. CoachMuffin. I played pretty badly all match. I kept expecting him to Trick Room, but he never did. I will edit it in later today.

EDIT: No I don't. :/
Event Location: Athens, GA
Video URL/Number: 84-09867-72375
Division (Masters/Seniors/Juniors): Seniors
Match Round (win/loss?): Round 6 (3-2 before, 4-2 after)
Players (Point of View vs Opponent): Sawyer (fuel) vs Lauren (Remien)

I won in 3 turns thanks to the big EXPLOSION. I don't see how her Hydregion moved before my max. speed Latios, but he took it the Draco Meteor like a boss. (It's probably because she already had the -2 drop, lol.) Good game, won 2-0.

Losing two matches isn't the best for you mentally...OH and I would have draco metoered your latios but I couldn't do to choice scarf. That is also why I went before your max speed Latios and I had max speed with timid i think. Great Game though and you deserved the win :)!
Event Location: Houston
Video URL/Number: 98-68466-00489
Division (Masters/Seniors/Juniors): Masters
Match Round (win/loss?): Both of us 4-1
Players (Point of View vs Opponent): POV Me, vs. Ryuzaki

Thanks Eiganjo :]
Event Location: Philadelphia
Video URL/Number: 22-18887-03026
Division: Seniors
Match Round: 7
Players (Point of View vs Opponent): Drifblim vs. ???(Keepbayleefing's friend)
Info: I was 6-0 at the time, my opponent supposedly 5-1. For whatever reason, the outcome of his previous match got changed then he turned 4-2. If I won this, I would be in the Finals. Not too interesting a game, somewhat hax free