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VGC 2012 Team`

Discussion in 'BW Other Teams' started by MaximizedGamer, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. MaximizedGamer


    Oct 2, 2011
    I may be new to competitive battling, but, with some help, I believe I am good with what I can do. I plan to go to VGC regionals in 2012, and I plan to win.
    Without further ado.. Lets present my team!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Infernape [​IMG] w/ Life Orb

    Ablility: Blaze
    Nature: Jolly
    EVs: 252 Atk|252 Spe|4 HP
    -Fake Out
    -Flare Blitz
    -Aerial Ace
    -Close Combat

    Infernape is one beloved lead for my team, Fake out faster than Hitmontop (one of the most seen pokemon in VGC tier), and other threats that might give itself or teammates trouble. Fake out is also helpful for The latios that doesn't protect the first turn, then allowing Garchomp to Dragon Claw to take it out. Flare Blitz is Infernape's STAB, due to it being powerful and boosted by Life Orb, and Blaze if conditions are met. Aerial Ace is my answer to other Fighting types out there. Close Combat is another STAB for Infernape. Close Combat will gladly take out Tyranitar and Excadrill, the obvious sandstorm team.


    Water X2 = Gastrodon X0, Virizion X1/2
    Psychic X2 = None
    Flying X2 = None
    Ground X2 = Rotom-F X0,

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Garchomp [​IMG] w/ Choice Band

    Ability: Sand Veil
    Nature: Adamant
    Evs: 252 Atk|252 Spe|4 HP
    -Rock Slide
    -Dragon Claw

    Garchomp is the second lead for my team. Even though a lead of Infernape and Garchomp may be kinda weird, Garchomp appreciates Infernape's Fake Out so that it may take out a threat that it may face. Choice Band over Choice Scarf? There are many reasons why. Even though Choice Scarf makes Garchomp very fast, It won't do the necessary OHKO it needs. Due to testing, Choice Scarf Garchomp will hit my Garchomp for 88% damage, while my Choice Band Garchomp will OHKO the other Garchomp. Rock slide is for Flying type that will give Infernape some problems (Zapdos, Togekiss) and Ice type hopefully quick enough. Dragon Claw is the chosen Garchomp STAB, does decent damage, and powered up by Choice Band. Crunch helps with Psychic types (Mushurana , Latios(If stuck on Crunch)), Ghost types such as(Chandulure , Gengar). Earthquake is another choice STAB for Garchomp, that isn't used as much as Dragon claw, but helps with Steel Types and Fire Types and even Eletric Types. Earthquake is rarely used with Infernape on the field, Thus, I use Earthquake only when Rotom-F is on the field.


    Ice X4 : Infernape X1/2 , Rotom-F X1/2 , Chandelure X1/2
    Dragon X2: None

    Chandelure [​IMG]w/ Fire Gem

    Ability: Flash Fire
    Nature: Timid
    Evs: 252 SpAtk|252 Spe|4 HP
    -Heat Wave
    -Shadow Ball
    -Trick Room

    Chandulure is my answer to Trick Room teams, Shuts down a Trick Room when first thought. Also helps Virizion and Rotom-F by taking in the Fire moves and raising its SpAtk +1. Heat wave is one chosen stabs I use for Chandelure, powered up by Fire Gem, Takes out Steel types (Siczor, Metagross). Shadow Ball help damage Cressila so that it may be taken out before Imprision wears off. Trick room and Imprision is self-explanatory.


    Ghost x2 : none
    Water x2 : Gastrodon x0, Virizion X1/2
    Dark X2: Infernape x1/2, Virizion x1/2
    Ground x2: Rotom-F x0

    Gastrodon [​IMG] w/ Rindo Berry

    Ability: Storm Drain
    Nature: Bold
    Evs: 252 HP|252 Def|4 SpDef
    -Ice Beam
    -Earth Power

    Gastrodon is a help when dealing with rain teams or other water types, switching in on an unexpected Water move. Rindo berry just buffers Gastrodon's Grass weakness. Hail is used to accurate Rotom-F's Blizzard. Surf is one chosen STAB for Gastrodon. Ice beam is used to take out flying types and Dragon types that messed up my Rotom-F. Earth power is another STAB because it doesn't hit my teammates vs Earthquake.

    Grass x4: Infernape x1/2, Virizion X1/2, Chandelure x1/4

    Rotom-F w/ Choice Scarf

    Ability: Levitate
    Nature: Modest
    Evs: 248 SpAtk|248 Spe|12 HP
    -Hidden Power(Fire)

    Rotom is my answer to the ever seen Latios, Blizzarding it away with no question. Discharge is used to counter Rain teams by Super Effecting Water types such as Politoed, tentacruel, and Jellicent. Discharge is used only when Garchomp is on the field or only if really needed. Trick is used to discard my Choice Scarf for more versatility if needed. Hidden Power is used for Grass types if needed. Choice Scarf allows it to become very quick.

    Fire x2: Infernape x1/2, Chandelure x0, Gastrodon x1/2, Garchomp x1/2
    Rock x2: Gastrodon x1/2, Garchomp x1/2
    Fighting x2: Chandelure x0,

    Virizion w/ Grass Gem

    Ability: Justified
    Evs: 252 Atk|252 Spe|4 HP
    -Leaf Blade
    -Sacred Sword
    -Stone Edge

    Virizion is also another answer to rain teams, taking out Politoed before things get ugly. Grass Gem allows to go head on first time Leaf Blade is used. Sacred Sword is one awsome STAB because its not affected by stat changes. Stone edge is used for taking out flying types that would otherwise wall and destroy Virizion. Protect alllows Garchomp to EarthQuake and Rotom to Discharge, also dragging out the battle for a bit longer.

    Flying X4: none
    Fire x2: Infernape x1/2, Chandelure x0, Gastrodon x1/2, Garchomp x1/2
    Psychic x2: none
    Ice x2: Infernape x1/2, Chandelure x1/2, Rotom-F x1/2
    Poison x2: Garchomp 1/2
  2. Drifblim


    Nov 9, 2011
    Garchomp should be Jolly to outspeed many important things, Outrage may be better then Dragon Claw because with the Band it will always hit for big damage(hopefully the right target!), and you would be stuck using DClaw anyways

    Chandelure should run Protect somewhere, they aren't THAT fast and many common threats like Rock Slide and EQ users can OHKO them without trouble

    Gastrodon shouldn't have Hail, it damages everything except the one thing on your team that it helps. If you want a weather counter, use Abomasnow so the hail won't end on its own and so you don't have to waste a turn setting it up


    Nov 29, 2011
    I dont really see aerial ace as a potential move for infernape,even against fighting flare blitz and closes combat are still better, you might want rock slide or even helping hand. Garchomp Does need jolly.
    I would take off hail and replace it with recover possibly, if you have 3 attack moves you want it to stay around and you currently have no way to gain back health.

    I would take off rotom and replace it with weavile, who takes down grass and pyschic types like latios and anything that hurts gastrodon. it also kill garchomp and can OHKO or 2KO low kick terrakion, who, depending on speed ties with infernape and virizion can be somewhat of problem by OHKOing infernape with close combat and chandelure with stone edge.
  4. voodoo pimp

    voodoo pimp Apply directly to the forehead
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Oct 12, 2010
    I would not recommend using Imprison Chandelure with that set. It's already not exactly the bulkiest Pokémon out there, and without a Sash or HP EVs, many opponents will be able to KO it before it can actually do anything.

    Rotom-F seems really out of place here. Choiced Discharge is dangerous to your team, Blizzard is unreliable unless you waste a turn setting up hail, and HP Fire is just too weak unless it's hitting a 4x weakness.
  5. MaximizedGamer


    Oct 2, 2011
    Drifblim: Gastrodon with hail stops rain for one and also Accurate Rotom-F's blizzard. Pretty much no space to add protect somewhere. Plus, Chandelure's help with TR teams which would in fact put me at a disadvantage. I feel as if Dragon Claw is more Reliable when dealing with who it hits and doesn't confuse, so that it may hit as much as it needs to. What I am saying is that Using Outrage will Cripple it.

    Garchompzilla: adding weavile to my team will count as my team being Fast and Fragile. Gastrodon with hail stops rain enough for me to counter politoed in a rain team, also makes Rotom-F's Blizzard 100% accurate. Helping hand sounds really good when I need Garchomp or another team mate to do some more damage, Thanks for the suggestion. BTW, How else would I take out Hitmontop?

    voodoopimp: You'd suggest that I switch up Chandelure's set so that it can take a few hits? That's something I can consider. A better move instead of HP fire?

    Helping Hand on Infernape
    Chandelure now has Calm Nature (252 HP|252 SpAtk|4 Sp.Def)

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