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VGC Birmingham (war story)

Discussion in 'Past Format Discussion' started by the ginger bear, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. the ginger bear

    the ginger bear

    Jun 5, 2011
    Hey you guys won't know me, as on Saturday was my first competitive tournament playing Pokemon. The reason i'm on this forum is that my friend said it was a good way to get feed back and learn about new Pokemon strategy.I have only been playing competitive Pokemon for about a week now and there was allot to learn about the meta-game. Meaning this week was pure study and hard work, thankfully i had friends knowing what they where doing and teaching me and then amazingly helped me RNG my team.

    My Team:

    Terakion-Chopple berry
    Chandelure-choice scarf
    Thunderus-electric gem
    Mieanshao-flight gem
    Whimsicott-focus sash
    Jellicent-AH about that i managed to have 2 scarfs in my team due to late minute team changing meaning this Pokemon was illegal not getting me through a hack check making me panic then learning and noticing this as none of judges can read !!!!!! so it had no item in the end lol.

    1st round:

    I sat down having friend ruled 4 of my friends making sure we didn't knock each other out. Any way i look up and i see in-front of me a girl who tells me in her words "i'm running this trick room thing and i'm not sure what to do". I smile and start playing picking Mienshao and Whimsicott to lead and the proceed to fake out and taunt both her Pokemon then switching to Terrakion and sweeping her team went well felt a bit sorry for the girl but oh well i stood up seeing one of my friends being knocked out and walked to the next line meeting my other 2 freinds.

    2nd round:
    I get placed against some guy who sits down tell's me he got to the top 8 last year and cant wait to get there again. I think great with his experience i have no chance at all. I see his pokemon 2 genies, Chandaluer, Skrafty, Terrakion
    and Jelicent. I think good stuffs as soon as i see it so i go for my combo.I lead with Terrakion and Whisicott he leads with dual genies, in my head i think WTF ok. I go beat up Terrakion rock slide and then say to him "its a one hit wonder" he did not look amused. He then sent out Chandaluer and Skrafty so i rockslided again and he protected with his Scrafty this then confused me as i killed his Chandaluer in cold blood and his Scrafty just sat there and watched seemed a bit mean i then next turn performed close combat killing the Scarfty he laughed stood up shook my head and walked off. I then stand up walk over to the next line seeing that i am the last one of my group left.

    3rd round
    I sit down and the guy says "yo" i say "LETS DO THIS THING" i love people who play Pokemon such a social bunch XD. We start to play hes pritty much playing helping hand i recorded this battle as it was the one i lost. i will link it later over youtube as it was amazing lol. The only thing i can see is that mans luck was amazing the final round came down to me with Terrakion AND Whimsicott against his Whimsicott and Scatfty which was one on 4 life and the other on 15 life i go rock slide to win he even stands up to shake my hand and it misses i go "good game and shake his hand instead" BAD LUCK IS BAD.

    So all in all with all 5days of experience of how the game works the different types and teams and also how to run my own for the amount of time ive been playing i think i did pretty damn good for my first ever VGC and competitive Pokemon tournament. AND REMEBER KIDS TOASTER TOAST TOAST !!!!!
  2. Chilebowl


    Mar 7, 2010
    third round isn't that bad considering the amount of practice you got in, so congrats and gl to your future vgc endeavors.

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