VGC Long Beach, CA Regionals Carpool and Hotel

Hey everyone, I rarely post on Smogon; so I hope I am doing everything correctly post-wise. Anyways, I have two seats in my car for the VGC Regionals in Long Beach, CA. I also have 2 people available for a hotel. The hotel probably would be about $22.50, because it is $90 split 4 ways. There would be expenses for gas, which would depend on where the people we are picking up live. It would definitely not be over around 20-25 dollars, unless the person we are picking up lives very far off from Modesto to Long Beach. It will only be one night in the hotel and it is intended to be in there in time for VGC, not TGC too. TGC will be a day before VGC, so it isn't possible to ride with us and do both. We will not be there in time for that. It may be possible to just stay in our hotel or just carpool with us; it does not have to be both. Contact me on Facebook, because I don't check my Smogon account as often. My name on Facebook is Ryan Schambers, and make sure to send me a message and add me as a friend. Thanks!