VGC & TCG Tournaments Cancelled in Japan

As for the VGC, why doesn't someone send an email out to try to get an answer? You can just contact them on the site, they will probably know and respond accordingly seeing as how they work there.
Cool, so just the possibility of that might be a way to get some more japanese people over (i hope :X )

As for the VGC, why doesn't someone send an email out to try to get an answer? You can just contact them on the site, they will probably know and respond accordingly seeing as how they work there.
This has been done, but we're still waiting on a response (correct, human?)


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Stay on topic guys...

As for that press release, nothing on the official site says anything about GBU invites anymore so I don't know what's up with that.
OT: Shitty news, I hope everyone in Japan recovers quickly. I was looking forward to meeting/playing against the Japanese players this year, but I obviously understand the situation and wish them the best.
It's been a while since I've been around, but it's a bit sad to hear that the Japanese players will be sitting this one out. Nobody plays Pokemon like the Japanese do, and I mean that in the nicest way possible. They treat it like an art over there...

Brings back memories of sitting on the train on my way out of Hamamatsucho, playing my brand new copy of Black, right after buying it from the Pokemon Center Tokyo. That's how a Pokemon game was meant to be played, no lies. To imagine the places I was in not that long ago having to go through such a disaster, I still can't believe it happened. Even though I likely won't be able to go to any of the matches this year anymore, I still hope they happen. Smogon will likely sweep, if not in honor of America's title, but in honor of the missing Japanese players.
Always loved the unorthodox strategies brought by the Japanese, dissappointed that they will not have regional nor even national qualifiers this year. Nevertheless many will enter LCQ so it should still be Worlds, whilst I agree this makes Worlds this year for the Japanese a basis of who can afford the flights it will also mean the passionate japanese will definately be there, LCQ this year is probably going to be harder then previous years.

I do agree with Huy to an extent, if they were going to cancel VGC11 worldwide they'd done a joint worldwide announcement. It's about and before this time we get the VGC11 official statement with it's own minisite detailing the locations and dates, this hasn't happen yet, I do believe they should continue as they were and just either, open up more spaces for European qualifiers, open up spaces for Oceania, or even give more spaces to enter Worlds through LCQ (not trying to say anything about america, maybe even give Canada a nationals!).

I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out. A great shame not to allow the greatest japanese players of this generation the opportunity to prove themselves in tournaments though.

<3 Japan
I hope thi opens a Qualifier for México!!! =D......okay no ._.

I'm very sad for the japanese people; I saw some vids on the matter and they were all very sad...They have gone through so much in the past week ... I hope they can fix this situation soon (with the nuclear reactors it will be hard, though) so they can have qualifiers again =D Good luck Japan ^^
This is terrible news. I really enjoyed the presence of the Japanese players when I went to the finals in San Diego back in '09. There were also several Japanese people selling JP-exclusive merchandise at the event. Really cool stuff, even though I left with nothing more than a Lv.1 Trainer pin.
I feel like the best solution for the problem instead of having a bajillion qualifiers like they normally do, given the situation, have like 1 qualifier with more spots for worlds. That way people in Japan would get an opportunity and they wouldn't have to do them in or near affected areas.
Wow, I sure hope that TPCI still lets the US and the EU go ahead with it.
But yeah, I guess it makes sense cancelling Japan's when you think about it....


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I don't know their situation, but in my experience with reserving large venues for church events, you really can't cancel large reservations like that very easily at all. In our case we had to put good portion of money up front.
I feel sad, no Japanese to test against, no way to really explore the metagame pre U.S. However, I have a feeling that almost all my competition in seniors went up in smoke so this should be MUCH easier if it goes on as planned.
Maaaaaan, I really wanted to see how Japan treated the metagame. Oh well, they have things they need to get sorted with the recent disasters. It's most important.

If it ends up being America v. Europe, it'll be interesting. :)
Hmmm, even though I'm American, this might hurt my team a bit because I created my team from watching youtube videos of Japan's VGC tournaments last year. I've already been doing a little research on PO, but it's nice to watch a video of someone who actually won one of these tournaments and know that you at least have Pokemon or moves to deal with that particular strategy. Hopefully the NJ regionals will be last again this year ^^.
That's true. Usually us Americans try to check out how the Japanese played and try to create our team and possibly take some ideas ;D. However, that's not the case this year, sadly. It's sad that they have to sit this one out, but this disaster has top priority.


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They will stand in a line and draw from a deck of cards.

Psychic energy = free trip
Grass energy = try again next year