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VGC Tournament at Southern California State Championships (March 22)

Discussion in 'Past Format Discussion' started by Huy, Mar 18, 2014.

  1. Huy

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    Mar 27, 2005
    Mega Video Game Tournament
    We were hoping to have Pokémon Video Game state championships, but since that didn’t happen in 2014, we’re doing as big an XY “VGC rules” tournament as we can.

    Mega Video Game Tournament – limit 100 players
    • $10 all divisions – payment options
    • 09:30 AM Check-in & Registration Start
    • 10:15 AM Registration Closed
    • Pre-register and get 5 raffle tickets at check-in!
    • See our VG specific prizing and we have snaked the top 4 some Pokémon starter ballcaps as well.
    • Pre-register here
    Player Responsibilities
    If you have any feedback on this event, please contact us via our Facebook event page, or here in this forum.

    Prizes provided by Second City Gym in blue & bold type.

    Raffle Prizes
    Raffle winners will be posted during lunch!

    1. $50 Nintendo eShop Gift Card (1)
    2. Official XY Binder and XY Playmat sets (12)
    3. Rayquaza/Garchomp 4 & 9 pocket binders, sleeves & deck box set (1)
    4. Pokemon X Video Game Cartridge (2)
    5. Pokemon Y Video Game Cartridge (4)
    6. Deck box set: Lugia; Rayquaza; Nuts & Bolts (Metal Pokémon) (1)
    7. Black/Gold Zelda 3DS XL bundle (1)
    more to come….

    Mega Video Game Tournament Prizes
    Each player will receive 1 Play! Point just for playing in this sanctioned event!

    Prizes awarded to top 4 players in each of three age divisions:

    • $20 Nintendo eShop Gift Card
    • Weakness Chart Microfiber Cloth
    • Kicker: above prizes extend to Top 8 in any age group with 32 or more players!
    • Official Pokémon Cap
    It’s at our exciting new venue for California Pokémon TCG State Championship!

    Stage 19, Thunder Studios
    20432 South Santa Fe Ave
    Long Beach, Ca 90810

    Parking & Eats
    There is plenty of free parking on Santa Fe Avenue south of the venue. Blue Line station across the street. A nice Charbroil Burger/Mexican restaurant is directly in front of the venue and your brand name fast food is 5 minutes away by car (door to door).

    Tournament will be streamed on on Nugget Bridge twitch
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