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Victory RoAd: (1, 2, 3 | 4) | Indigo Plateau (1 | 2)​

Welcome to the Victory RoAd, where after obtaining your 8 (16?) badges will you meet probably the best trainers from different generations gathered here. As we all know, past generations do not have an active ladder, and this can be a platform to showcase your skills and battle against well-known veteran players! This is also where the different generations meet. If you've never played some of the past generations of Pokemon, now would probably be a good time to pick them up!

How this works

• There are four people you have to beat before you can finally conquer the Victory RoAd and the tiers and gens will change with each round
• You do NOT have to defeat them in any particular order; this is to give you time and flexibility to pick up whichever gen you wish
• You win by beating all four trainers in Victory RoAd! There is no singular winner. Being able to beat four veteran players is an impressive feat! Especially so when they're all in different generations!

The Veteran Trainers

Floppy (RBY OU)
Availability: Find him on #ruinsofalph or #pokemon on synIRC
Record: 4-2​

Ojama (GSC OU)
Availability: All the time until Jan. 7th, then between 7 PM - 1 AM (GMT +1)
Record: 1-3​

JabbaTheGriffin (ADV OU)
Availability: 12 PM - 2 AM (GMT -5)
Record: 1-1​

Availability: Most weekends (GMT +1)
Record: 3-4​


• Veteran trainers will state their timeslots when they are available to be freely challenged. (Please post here!) If you are changing your timeslot, please indicate here as well!
• The trainers can challenge the Victory RoAd and battle only the 3 other trainers to conquer the Victory RoAd.
• All matches will be played in their respective simulators, generations and their clauses.
• If you lose, you do not have to restart from scratch, but you have to wait for 48 hours or until the next available timeslot before challenging the same trainer, whichever is longer.


• GSC, ADV, and DPP matches are to be played on Pokemon Online.
• RBY matches should be played on NetBattle Supremacy. This is now required, because PO has some serious glitches that need to be resolved before a decent battle can take place.
• All standard rules and clauses apply.

Prizes (tentative)

• If you beat all four of them without a single rechallenge, you will be awarded with ops on #RuinsOfAlph.
• If you beat all four of them but with rechallenge(s), you will be awarded with vops or hops if you already have vops on #RuinsOfAlph.
• Swag.

To start your challenge, simply post in this thread saying you are going to play, and then report back with your wins and losses. You may share logs here if your opponent agrees to it. Good luck, and a record of players challenges will be kept here! Be sure to announce on IRC in #RuinsOfAlph when you are about to play, so that people can enjoy some quality past gen matches. :) Feel free to contact the trainers in #RuinsOfAlph as well!

Hall of Fame

• Challenge 1
- M Dragon (4-1) [02.08.12]
- Sir (4-2) [31.12.12]

Player Records

- Nelson-X (0-1)
- Sir (4-2)
- MarceloDK (1-1)
- 6A9 Ace Matador (2-2)
- Crystal_ (1-0)
- Kennen (0-1)
- Ojama [challenger] (1-0)
- ThatsMyLatios (1-0)
- Bandicoot (0-1)
- windsong (0-1)
- .Robert (0-0)
- Andeby (0-0)
- King (0-0)
- Princess Bri (0-0)
- AkHolic (0-0)
- yan[sogeking] (0-0)
- Hantsuki (0-0)

Congratulations Sir! To the rest of you, keep trying; victory is still in sight!
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alone with my friends
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the wrap bug to my knowledge is that the percentage chance of wrap continuing for 4-5 turns is the opposite of what it should be, and is reversed with the chance of it continuing for 2-3 turns...not a huge deal, but could affect a game somewhat, so if either player isn't comfortable using PO then NetBattle should be used.

still waiting on floppy's availability, while we do that go ahead and fight the other three
okay, apparently, wrap moves never last 2 turns.Out of 26+ tries I got no 2-turn wrap:
3 turns: 10 times // 4 turns: 10 times // 5 turns: 6 times

The easiest way to follow the log is by going to line 98 and search for ': ' (with Control + F) because after each round of wrap I wrote the number of turns it lasted.
What is it with Smogon and bad tournament rules lol.

One battle is really unfair in metas like RBY, especially if you have to wait at least 48 hours to get another shot.