Virizion (OU SubSalac) [QC 0/3]

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<p>Virizion is an average at best pokemon to use in OU, but I feel this set I’ve tested on it really maximizes it’s offensive potential. This set can sponge special attacks, while physical attacks don’t usually bother virizion with its already high HP. Fighting/Grass is great coverage, but until getting a salac boost speed is a major hindrance. Any flying type move will wreck him, but those are few and far between in OU.</p>

name: SubSalac Virizion
move 1: Substitute
move 2: Swords Dance
move 3: Leaf Blade
move 4: Sacred Sword
item: Salac Berry
ability: Justified
nature: Careful (+SpD, -SpA)
evs: 252 HP/4 Atk/252 SpD


<p>As all SubSalac users, the main goal of this set is to boost attack behind a substitute, and inch down to below 25% health to get a speed boost. This is where the sweeping begins, as with 2x attack and 1.5x speed, his attack and speed reach 434/378 respectively. Virizion can also take hits with his massive 386/180/392 bulk. Because of his specially defensive nature, he will even be able to tank super-effective fire/psychic attacks. The best chance to set up is when a special sweeper has just knocked out one of your pokemon, and you can switch in and set up a substitute. If the opponent switches out, you set up a SD behind the sub. If not, you milk your way down to 25%, and hopefully are able to set up a SD along the way (very likely).</p>

<ul class="damage_calculation">
<li>Sacred Sword vs. 252/88 Ferrothorn 101.13% - 119.88%</li> (After 2 SD)
<li>Leaf Blade vs. 252/36 Jellicent 112.87% - 132.67%</li> (After SD)

<ul class="damage_calculation">
<li>0 SpA Heatran Lava Plume 34.19% - 40.41%</li>
<li>252 SpA Starmie @ Life Orb Ice Beam 34.97% - 41.7%</li>

[Checks and Counters]

<p>Because this pokemon is at its strongest when its HP is low, priority moves can destroy him. Gyarados for the most part will cause me to switch out. Pokemon with the move psyshock will defeat virizion, because it bypasses the special defense stat. Paralysis or burn renders virizion utterly useless, so it is helpful to have a cleric like blissey on the team. Scizor will eventually defeat virizion one on one, and most every bug type walls him.</p>


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this is a real waste of virizion's defensive potential, since you have no way to heal and you're just weakening yourself through sub. viri is also weak with offensive investment, so its damage output while focusing on its defensive stats is going to be absolutely pitiful. sorry.

qc rejected 1/3


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Also, for future reference, if you're just writing one set for a pokemon that already has an analysis, you don't need an overview or a checks and counters section.
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