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w007! first post. rate my team, "The 6 F's"

Discussion in 'Trou Du Cul' started by PWNAGE_RAYQUAZA, Jul 19, 2006.



    Jul 19, 2006
    hey here is my team called the 6 fs. its called that because my baseball coach has the 6 fs of defense and i like baseball and thought it would be 31337 to name my team after it. well here is my team, its in my emerald and also on netbattle. it hasnt lost yet in emerald but i havent used it in netbattle yet. i think its good but needs improvement

    swampert, "field". he is pretty good, raised from the beginning and is strong and will get stronger. my most trustworthy pokemon and hes a doozy.
    level 87 in emerald, 100 in netbattle

    moves: muddy water, earthquake, surf, dive

    torkoal, "focus". he is my fire type to blow away anything weak to fire. he is good and is a great powerful hitter that is hard to take out. i wouldnt want to go up against him.
    level 53 in emerald, 100 in netbattle

    moves: fire blast, overheat, heat wave, body slam

    cacturne, "fro". he is a hard hitter that can do many things. a good choice to bring in in the middle of a match against a pokemon that wont stand a chance against him. i love watching people be helpless when i unleash destiny bond since no one expects itg
    level 59 in emerald, 100 in netbattle

    moves: faint attack, needle arm, destiny bond, giga drain

    amapharos, "follow". my fav pokemon other than rayquaza, ampharos knows how to get it done. a great addition to my team and he hasnt disappointed yet. he makes water types run scared and wee wee their pants. all of his moves hit hard
    level 48 in emerald, 100 in netbattle

    moves: thunder, thunderpunch, iron tail, strength

    mightyena, "find". he is shiny so that automatically makes him on my team. he looks good in gold. dark types arent to be messed with, and everyone who has faced my mightyena knows that. destryos psychic types NOTE TO READER: dont put psychics agaisnt him unless you want to lose.
    level 69 in emerald, 100 in netbattle

    moves: crunch, take down, hyper beam, double edge

    rayquaza, "feet". once my rayquaza comes in the game, game over. he has never been killed before so that should show you how good he is. a monster in the arena and will not take any opponent softly. there is a reason why i like rayquaza so much and its because he dominates.
    level 79 in emerald, 100 in netbattle

    moves: dragon claw, outrage, extremespeed, fly

    so if you can rate my team i would like to hear it. its pretty good but of course it can get better

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