Wacky Wi-Fi March Voting

What would you want the March Wacky Wi-fi tournament to be?

  • Let's Get Ready to Rumble Blast!

    Votes: 17 43.6%

    Votes: 2 5.1%
  • Beginning Elements Tournament

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Tournament of the gods!!!

    Votes: 1 2.6%
  • VGC ' 98

    Votes: 16 41.0%
  • The Tricky Triple Tussle Tournament

    Votes: 3 7.7%
  • The Pokemon Tier Roulette Tournament

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
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Vote for what you think would be the most entertaining tournament for March. You can vote for multiple tournaments if you want. You can post all you want in here, but make is an actual conversation. Do no submit new ideas in this thread. Another thread will be going up towards the beginning of March for that.

Let's Get Ready to Rumble Blast! (Pokemon Rumble flavored tournament)

  • VGC banlist, Gen V
  • Singles 6v6 (with a catch, see below)
  • Level 50
  • Species Clause, Sleep Clause, Evasion Clause, OHKO Clause
  • Tournament specific rules:
    • Pokemon may only have at most two moves! (like in Rumble)
    • Pokemon may only have moves they can get in Rumble Blast (for the most part, whatever a mon can get in gen 5, see serebii's spinoff dex bw for mostly accurate movelists) - notable things to watch out for: no Spore on Breloom, Smeargle can only know Sketch, etc.
    • No items
    • First player to have three Pokemon faint loses and must forfeit (this is the catch to 6v6, based on Rumble's wonder keys - you have three per stage and lose one whenever one of your toys is defeated)
    • Also, no Moody. It sucks.
    • EDIT: No weather. The Rumble series doesn't have weather (either the moves or the abilities), so neither will this tournament
Well, February has Valentine's day in it so...

-Standard Gen V OU
-Doubles (Couples turns :3) 6v6
-Level 100
-Clauses: Sleep, Freeze, OHKO, Evasion, Species
-Tournament Specific rules:
-Teams MUST include the Pokemon Luvdisc
-All Pokemon MUST know attract
Beginning Elements Tournament

Everyone knows we begun with one of three starter Pokemon. In honor of the trio, and the odd mon out due to Pokemon Yellow, a Tournament featuring every non uber Pokemon of the four elements, Grass, Fire, Water, and Electric.

Bans and Generation: Current Generation (Gen 5) Ban List. OU and lower PKMN are allowed.

Number of PKMN & Battle Type: Standard Singles Battle. 6v6

Level: 100

Battle Clauses: Sleep, Freeze, Ohko, Evasion, Species

-Pokemon of all partakers must have Grass, Fire, Water, or Electric, as one of the types in battle (if it only has one type then it must be one of those four.)
-No Auto Weather Pokemon allowed in the Tournament (Meaning Abomasnow and Snover are out unless their Dreamworld abilities kick in) No Drizzle Politoad or Drought Ninetales.
-No Stealth Rocks.

Aimed number of participants: 16 or 32
Tournament of the gods!!!

Everyone must use 6 different types of arceus to try to win.(ex; rock, flying, bug, ground, water and dragon)
Bans and generation: Bans:any non-arceus generation: current but must use only arceus (it can have 5th gen moves and etcetera)
# of pokemon and battle type: 6 vs 6, standard singles (note it would be just fine with doubles or 3 vs 3 too).
clauses: freeze, OHKO, evaision and sleep cluase (though I don't think arceus can learn 2 of those anyway).
Rules: none really but no dark void (even if u can find a way to) and try to use judgement on at least one of your pokemon.

I know this might not be such a good idea but it is almost definitely original.
VGC ' 98
  • 5th Gen battles. Pokemon #150-649 are banned
  • Doubles 4v4
  • Level 50 Flat Battles
  • Species Clause, Item Clause, Self-KO Clause, Sky Drop Clause (No Pokemon may know Sky Drop)
  • Tournament specific rules:
    • It's VGC 2011 with a retro twist! Fight with only the original 151 (sans Mew and Mewtwo)
    • Wonder Launcher is set to off.
    • Due to lack of opposing Permaweather, Drought is banned.
The Tricky Triple Tussle Tournament
-Players may use Pokemon from all gens (excluding Keldeo, Genesect, and Meloetta) except if they are banned.
-Pokemon listed on VGC Banlist 2012 (including Jirachi) and Smogon's 5th gen uber list are banned
-Pokemon with the Abilities Sand Stream, Snow Warning, Drought, and Drizzle are banned. (Though weather inducing moves such as Rain Dance are not banned)
-The battle format will be a lv. 100 6v6 Triple battle
-Species Clause, Moody Clause, Sleep Clause, Evasion Clause, and OHKO Clause all apply
Tournament Specific Rules:
-Two Pokemon on a player's team cannot hold the same item
-The moves Dark Void and Sky Drop are banned
-Wonder Launcher must be disabled during a battle
-Players must use legitimate Pokemon (ie no hacks or non-released Pokes) as well as legitimate movesets
-Players may only have up to 2 Pokemon in the same 5th gen Smogon tier
-Players may only have up to 2 Pokemon from the same generation
The Pokemon Tier Roulette Tournament
-Each round there will be a different tier(like first round BW OU, second round BW RU, etc.)
Battle format is 6 vs 6 Level 100 single battle.
-Evasion moves like Double Team and items that lower accuracy like BrightPowder is banned
-Players must use legal movesets.
-BL pokemon like Meloetta and Genesect are banned.
-Players must have 4 pokemon from the 4 previous generations.


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I will vote for Wild Eep's idea. It sounds very different and puts an intriguing twist on the game. :)

-EDIT- Didnt see the poll. *stupid*
Obviously, Eep's idea is the wackiest so it deserves to win! VGC '98 would be sort of cool I guess but it's not wacky :3
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