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Wake up n shine its 5th gen

Discussion in 'BW Other Teams' started by irkkk, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. irkkk


    Jul 22, 2010
    After the end of gen 4 i started gen 5 but that bored me. I decided to start one of my old time fav tiers: LC. With the beginning of, a whole new metagame has began and i decided to get it on it as well. Enjoy!


    Since i wrote some stuff on Zuruggu I decided to actually use him. I was in a long debate on wheter to use him or the dark steel dude but in the end I settled on Zuruggu. I love this guy already becuase he has decent bulk, shed skin, and DD. Also crunch and hi junk kick provide excellent coverage.
    Now i needed a lead and with the buff on sturdy, i wanted a study lead (pun intended). Ishizumai seemed like a good option and he's does his job nicely because
    1. He learns spikes and stealth cock (rock :D)
    2. His rock type beats fake out leads)
    3. Rock blast beats subs, focus sash, and gets stab
    4. He has sturdy
    5. He's freakin cute
    ENTER: Ishizumai
    Now i wanted a mon that could annoy the opposing team since I love jmpluff in NU. Monmen looked epic since has had switcheroo, and priority encore, stun spore, and taunt. His job was mainly to trick something and subseedstall but it didn't work as well as i liked so i made him an annoyer.
    ENTER: Monmen

    I needed a wall with good typing to switch into threats and such and i saw how reliable Pururiru was so i added him and she hasn't failed me yet. With amazing typing, support movepool, and bulk, she acts as my go to mon to take a hit.
    ENTER: Pururiru
    In 4th gen, Shellder was already a butt hole, with rockblast and skill link, but in 5th gen he got shell break and now his butt holing continues. I had to use him because i knew he was gonna be epic and he is. He's the 2nd main sweeper of the team.
    I wanted a late game finisher and Tsutaaja appealed to me he had leafstorm and perversity which gave him + 2 special attack after using a 140 stab move. His task is simple: come in on a weak mon ,revenge it with leafstorm and sweep because even if the opponent has a counter, late game its probably weakened and a +2 leafstorm hurts a lot.


    Ishizumai @ Berry Juice
    ability: Sturdy
    ev's: 236 attack | 236 spe | 36 hp
    Nature: Jolly
    ~stealth rocks
    ~rock blast

    Ishizumai is a great lead because he has the new buffed up ability: Sturdy. Sturdy acts basically like a focus sash without using an item. Now with sturdy I can also use berry juice. He provides entry hazards which can help any team rack up damage and in LC it works the best since everything does a lot. The combo of spikes and stealth rock can help make 2hko's turn to OHKO's.
    Why this set?
    I desperately wanted a good lead that had both spikes, stealth rocks, good damage output, and bulk and it seems
    Ishizumai fit the bill. 236 attack for max damage, 236 speed for max speed, 36 fir extra bulk, and jolly becuase speed is important. Spikes and stealth rocks are given while rock blast and earthquake create the infamous quakedge combo.


    Zuruggu @ berry juice / life orb
    ability: shed skin
    ev's: 36 hp | 236 atk | 212 spe
    nature: jolly
    ~dragon dance
    ~hi-jump kick
    ~ice punch / zen headbutt

    Why Zuruggu?
    Zuruggu was the 1st member of the team and the 1st sweeper. He's pretty darn bulky and he has shed skin to absorb w-o-w and t-waves that would cripple him if he had over confidence. The DD set is extremely deadly afer a couple dd's. His only weakness maybe his mach punch and vacuum wave weakness but if he 80%+ he can take it.

    Why this set?
    5th gen doesn't get much DD action so Zuruggu shines because he makes a deadly dd'er. Bulk, typing, and ability are what makes zuruggu shine. He comes in on duskull's shadow sneak as it tries to pick out a weakened mon and sets up a dd on the switch or w-o-w. If it does w-o-w i have a good chance to shed it off as i dd again. Crunch and hi-jump kick for stab and ice punch for gligar or zen headbutt for gunk.

    [​IMG]@[​IMG] / [​IMG] / [​IMG]

    Monmen @ choice specs / choice band / choice scarf
    ability: Mischievous heart
    ev's: 196 hp | 116 def | 196 sdef
    nature: bold
    ~stun spore

    Why Monmen?
    Monmen and his evo maybe the best annoyer created becuase of its ability:
    Mischievous heart. Priority switcheroo, encore, stun spore, and taunt? This is the makings of an annoyer. The opponent thinks they can set up on the switch? PRIORITY ENCORE!

    Why this set?
    This is the best monmen set because he can abuse his support moves to the max. The beauty of his ability is he doesn't worry about speed so the speed ev's can be put into bulk. There isn't much to say about him is the problem -.-.

    [​IMG]@ evo stone( couldn't find the pic)

    Pururiru @ evo stone
    ability: water absorb
    ev's: 236 hp | 116 def | 156 sdef
    nature: bold
    ~boil over
    ~evil eye

    Why Pururiru?
    Yea she's awesome. SHe has awesome type, ability, movepool, and stats. She's my priority block and spin block as well. Without her, there would be a gap in my team. SHe also handles gunk as he takes care of zuruggu. SHe's probably the most defensive of the team.

    Why this set?
    This is her best defensive set. Here ability takes care of fire attacks, water attacks, bug, poison, ice, steel, normal, etc. Great resistences and 3 immunities is awesome. boil over hurts gligar, houndour, etc and evil eye for coverage. Not much to say about a wall.

    Shellder @ Berry juice
    ability: skill link
    ev's: 236 atk | 196 spe | 36 hp
    naure: adamant | jolly
    ~shell break
    ~shell blade
    ~ice shard
    ~rock blast

    Why Shellder?
    Shellder and Zuruggu were what this team is about. After a shell break, at least 2 mons are going to die. Double attack and speed for -2 def and sdef is awesome since shellder has ice shard. Shellder has a good move pool and rock blast, ice shard, and shell blade provide excellent coverage. He causes the most mayhem and after he's done with his sweep , Tsutaaja can come in and spam some leafstorm.

    Why this set?
    Why not this set? Its his most powerful set. Ice shard kills crougunk because of entry hazards and gligar also dies. Bronzor is a threat but he wont like a +2 shell blade. max speed because after shell break, he reaches 28 speed, only beat by scarfed 95 base mons but ice shard is the answer to them. rock blast is his main attack and becuase of skill link, it always has 125 base power. I would use icicle spear but it lacks coverage.


    Tsutaaja @ choice scarf
    ability: antagonist
    ev's: 240 satk | 252 spe
    ability: timid
    ~leaf storm
    ~gigadrain / energy ball
    ~hp fire

    Why Tsutaaja?
    He's such a great late game cleaner. When i 1st saw his stats i was like FAIL but when i look at his ability: antagonist i was like WIN. At the end of the game, he's almost unstoppable after he picks of a weakened mon with leaf storm. After one kill he gets +2 is satk which makes him even stronger. Its godlike. Just spam leaf storm and win.

    Why this set?
    I needed a revenge killer and late game sweeper and Tsutaaja had an awesome ability so i added him. Leaf storm is the #1 move and the grass filler is for PP and revenge killing. Hp fire is for grasses and taunt to stop stall but monmen usually stops the stall.
  2. Plusle


    Aug 9, 2010
    On momen switcheroo and encore together are useless so use leech seed
  3. Darkamber8828


    Dec 28, 2009
    And substitute over Taunt. Taunt is useless. Very useless.

    Pururiru is fucking creepy.

    Flying-typed STAB wrecks this team, like Tailow/Doduo Brave Bird. Why not try Omanyte over Shellder?

    For Monmen, run Leech seed over Switcheroo, which doesn't really work with Encore, like above poster said, and Substitute over Taunt. Taunt is useless. Very useless.
  4. Nails

    Nails Nuke the Weebs
    is a Battle Server Moderatoris a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a defending World Cup of Pokemon champion

    May 14, 2010
    I posted a rate twice on my ipod and twice it got shot down, so now i'm posting on my computer *rage*.

    Scarfchou looks like a dick to your team, as it can tbolt or ice beam and hit your entire team (it's mostly an electric weakness that i gave better justification for in my original post). Gligar gives you a switch into tbolts and a check to flying attacks due to sexy bulk, so use it. As I said, I gave better reasoning originally, sorry =/

    I also ranted about choiced encore on monmen for like 3 sentences and suggested leech seed > switcheroo and suggested Oran. So yeah...

    And i'm fairly sure smugleaf can't use perversity yet. Just saying.
  5. Destiny Warrior

    Destiny Warrior also known as Darkwing_Duck
    is a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    Dec 30, 2009
    @Nails: DW abilities are allowed in RMTs.

    Though that probably suggests that this is meant for a DW environment.

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